~Messages from Archangel Gabriel~
~A Message from Archangel Gabriel ~                                                             December 2010

Beloved Readers,

As your linear year comes to a close, we wish to bring you words of hope and excitement for the
coming year of 2011.

So very much has come in this year, 2010, has it not? No one has been untouched by many ways.
You are not alone in the clearing and healing that you have been undergoing. Many of you have
not understood what has been occurring. Many have felt it a great deal. But in the end it has been a
transformation for each one of you. Many are awakening to the whole picture so to speak, and are
finding a deep or deeper connection with self and with Spirit. These are the souls who are trusting
and listening to the inner wisdom that each has.

At the linear level it is often hard to deal with the many things that come your way. As a soul
incarnate there can be 'human' issues that are hard to understand and to face. We ask that when
this occurs, it will be of a great benefit to you if you will step back and get in touch with your soul.
Your soul will never abandon you because it is you. You are only in a third dimensional body as a
human. You have the saying of your being a "soul having a human experience." My friends, this is
so very true.

Each soul comes into a lifetime to experience growth towards ascension. And so often the
'humanness' takes over and becomes the guide instead of allowing the soul to do the guiding.
When this happens it is very necessary to shift that and step back to listen to what the soul has
to say.

We understand that this can often be hard to undertake. Some of the lessons you are here to learn
can be very challenging. That is where we can assist you. No lesson needs to be hard. No lesson is
impossible to learn. Everything that comes to you is yours by choice. Every situation is there for a
purpose. What you do with it is what will bring the result which can be what you wish or what you
don't wish. You are the creators of all your situations and experiences.

You each have the potential to be super stars if you wish. Realize that you already are the superior
being that is so loved by the Creator and by all the Spiritual realms. Each of you is magnificent in
who you are.

The more you resist the solution, the more of a challenge you will have. Dearest friends, struggling
is not part of your soul's plan. Life does not have to be a struggle. It is meant to be joyful and fun!
Everyone of you has at many times been in the space of resisting which has put blocks to the end
result. And the end result is always the same, beloveds, always the same. We wish for you to learn
those lessons and grow in your magnificence without the pain you often experience. It does not
have to be this way.

Instead of fighting with it, thank it. Yes that is what we are saying. Be grateful that it has been given
to you no matter what it is. If it is a situation that you find 'difficult' then you will experience difficulty.
But if you look that situation in the eye and determine what it is that you want to change and then
act upon it, you will find that it wasn't as difficult as you first imagined.

With that we must emphasize that you can only change what is yours and not anyone or anything
else. You cannot achieve your solution by asking another to change or alter their lives. That is for
them to do, just as yours is for you to do. You are the master of your universe just as each one is of
theirs. Focus only on you and your life and let others tend to theirs. You can offer advice if it is
requested but only then and only as advice. Let everyone dance to their own tune and to the lyrics
of their own song. It is not your song. You may do any dance you wish to yours.

There are many tools in your tool box that you can use to bring about change, abundance,
happiness and healing if you use them. They are there for you at any time to use. Everyone has
been given the same tools and how you hold them and use them is your choice. Each of you will use
them in different ways and that is the way it should be. How you use your tools is perfect for you.

Among these tools you will find meditation. If you will practice this way of connecting with self, with
Spirit and with Source or whatever you wish to call it, you will begin to hear guidance and answers
to whatever you seek. Going within and listening to your inner wisdom will bring to you the peace
and happiness that you do seek. And beloved ones, meditating does not have to be hard nor be a
'chore'. There is no rule to follow. However you practice your meditating is the perfect way for you.
Even if you spend a few minutes away from phones and television and others in a quiet place, you
will benefit from it.

Please remember that you each have a large number of Angels and Masters and guides who are right
here waiting to be of service to you. Call upon us dear ones and allow us to work with you.

Peace, Love and Oneness,

Archangel Gabriel
~A Message from Archangel Gabriel ~                                                          February 2011

Good Day Beloveds,

It is a great pleasure to be here and to speak with you in this way. We appreciate that you are
taking the time to read our words.

