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Angels' Blessings,
Linayah Kei Michael
~A Message from Archangel Sandalphon~                                                            July 2016

Abundant Blessings Beloveds,

Again we are very honored to be here to express a few words with you and we are in gratitude for your
reading what we have to say.

Our message is about music and all the amazing attributes it contains. Music is one thing that everyone
resonates with, loves, participates in, and uses in many ways. It is a Universal language so to speak.

Do you have a particular style or perhaps several styles of music that you like to hear? Everyone has some
type of music that they like. The reason is that music is more than just something that is pleasing to one's

Music in any form creates a shift in energy for the one who is receiving the vibration. There is a beat in all
music that brings either joy, peacefulness, relaxation, stillness, or playfulness. You may be listening to
something that makes you want to get up and dance or at least sing or hum along. Or it might be sweet
and gentle which can allow you to let your worries float away.

The healing properties in music, in all music not matter what type it many be, is beyond what most of the
human population is aware of for they know they like this kind but not that kind and that is about it.

Many are learning about 'Sound Healing' now and this is a whole new avenue for many to look at. There
are Universal tones that are found in everything. Everything is energy. There is sound of some form in all

When you begin to explore this new venue, shall we say, it can open up a world of joy, healing,
peacefulness and even take you to other realms of awareness.

It has been around since the beginning of time.

Yes that is correct, since the beginning of time as you know it. There are eras that have certain music
attributed to it.

There is music in everyone and everything.  That music can be found in the obvious forms such as an
orchestra, a choir, a popular group or soloist, a band, or concert. You can be at a venue or listening to
your radio or iPod.

How about a lullaby? How lovely is the lullaby? It can 'lull' a baby to sleep. Why, because it has a soothing
vibration that relaxes the little one into a sweet place of sleep.

Yet music exists in so many other places. The waves of the ocean carry a vibration that if you listen, you
can hear music. The same is in the river as it moves along it's way. The birds sing various songs of course.
The woodpecker taps on the tree in a beat of it's own. How about the crickets chirps on a summer night?
All has a rhythm within it. Have you listened to the melody in the rustling of leaves on a tree or the wind as
it blows around you? Or is it just noise that you hear?

There is a rhythm in your heartbeat, and with each breath you take in and let out. As you walk across a
room, there is a rhythm in your movement. You walk without erratic movement. It is simply moving in a
manner that is easy and you are not thinking about how you will move and what to do. It can even be
called poetic.

If you begin to bring your awareness to the rhythms, beats, and vibrations that are in everything and
everywhere, you will be able to see your world in a whole new way.

Then there is the music found in tones, in sacred chanting, in sound waves. The Universe is alive with
sound and frequencies in every moment.

And of course there is singing. No matter if you have the most beautiful voice or sing off key, singing is
one of the best therapies that you have in your tool box - that tool box that has many treasures in it that
you have not yet discovered.

Who can deny the fact that singing, or even humming, can shift things for you in an instant? When your
day is not going so well and you feel miserable, and life seems unfair and not pleasant, if you can pull up a
few notes in a song and then begin to sing, you will be able to lift yourself out of that place of woe into a
state of being hopeful and even joyful. Of course it would be wise to sing something that is fun and light
and not heavy which could make you more miserable.

And it has been said for a very long time that Angels sing to you. Beloveds, of course this is true. Your
Angels sing to you continuously. Do you listen? They do this in many ways. You might hear a song with
lyrics that you causes you to take notice. Ah, do you think this is just a coincidence?

We urge you to open up to the sounds, the beats, the vibrations, the tones and the notes of the Universe
and your planet. Embrace it all and let it bring healing, peace, love and Grace into your life. It is there for
you and all it takes is for you to say 'yes'.

There was a man you may have heard of whose name was Plato. He said, "Music is a moral law. It gives
soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to

We say that pretty much sums it up in what you call a 'nutshell'.

And since this is fun to give you the words of others, here is what a well-known musician said, "I think
music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No
matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music." That musician is Billy Joel.

Beloved and Dear Friends, let there be music in your life each day. It does not matter what form, just allow
music to be a part of your life. It already is there, you only have to acknowledge it and let it in.

Rays of Love and Light,
Archangel Sandalphon
~A Message from Archangel  Sandalphon~                                                          July 2018  

My Dear and Beloved Friends,

I am so pleased to address you here in this way. Thank you for inviting me in to speak with you.

Precious ones, you are all like little saplings in the forest who are bending in the winds and enduring

the weather no matter what form in which it presents itself. The snow comes and the weight is very
heavy on
your young limbs but you hold your own and do not break. The wind comes and blows
with very strong gusts against your branches, yet again you hold your own.

