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"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."  
Anne Frank
                                           ^i^ Angel Circles ^i^

For anyone who resides in Northern California in the East Bay portion of the San
Francisco Bay Area, I offer private/personal Angel Circles in your home with your

Along with channeled messages from Angels and Spirit, we do many other fun
things such as meditations, etc. If you are interested in hosting an Angel Circle
please contact me at the link below.

Archangel Michael will speak and answer questions and then another surprise
'guest' will speak. It is a lovely and wonderful time. Archangel Michael calls it a
'sacred space'.

I also hold group Angel Circle sessions each month and if you are interested
in attending, again you may contact me at the link provided below.

If you are in the East Bay Area, are interested and want more information on
attending or hosting an Angel Circle, please use the link below.

I hope that you can join in the fun of being with heart-centered people who come
together in the energy of Angelic love.

"Linayah's angel circle creates a safe environment for personal growth as it attracts
like-minded people that are open to energy and alternative healing.  Her gifts of
channeling angels, masters, etc. opens us to a deeper connection with source and
helps us to stay on track with our own authentic journey.  Another wonderful
benefit besides Linayah's beautiful loving presence is that we learn from everyone
in the circle, too. I highly recommend attending one if you are interested in
moving to the next level of your spiritual growth."  

~Lia Venet, CHHC, AADP www.WellnessWithinGuidance.com                      
^i^This comes from a lovely woman who graciously hosted an Angel Circle in her home for
her friends and also attends some of the group gatherings. Here are her words about the
"I have hosted Linayah's Angel Circles where she channels Archangel Michael, since she
started over 5 years ago. I look forward to it every month. It is always such a beautiful
experience, the energy of Archangel Michael, is very loving, sweet and powerful and that
alone is wonderful. Every gathering is different and perfect. This last month was especially
joyous, everyone was laughing and grateful. Archangel Michael always gives us a succinct
message and then answers questions which can be personal or general. His messages are
full of simple wisdom and usually address a current issue in a clear and loving way. For me
it’s not so much about the message or asking a question but simply to be in his loving
energy and in the friendship of the group. After Archangel Michael leaves Linayah then
briefly channels another being, which may or may not be an Angel. This is always a
surprise and fun. It can be Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, St. Germaine, or
unexpected beings like Mother Earth (Gaia), Princess Diana, Joan of Arc, Michael Jackson,
and Karen Carpenter. Their messages are often playful and always so interesting, given
from their own unique loving perspective and wisdom. After the channelings we have time
for socializing, and the group of people who attend is always so beautiful. It’s a great way
to connect with a lovely spiritual community in a very supportive environment. Attending
these Angel Circles each month is a gift I give myself.'

Shala Ali
^i^Please read the words of a wonderful host who opens her home for our circle
every month. We are so blessed to have this space of loving and beautiful energy
to gather each month.
"I consider Archangel Michael as one of my guardian angels and Linayah’s channelings
of him have served to strengthen my relationship with him. Archangel Michael’s
messages as channeled by Linayah always resonate strongly with me and seem to be
so personal. For me, they are on point, giving me the right message at the right time.
They are very comforting. I can feel Michael’s genuine love for all of us at the circle.

Linayah brings such grace, peace and strength as a channel for Archangel Michael. I
am grateful for her gift that she shares with us. There is an intimate sense of community,
openness, and love in the circle. The energy lasts for days."

Ron, San Ramon
^i^Here is what one who attends the circles regularly has to say.  Thank you Ron
for your heartfelt words.
^i^ I wish to thank three dear people for taking the time to write a few
words about their experience with the Angel Circles. I greatly appreciate
each of you and thank you for sharing. Angels' Hugs!
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Every day I feel so thankful for your angel messages. They each touch a beautiful new
place within me and healing occurs. I honestly never realized that learning about myself
could be so easy and so enjoyable. You and the angels are teaching me to love all that I
am, that flaws are character enhancements that teach me, and that with all the love and
support offered to me by the universe, life doesn't have to be a struggle. I wish I’d learned
that lesson as a teenager! I am feeling more grounded in my body than I ever have, and
happier. And I look forward to every day’s new message from the angels, and my new
lesson of the day. I feel so blessed. Thank you.  Danna
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