We come to you at a time when many situations and monumental shifting is occurring right at
this moment upon your planet. You have storms in nature that are sending forceful winds across
areas of land and sea. You have storms of the human kind that are creating dishevel as the entire
world is watching and focusing on the daily happenings that your media is very prompt to spread
far and wide. You are being bombarded with photos and graphic details of the events.

Dear beloved friends, we want you to focus your attention on healing and love instead of
destruction and turmoil. If you are holding energy in your hearts and in your thoughts about
peace and healing for all involved, no matter who they may be, instead of seeing it as tragic and
horrible which of course is negative energy, you can make a difference. Each person on this planet
needs to think of peace, love, joy and beauty for every other person and being on your Mother

Visualize Egypt for example, in the beauty that it represents and with peacefulness among its
people. See them smiling and in joy. See them being friends and brothers and sisters in love and
peace. If each of you will visualize this there can be a very large shift in the energy that is there.
The rippling will become waves that will be created and they will astonish you.

But if you buy into the energy of the media and the stories of looting, destruction and upheaval,
then you are actually putting in energy of exactly that, which of course will result in it growing in
that manner.

Say your prayers, send your blessings to the peoples, the animals and plant life and anyone who
is affected without holding any judgment for anyone or anything. Do not point fingers and do not
decide who is right or wrong, because beloveds, there is no way that you can know. Be love, be
peace, be compassion and send that to this country and all other countries, cities, or any areas
that need it. This is the only way that it will change. If love is not given then all will deteriorate.

Gather together in groups and prayer circles. The power in even a small group of beings holding
an intention of love and well-being for others is beyond what you can imagine.

And with the natural 'disasters' that are occurring in Australia with the floods and now very high
winds, or in the US with serious snowstorms, and other parts of the world where the earth is
showing herself in ways that seem hard to understand, we ask you to also send prayers and
blessings of love and compassion, not only to the inhabitants but also to the land and for your
Mother Earth.

She is shifting and trying to realign herself so that she may heal. All this must be done for her so
she will  not perish. We assure you she is being as gentle as possible.

Humankind has treated her so very poorly for so many, many linear years. She has been very
tolerant because of her love for each being who resides upon her. But she cannot take much
more of it.

We ask you to try to understand this and to feel love for her. Again, by sending love to her and
holding her in your hearts with an intention of healing to occur, she will heal. She
must heal. Come together and assist her as you can. Even if it is to only tell her thank you, you
are doing so much
for her healing. You must show her the love that she has always shown toward all. Respect her as
she respects you.

Every incident that occurs and becomes known is bringing a chance for change, for togetherness
instead of separation, for community with souls coming together to provide assistance in many
ways, even if as we stated, in a circle of intention. Every incident brings an awareness that there
must be change. Every incident brings more together in love. There will be a time when all will be
One, which in truth already is, and every human will know this and embrace it. We see this and it is
coming dear beloveds, it is on the way.

We thank you for spreading your love and caring for your planet and all those who live upon it.
Thank you from all Light Beings. We are all here and supporting you in this shifting and changing
as it moves along.

In Peace, Love and Oneness,
Archangel Gabriel
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the Angels. They are with you in every moment if you allow them in.
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Angels' Blessings,
Linayah Kei Michael
~ A Message from Archangel Gabriel ~                                                                                    October 2013

Dear and Beloved Friends,

Yes we do continue month after month to speak of the changing times, the new energies that are upon the Earth and there is a
reason. If we sound like a broken record we say that we would not repeat ourselves if it were not necessary.  You are all in the
midst of rapidly changing aspects in your lives, moment by moment.

We would like to address the changes and the past. So, so many of you continue to hold on to what was and dwell on what
should have or could have been.

Beloveds, you cannot go back. You cannot repeat what has been and this is a good thing. You cannot see what is to come nor
can you move backwards. And why would you wish to step back in time?

The life that you had, no matter if you see it as good or not good, is over, done, finished. Let go of the attachment to it right
now. Today is a new day. This moment is a new day. Every single part of your past was there for a reason and has given you
wisdom and learning. Every single second was there for a reason and it was of your choice.