And in your own timing you grow and grow and become taller and sturdier. You begin to branch out
extend in many directions. Your brothers and sisters around you do the same, all in their own
unique way
and in the timing that works for them. Not one of you is exactly the same as another.
Each tree has its own shape and form, leaves or needles that are different than another. Yes, each
species has certain shapes of the leaves, but the tree in itself is one of a kind. If you are ever in a

wooded area or around many trees, do you notice the intricacies of the patterns of the branches,
and the growth of those branches?

Do you notice that they reach upwards towards the light of the sun and also will reach in other
directions as
the light comes upon those branches? They will even occasionally push through what
seems to be an impossible place - a boulder or even cement. We invite you take notice of the trees
around you and the beauty they create. They are more than just trees. They are living beings who
send energy out in all directions and provide shade,
as well as homes for animals, birds, insects and

Some feel the energy of a tree and connect in a deep way with them. They will offer to you what

you will accept. There is so much life around you in places you either take for granted or simply do
not see.

Can you be comfortable being the sapling who is growing and will become that mighty tree as you

allow the Universe in the form of the already mature trees around you to support you, protect you
and nourish you with love and sweetness?

And if you, as a tree, do not have any concern about how you will survive, how you will grow and

what you will become, for you know you will become the mighty tree you are meant to be, then all
is wonderful in your forest. Can you let go of how you think you should grow and be when you do
'grow up' with the limitations of beliefs and ideas of how it should be?

Now, if on the other hand, you have concern about what tomorrow will bring, what will occur next

week, next month and next year, you may bend under the pressure and your limbs might break or
at least cease to grow.

But nothing can ever break the spirit of one who knows themselves and does not allow it to happen.

A branch may break off of the tree but the tree remains rooted into the ground and stands tall and
firmly while letting go of that branch. It is not the end of the life of the tree if a branch should break

Of course we are speaking in metaphors. Beloved ones you are like the saplings in the forest and you

can become the tree that you want to become if you will allow it to happen in the perfect way which
is in Divine Timing and with the support of the Universe. Be the powerful, beautiful tree that you are
meant to be. Choose how you should be seen. Are you delicate and graceful or are you sturdy and
majestic? Do you have large
leaves or small and wispy leaves with intricate patterns? However your
tree may be all are equally glorious in the eyes of the Creator of all. Your uniqueness and your beauty
are precious and treasured. You and all the other trees are gifts to life and to the world.

Not one of you is as another. You may have similarities but you are not clones who have come from

a mold that makes you the same. Why do you think that no fingerprint is the same? What could be
the reason behind it? Could it be because of your uniqueness?

The Universe is unlimited and there are no boundaries that confine it in any way. So too are you dear
Beloved ones, limitless in what you can do, who you can be and who you already are. Yes, who you
are! Each and every one of you has limiting beliefs that keep you confined in how you see
life, how you see your life and all that is within it. Those limiting beliefs keep you from what you are
entitled to have, be and
become. You already have all you need to be that unlimited being you desire
and it can be found deep within.

It is your job to find what is limiting you, what beliefs are holding you back and of
ten keeping you
inside walls of your own personal prison. The key to unlock that prison door dangles in front of you
at all times. It is when you stop and look closely that you will see that key and you can then unlock it,
if you choose, and walk to freedom. We say 'if you choose' for you do have choice and many will not
choose to unlock the prison door
and move out of what they think of as the only way can they live.
Prison has become a way of life and the
fear of going outside of the cell and looking beyond to
newness will hold them back.

Do you wish to be the freed one or remain the one in confinement? This decision is for each to make

and no one else can make it for you no matter who they are or what they say.

If you only knew what is waiting to come to you and cannot appear, for you are saying 'no', or
'not yet' because of those beliefs of which we have been speaking. You all have volumes of 'ifs' 'ands'
'buts' and 'whens' that you use to say 'no'. Oh the reasons you can come up with are quite amazing
and at times can be quite

We say to each of you Divine and Beloved ones, let go and come out to play in the sunlight of your

life as it is meant to be. Nourish the tree in you and reach for the Light with focus on finding how
much more there can be for you. Your worthiness has no definition unless you keep believing that
you are unworthy. We can tell you over and over that you are worthy yet until you tell yourself this
and believe it what we say falls away
and is not heard.

Are you ready to become the mighty tree or do you wish to remain the little sapling? Add these
words to your life: reach, allow, believe, grow, seek, explore, trust, create, enjoy and most of all love
yourself. All of
these are how the magnificent trees become that which they are meant to be and are
an inspiration for the little trees to want to emulate them. Grow and show your magnificence to the
world for that world is waiting and needs you.

Plant you feet solidly on the ground beneath you, allow your roots to go deeply into the Earth and

hold your arms, your branches, up towards the light and become the magnificent tree you are meant
to be.

With Rays of Love and Light,
We are the Archangel Sandalphon