~Abundance Exchange Rates~

Pathway to Awareness© SESSIONS:  
                                            @ $133 each

(Full session as described above)


*Please Note:
The  discounted rate can be combined to use
with someone else if you wish to gift them a
session. There must be at least two sessions to
receive the discount.  
**If you are purchasing more than 2 sessions please
contact me for information needed. Thank You!
                 ~If you wish to book a session now please send an email to the above address ~
I will contact you and if you wish to have the complimentary written overview (consultation) I will email it to you. Then we can schedule
your session or sessions. After we schedule you may purchase your session(s) by either using the buttons above or by sending a check.
The information is noted below.
*Payment is required prior to the session at least 48 hours in advance and I cannot give refunds. I appreciate your
understanding of this policy. Thank you for your interest and I look forward to bringing Angelic healing to you!  
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                               ~Consultation Information~
I would love to hear from you and bring the Angelic connection to you. With a Pathway to Awareness© session
you receive a very personal one-on-one session with the Angels and you will receive an experience that can change
your life in many ways. With the loving way of the Angels you will be giving yourself something that is your Divine
right. Let them bring loving guidance to you - they are waiting! ^i^

You may
contact me at the email address below for a complimentary consultation/overview and I will
respond as soon as possible. In an email I will provide a written and detailed overview in which I will explain what
you can expect to occur in a this session and answer any questions you have regarding the session.
*Please note:
consultation is complimentary and there is no obligation to purchase a session. There is an abundance
(fee) for a session. Details are below.
"With pure loving intentions, she opens the pathway for the Angels
to come and work their magic. After several sessions, I can see and
feel the healing progress as the Angels messages shift to exactly
what I need as I need it. With loving coaching on how to
communicate with the Angels, I'm learning and realizing the truth
that they are always with me, I am loved and supported, and it feels
so good! Thank you Angels, and thank you for opening this beautiful
world to me."

Cindy Umholz
"The energy, the spirit....is like walking with an old friend."

Jacqueline Richards
Ottawa, Canada
~Sessions and Coaching Services~
~Linayah Kei and the Angels bring a peaceful and loving experience to her sessions~
For detailed information on this session contact:  
~Book a session now and receive the healing you deserve ~
"Linayah Kei's gifts can only be described as AMAZING and
need to be shared with the world. I have had many sessions
with Linayah and the positive energy I felt during and after is
almost overwhelming. The healing energy and energy of pure
love that the Angelic kingdom provides during and after these
sessions should be experienced by all. Linayah Kei, thank you
for all you do."

"Dear Linayah,

I can no longer remember how I found you but as I look back
through your many readings in the past two years, I am
grateful that I did. When my husband first crossed over, it was
your reading filled with love and guidance that helped me to
start healing. Every reading since then has been wonderful
guidance, messages of love, and suggestions on how I could
continually improve my life and connection to spirit. Thank you
for always providing wonderful messages from the Angels and
more recently from my friend on our mutual star planet and
messages from my husband. Your messages have helped me
to understand more about the Angels and how much I truly am
loved by all. I also truly appreciate your personal touch that
you provide with the messages and guidance."

Sent with love and appreciation,

Kathi Enright-Norton
                                              ~Session Information~
What is a session? What happens in a session? How does it work? If you have questions about my work, please read the
information provided below. Hopefully some of your questions will be answered. For further questions please send an email to me
at the email address above and I will be happy to contact you and answer any questions you may have about a consultation,
discuss your session and I will give you more details and answer any questions you might have.
*Please note: The consultation is a detailed written overview and is complimentary with no obligation to receive a session.
There is an
abundance exchange (fee) for a session.
                    ~How Does a Pathway to Awareness© Session with Linayah work~
In a Pathway to Awareness© session I act as a bridge, long distance, for the Angels and Ascended Masters to energetically
be  with you. It is very powerful and you will receive healing in all the areas of your life that is needed at that time through the
guidance that is given. Because we are
not on the phone or in the same space, you can relax by sitting or lying down, being
comfortable and being alone in privacy with the Angels, one-on-one, to receive the healing guidance they will give you. You will
not be disappointed! These wonderful beings will work with you in a loving and caring way. You receive a personal, one-on-one
session with Spirit that is without judgment or criticism. Archangel Michael oversees all of my sessions and you will receive
guidance from him as well as other loving beings.

They also give messages to me for you that I deliver to you in an email at the conclusion of the session. I will channel the
information and messages into the email and send it to you. The email will give you all that occurred during your session along
with the messages. You will have a nice reference to save and even print out so that you can follow the guidance that has
been given to you if you choose. And most often in a first session, your
Soul Guardian Angel will introduce themselves. Many
love learning who their Guardian Angel is and having a name and identity of that Angel can open up a new avenue of
communication. You don't have to have a name to connect but this is a way of validating that they are really there for you.
There is a very special Guardian Angel that each of us has and this is the one who will come through in your session. I can
explain further if you have a question about this Angel.

My sessions are not what is generally known as a 'reading'. This is because I do not 'read' anything but instead only hold space
for them to work with you and then send the channeled information and messages that they give to me directly in your email.
You are getting it all straight from the Angels! Again, we are
not on the phone during a session.

After your session I am always available for any questions you might have in regards to the session information and you can
contact me by email. I will respond as soon as possible. I want your feedback and to keep a continuous flow of contact as I am
always there for you. My clients are very dear to me and I want to make sure all their questions and needs are addressed.