Your soul, your beautiful soul, chose the experiences it wished to have for growth. You are all moving toward the ultimate piece
of 'victory' that is waiting for you when your journey has come to a conclusion.

So many lifetimes you have experienced and grown. Each one brought you more wisdom.

Let us explain for those who are not in that place of understanding about who you are. You are not just a human moving
through life until your death. Oh beloveds, there is so much more to it all than that.

You are an exquisite Divine being. You have everything you need to do for what you want to do. You have a toolbox filled to
the brim and there is no need to acquire more tools in this moment. Yes, as you become more in your awareness of who
you are, you will remember more of who you are and those tools you have not found yet will begin to show up for you. But you
do have all the tools you will ever need and more.

You see dearest ones, the soul comes to learn. Very simply that is the bottom line. You are a multi-dimensional being of the
Light. When you realize this and comprehend that this is so, you can begin to see yourself in a whole new way.

With this my friends comes the knowing that you are very powerful and you can accomplish anything you desire to do. What
holds you back? Fear and old beliefs are the 'culprits'. Fear can be paralyzing. One can hold onto the old and past from fear of
moving into new and unknown.

But beloved ones, there is nothing to fear of what is to come. You are loved and protected at every turn, with every choice you
make and there is nothing to be cause fear. This is the reality. The fear is only illusion conjured up in the mind.

So why do you have fears? Each of you have fear and every fear can be conquered by you. Yes you. You have control over
how you work with and through your fears. See each and every one of them as your friend and thank them for helping you to
understand and let go.

Your beliefs are what is in control and bring fear to you. You carry a multitude of beliefs that rule your life and how you live it.
The beliefs have become habits that you don't always consciously know are controlling your life. Many or even most have come
from childhood. Family, teachers, peers, religious teachings that tell you how things are and must be, and in reality program you
to believe, become the paradigm for how you live. You feel this is what was told  by adults who must know the truth and the
answers. So they become your beliefs and your rule that you live by. They become so ingrained as you grow older they are a
part of you, or so you think. As as we said you most likely are not aware of how strong the hold they have on you is.

Your conscious mind may tell you that you want to do something but the belief system that is within you keeps you from actually
doing it. So then the beliefs become a mixture of ego-based thoughts that give you reason to not do what you thought you
wanted to do.

You hear that it is not possible, that it is folly, that you should not even be thinking of such nonsense for you are not good
enough,you are not worthy and it will never happen. It goes on and on and becomes like a snowball that is rolling down a steep
hill and out of control. As it goes along it picks up more snow and grows and grows.

Dearest ones, you can stop the snowball and bring it to a halt when you begin to switch you thoughts in just a little way. Small
steps and small shifting results in major change and freedom. You are in control of the switch and only you can stop it when you
choose  to do so.

This can be done with less effort than you may think. By consciously making what you do and what you think a part of your
awareness it can be done. Become an observer of what you are doing and what you are thinking. Does the thought give you
the sense of trust and belief in what you want to do? Does the thought give you the feeling of anticipation and excitement of
creating new in your life? Do you feel that you can do whatever you wish to do and be who you wish to be? Or do you think
that it is silly and therefore you should not even think about it at all?

Become conscious of the areas in your life that you want to change. Look at them as that observer and acknowledge the fear
that might be holding you back. See the whole picture, the entire perspective and allow it to be.

Begin by letting go of blame and judgment of yourself. Do not allow the ego-mind, the ego-self, to be in control. Let the Divinity
of you come forward and see that not only can you do it, you are very adept at doing it.

Beloved friends, when you do this, you can see your life change in dramatic ways. Things will begin to change and some almost

Let us for a moment go to the place when you were a child. Think to when you were a small child between the ages of five and
eight. Think about what you were told and learned to be 'fact' by your family, at school and elsewhere. Remember what you
were told that were the rules because everyone does it this way and there are only one set of those rules because that is the
way it is. If you asked you were told 'Just because I said so." Oh how often did you hear that?

It has changed. What your society has told you is no longer possibly the truth. It is time to question all those beliefs and notions
instead of accepting them as just the way it is. It is time to go within and discover that place where your truth lives.

You are so much more than a puppet on a string who moves as the puppeteer wants you to move. Begin to live your life with
joy and excitement. When you go to an amusement park do you gleefully go on the ride that seems frightening or do you stand
back and watch others get on it as you wistfully want to be with them. For when you do get on the ride you find it is frightening
and your heart feels like it will jump right out of your chest, but the fun you have and the satisfaction you feel when it is over
and you made it without a scratch makes you want to get back on and go for another ride.

Dear ones, that expression of being stretched beyond your comfort zone is a very good one. Do not remain in the same place
and wither away in the doldrums. Free yourself from fear that comes from misunderstanding and old beliefs that are worn out
and need to be sent packing. It is time to be free and fly. Spread your wings and go forward as that child who does worry about
what will happen tomorrow except for anticipation that it will be good whatever it is.

We are here to cheer you on and assist you in anyway you want. Give your fears over to your Angels and guides. We will be
so very happy to take them from you. And beloveds, you do not have to do this all at once. Allow yourself the time that is
needed to let them go one by one. Some are small and you can dismiss them quite quickly and others are much larger and will
need more time.

Everyone is now clearing, healing, letting go and removing as the shift continues. Honor your Divinity and your true essence as
a Spiritual being on a journey which is called life. Your magnificence is much more glorious than your mind can comprehend.

Life can be filled with fun if you choose it. Blow bubbles, play with your children or grandchildren or the neighbors children. Play
with your pets. Laugh beloveds and have fun. See life as one big playground and use it in the way that brings joy and laughter.
Being silly and having fun is not just for children. They just know how to do it. Let them show you how again and let go of the
thoughts of 'act your age'. Never act the number that is associated with your birth. Act the age you feel you are. If you are
honest with yourself it will be that age of youth.

Be serious about having fun and let go dearest ones of all those old beliefs that tie you down. Set yourself free and enjoy life.
It is a gift as are you. Treasure the gift of life and treasure yourself. ©

In Peace, Love, and Oneness,
Archangel Gabriel  
~ A Message from Archangel Gabriel ~                                                     February 2014  (Reposted October 2015)

Abundant Blessings Dear Friends,

I come to you today to bring a message of encouragement and to soothe your mind and your hearts. So very many are

experiencing pain and struggle. We see this. We know this.

If you are in the midst of what seems like a lake of quicksand and feel you are sinking without any sight or means of getting out,

know that this too shall pass. And if you are not experiencing this then most likely you have at some point in time.

Oh beloveds, how may we help you to understand that when times get really hard this is when you will be able to find your way

out. Nothing is ever hopeless. Nothing is ever lost. No one is lost or can be. There is always a solution to everything and you have
the ability and capability to change, redirect, alter, regroup, recalibrate, recreate, turn a corner and move on in whatever way you
choose. From
what seems to be the depths of despair can rise to the top and bring new strength.

Everything is choice. You have Free Choice so you can choose whatever you wish. You can choose happiness and prosperity or

you can choose sadness and lack. You always will receive what you choose.

We as Angels, Masters and all in the Higher Realms, will not choose for you. We will not sit in judgment of your choices. You are

free to be who and what you want and to experience it in any way of your choosing.

You are each a Divine being and your Divinity is your calling card. You cannot fail, you cannot lose in this game you call life. As in

your game of Monopoly you always hold the card that says you may always pass go. That card is yours and yours alone. You
have permanent ownership. You also have the card at all times that says "Free Parking" as well. You can never 'Go to Jail' unless
you put yourself there. You can park yourself anywhere you want and you can sit there or you can move on to something and
someplace new. There is a Law of Free
Will and of Free Choice. Free Parking also comes within those laws.

If you get where I am going with this, then good. If you are questioning what I am saying that is also good.

Each of you has all the resources within that you need to get yourself out of your own jail and it is free. Yes, your jail. For when

you feel trapped the prison you find yourself in is one you have created. And you hold the key to unlock the door.