Angels' Blessings,
Linayah Kei Michael

**Information on all of my services is listed below ^i^
Channeled Message from Spirit
SESSION:                           @ $77 each

This is a channeled message from
one (1) Angel,
Master or guide in email form. Although it will not
include the extensive information or visuals of
multiple Angels and Masters that are in a
to Awareness
© session nor the work they do with
you during that session, it will be a message of
loving guidance by one of your guides. And as in
a regular session whoever wishes to give the
message will do so. I have no way of knowing who
it will be.

Please send a request for a this session to the email
address provided above.
~What some have said about sessions with Linayah and the Angels~
To read more of these reflections, click on the link "READ MORE" below on this page.
To read one person's account of connecting with her Angels and how it has
changed her life click on the link:
"Reflections" below. As an added bonus
she submitted an incredible and beautiful photo.
You may find more reflections on the 'Home' page of this website by clicking this link:
"There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in it's hands."
Richard Bach
                                   ~What exactly is energy healing?~
Everything is energy. One who is an energy healer is not actually doing the healing. Spirit (Angels, Ascended Masters,
spirit guides, the Creator or Source) do the healing and it is done with the one who is receiving. An energy healer is a
channel for the energy to come through them to the client. Whether it is Reiki, Healing Touch, Acupuncture, Craniosacral
Therapy or Distant Energy Healing, it is all the same as the energy comes through the practitioner. We act as a conduit
for that energy. The client must give permission to Spirit every time to receive any form of healing.

Please note that energy healers are not medical professionals.
"Thank you so much for the Angelic Healing. The message was so
healing that it healed fears that I wasn't recognizing. It reached me
balancing my heart.
This message gave me the permission to see things I didn't even
know I needed but really did and I have been bathed in Peace. It
was so personal, so releasing, so loving, and so connecting that my
vibration was raised high enough for me to move forward, not
forward from the past, not forward to the future but forward in
the NOW!"

May God continue to Bless you.

B.C. Canada
Coaching Session*  One Hour (60) Session                         @ $88 each

Please contact me via email at the above link for information on a coaching
session. *This session will assist you in connecting with your Angels and the Higher Realms in a coaching session with Linayah and Spirit.
~ Please contact me at the above link (email) in regards to a coaching session.
Space Clearing with Archangel Michael:         @ $88 each

In the way that I do a healing session, I hold space for Archangel Michael to go into your home or office space and clear the energy.  
He will clear all rooms or one room depending on the need. This is
done remotely.

For more information please contact me at the link above.
        ^i^  "Angel Circles" ^i^

For anyone who resides in Northern California
in the East Bay portion of the San Francisco
Bay Area, I offer private/personal Angel Circles
in your home with your guests.

For more information use this link:

Angel Circle Information
Voice Channeling Coaching Sessions   

One Hour (1) Voice Channeling Coaching Session @ $111 each
via phone

One Hour (1) Voice Channeling Coaching Session @ $122 each in person

I will coach you to be a voice channel in this session/sessions.
*Please note that more than one session may be required. This is up to you
of course and we can decide that after the first session.       
~Please contact me at the above link (email) in regards to voice channeling coaching.
"It is just only one week ago that I have had a session with Linayah
and it already has changed my life. I wasn't sure what to expect in
the moment. During the session and still now I feel that so many
doors have been opened and still are on the way to open. And
through these doors is coming just LOVE. Love and the confidence
that all that is happening in life, if good, if 'bad' is just right and
perfect and only the best for me. Thank you!"

Personal Channeled Session  

One Hour (1) Channeled Session                    @ $111 each via phone
($20 for each additional 30 minutes)

One hour (1) Channeled Session                     @ $122 each
in person*
($20 for each additional 30 minutes)

This is an hour (1) session with a channeled message from an Angel
or Ascended Master. You will be able to ask questions of the being who
is speaking to you. This will be done in person (at your home within a
15 mile radius of my residence) or via phone.

~Please contact me at the above link (email) in regards to this session and for more   
*Please Note: If this is an in-person session you may pay by check or cash at the time of your session.
Below is a listing of all session offerings including coaching sessions. The first one listed is the one which is
described above. The others have brief descriptions. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding
any of my sessions. The email address is above. Angels' Blessings, Linayah
Donations are always greatly appreciated.
Meet Your Soul Guardian Angel                     @ $77 each    
If you would like to receive the name of and a message from your Soul Guardian Angel, I will do this in an email as I do the Mini-Session.

~For more information please contact me at the link above.

With the Angels and Masters, I will assist a loved one through their transition. This is a time when one needs to feel the love that is
there for them and to know that there is nothing to fear. In a very
personal and intimate way I will connect with the loved one
energetically as needed. There is no physical connection as it is a
soul connection. If you are interested in this service, please contact
me using the link below and I will be happy to explain in detail. It is
all private and confidential.

The abundance exchange is a love offering you would like to give as
you feel guided and is greatly appreciated.

Contact Linayah
"Thank you, Linayah, for not only helping my uncle to have a smoother transition, but to give me a gift of the
love that my uncle was receiving from the other side to make his transition with ease and grace.  When I got the
call from my cousin, that her dad had only a few hours left on earth, I became more emotional than I thought I
would as I knew he had such a long, happy, and loving life with his family and friends.  The first person I knew to
call was you and to ask you if you could help him make a gentler transition.  I was amazed at the details that
you gave me about the angelic realm presence, some of my relatives who were present, and how my uncle was
doing.  It was such a quick and loving transition for him.  I also felt the love surrounding my uncle which made
me more at peace.   The emails updating me about my uncle will be treasured forever, and I will read them again
and again.  This is such a beautiful service that you provide."
Here are some words from one person who used this service. I thank her for taking the time to share her experience.
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