Back to that game board. You can be in jail or you can 'just visit'. Again that is your choice. Perhaps you will just have a look

around inside and see that this is not where you wish to be. You can just visit and leave. You can leave at any time you want for
beloveds there is no lock
on the door of your prison. That is an illusion. The human mind is quite an amazing thing. It can bring up
any kind of scenario it wants and there are no limitations on what will come into being. Then when you allow that scene to become
what you think is a reality, it does. Again, you are choosing your reality.

Just as you choose what you wish to eat off of a menu you choose everything in your life. You are not being a 'victim of

circumstances' ever. You are all masters of creating.

Are you ready to try something new? Are you tired of the old ways and not so good feelings? Here we go back to the Monopoly

game board. There are 'Chances' cards in the game. Will you place your card on a safe square or on a 'risky' one? Chance! Do you
want to take a chance on a new life with lovely experiences in it? Are you willing to take a chance on you? Do you feel you deserve
a chance? Do you feel worthy of a chance or even a second chance?

I hope you can honestly say yes to all of those questions. You not only deserve 'a' chance, you deserve as many chances as you

want. Take a chance and choose what resonates with you. These 'C' words are good words. Choice, Chance, Choose and now let
us add another one to our list. Create. Create the life you choose to live. Create what a Divine Being would be and do. How do you
see a Divine Being? As something unattainable and separate or as who you are?

Compassion. This 'C' word is used here as in compassion not only for everyone but mostly for yourself. Have compassion for you
and do not see yourself with judgmental eyes. You, just like everyone else are doing the best you can at all times.

Cherish. Do you cherish your life as the gift it is and in so doing do you cherish yourself?

You have more than enough support in all you do. Do you
Call on that support or do your think you have to be a brave hero and
do it all by yourself?

There is strength in allowing assistance from you support team. It is not a weakness to use that support. Many times those who

are experiencing unpleasant times are the ones who do not ask for our assistance.

And the final '
C' word is Care. Care about yourself. Care for yourself. If you care to be the very best you can then that is all that
is required. All the rest will fall into place. TLC - tender loving care - is what you must give to yourself. We hold you in an embrace
of TLC at all times. Don't you think it is time for you to do the same dearest ones?

It has been said many times within these pages: let go now of trying to do what you think others think you should do or what

others say you should do. No one, I repeat, no one can tell you what to do. Let go of all thoughts that someone or something is
responsible for your life and what is in it. Again no one and no thing can do this. Take hold of your reins and stay the course that is
your course. All the 'rules' and beliefs that have been given to you by society and others for so many eons of how you are to act,
how you are to do this and do that, are meant to go into the graveyard of all that does not belong in your energy any longer. You
know what is right for you and for you to do. Trust your instincts and follow your heart. Toss aside everything that does not

resonate with you, that does not work for you or that you feel is not for you.

You have entered into a new year, a new era with loving energy all around you. Open you arms to embrace it instead of resisting

it. It is change, it is choice and it is time to let go. Make choices with excitement behind them as well as knowing that each choice
is perfect for that moment. Do not be afraid beloved ones to change the course of your life and go after what you want no matter
how far away it may seem. Say 'Welcome change! I have been waiting for you and am delighted you are here.' Treat it as you
would a visit from an old and beloved friend. For it really is just that. It has been waiting for you to say 'yes'.

In Peace, Love and Oneness,
Archangel Gabriel
Note: The message below from February 2014 was reposted as the message for October
2015. Archangel Gabriel asked that it be shared again. Please enjoy this wonderful message
which was timely both times it was given.
Angels' Blessings,
~A Message from Archangel Gabriel~                                                                                                   April 2016

Blessings of Love to All!

Beloved Ones, is life a little chaotic and perhaps even messy for you right now? Are you observing many acting strangely or

even in unrealistic ways? Are you feeling unsettled and unsure? Does everyone around you seem to be losing their minds and
acting out 'of character'?

Welcome to your new and progressing world Dearest Ones! The splendid and magnificent world is unfolding. Yet as with

change and new, there must be tearing down and clearing out.

Think about doing a major renovation to your home. You must have plans and designs. You have to know ahead of time what
your intention is, even if it is only in your imagination, before you begin what you are going to do. You also must remember

that nothing goes exactly as planned and there will always be glitches, surprises and disappointments.

Yet you have a plan, an intention and you go forward expecting to have a completeness with your project. The bigger the
renovation the more you must expect that things will show up 'out of the blue' that were not in your plans. There are always
unknowns in everything. Nothing goes exactly as expected and that is one of life's lessons for everyone. Let go of expecting
things to turn out just as you think they should, for that is not how the Universe works. You have to be flexible, trusting and
allow what is the best for you to show up. And it will if you don't get in the way of the flow.

If you are refacing the cabinets in your kitchen you will not have nearly all the unexpected things that you must deal with as

you would if you completely gut you kitchen and begin anew.

This Beloved Ones is what is occurring upon your planet. This is the biggest renovation that has ever been undertaken on this
planet or any planet for that matter. Humanity is being given an opportunity to completely renovate itself and become the
unified group consciousness that it is meant to be.

For too, too long that mass consciousness has gone deeper and deeper into a very unpleasant existence. But your beloved
planet Earth wanted you to have the chance to rectify and renovate you kitchens by updating them and ridding all of the old
beliefs and thought patterns that are not of peace, love and oneness. It is time for all new appliances with a completely new
design that looks nothing like the old one.

This means that each of you is doing the work of the contractor who tears down the whole structure and begins to build,
reinforce, rewire, renovate, recreate everything. In this it is necessary to be determined to not be deterred, but instead to clear
out every bit of debris and dust particle so that you can start fresh.

We know this has not been easy and at times has seemed to be impossible to continue. The clearing, freeing and releasing has
been an on-going process. But Beloveds, you can and are doing it. Do not give up, do not despair for you will come through it
with flying colors.

This is because that is who you are. You did not come in this lifetime to be here to sit around and twiddle your thumbs. That
would be quite boring to you. You knew what you were 'getting into' when you were born. But you also knew that you and all
those who came with you were the ones who humanity and all life upon the planet were counting on. Yes the saying, 'You are
the ones you have been waiting for' is very true.

You have so much support with those in the Higher Realms; your Angels, the Ascended Masters, your guides and loved ones

from the Other Side are with you in each moment. And that support will never leave, never dwindle or abandon you. There is
no need to worry, fear or believe that you must do everything on your own and that you are alone.

We really want to stress this upon you. You are not alone. You never have been and you never will be. You are the

contractors and the professionals who are redoing your kitchens. We are the crew who works alongside you to help when
things hit a rough spot here and there. No, we cannot make everything run smoothly and effortlessly for that would interfere
with what you are here to do. We are your support team, your backup crew, your pit crew. And Beloveds, anytime you wish

to come in to visit your pit crew for a change, all you have to do is go there. Do so in meditation, in prayer or in just asking for
our assistance. We are here to assure that everything that is for your Highest Good will be yours. It is all preordained. Yes,
everything is in perfect and Divine order and it will play out in ways that you will be pleased as well as, in your words, be

'blown away'.

We invite you to step back, take some nice deep breaths and trust. Do not fight life, for that is like fighting with the image of
yourself in a mirror. When things don't work out as you thought they should, then know there is a reason and be in gratitude
that something better will take its place.

Now that you have been doing the clearing out of all that was your old kitchen, you can now begin to work on the kitchen of
your dreams. The world as you have known it no longer will be. All those outdated parts and pieces had to be removed.

Everything and everyone is being redefined. A lot of fine tuning is going on in each moment. Keep your thoughts in love and

all will show up, at the perfect time and in the perfect way. We promise this to you. You are cherished and treasured in every
way. Yes you will stumble along the way, but do not be unhappy with yourself when you do. Just as a little toddler is beginning
to walk, they fall down and get right back up, and keep going, so can you. You will never fall so as to hurt yourself. A trip here
and there is to be expected but not lamented. You have a great cushioning of Angelic love around you. You are fine and you

will always be fine.

When things feel overwhelming, daunting, too much to handle, and out of control, this is the time to give yourself some 'me'

time. Go to a place that feels good to you. This can be a physical place such as out somewhere in nature, which is one of the
best rejuvenating places one can be, or in meditation, in a place where you can be quiet and just be. Take deep breathes and
connect with your heart and inner wisdom. If you do this, you can find peacefulness and be removed from all the chaos that

has been weighing you down.

This is very important Beloved Ones, for you to do this daily. See it as your sacred sanctuary, your place for you and you

alone. Give this gift to you and you will see remarkable shifting.

We never can express enough the gratitude we hold for you. Your presence upon the Earth right now is a blessing and gift

to all. You are so appreciated and loved. Thank you for being you.

In Peace, Love and Gratitude,
Archangel Gabriel©
A Message from Archangel Gabriel ~                                                                                   December 2018

Beloved Friends,

We are so pleased to be here to speak with you at this time. We speak with love and gratitude to you who
reading our words.

The gratitude is for your taking time out of your busy schedules to listen to what we have to relate to you.
We know
that for many of you this is a Holy Season and your lives can be 'filled to the brim' with activities, fun, stress, many
different emotions, and feelings of overwhelm.

This is where gratitude is essential to help you through the next few weeks of December. This is the final month
of your
year on your calendar and we encourage you to give yourself the gift of taking a few minutes to just be; to be in a
pause from life itself and to ponder all the wonderful things that occurred in the past year of 2018.

We believe most of you will agree that the year has been filled with all sorts of 'wild and wacky' experiences.
have been the good, the bad and what you might define as ugly! This is why we offer to you this guidance.

If you will take only a few minutes and go into your beautiful heart space whilst letting those blessings, those
those accomplishments, creations, insights and releasing from this past year come into your awareness, we are sure
you will be able to find much to be grateful for and that Beloveds is how magic and miracles begin. The more you can
be grateful, the more will come to you. It is like the gift giving you another gift.

It is important to be in gratitude at all times. We most certainly are grateful for you, for your willingness to be
open to
listening to what those in the Higher Realms wish to say to you.

We are grateful that you do show up and you do strive to be the best and do the best you can in every moment.

We know at times this is not an easy task. You are to be commended for doing this. And if you do nothing else, this is
enough. For being present and doing what feels right to you, what feels is important for
and to you is what it is all about.

Now more than ever this is vital and actually critical for everyone to awaken to change, to acceptance of change and
allowing in the new that is here right now.

There can be no more waiting around for something to come to you and to let others do it. Each and every
one of you
must do your part. That part is to heal yourselves. With this all else will fall into place.

Beloveds, everything is changing. Everyone is changing. You cannot standby any longer. You must step to
the front
of the line and walk your walk and talk your talk. You must be authentic and true, speak and act in that authenticity
now! Tomorrow is here and it is essential for everyone to open their eyes and see the beauty of now.

We cannot stress this enough and that is why you hear it over and over; the time is here to act accordingly
to your
inner wisdom and truth. The time is here to strip away all the old beliefs that are not working any more. The time is here
to put on your I AM Presence attire and be present.

No one will be left behind. No one will be led astray. Each and every one of you has an important role in
this era, what
is sometimes called the Golden Era, and all of humanity, the Earth, your Angels, your guides and all those in the Higher
Realms, are relying on you to do your part because that is why you are here.

If you ask what that role of which we speak is or you question your capability to do it, then it is time to take a breather

and sit, contemplate, meditate, or do whatever works for you to get in touch with your inner wisdom.

Listen to that part of you that knows the answers. Listen to your heart and its guidance. Listen to your Higher
Connect with your inner being beloveds for that is where it all is to be found.

You each have so much to offer. You have come with gifts that many of you have yet to find. Do not worry
for they
are there, will never leave and you will find them when you are willing to search and when the timing is right.

It all is your choice to do this. You do not have to do any part or all of it if you do not want for you have
Free Choice.
But Beloveds, you came here to do this work. You have spent many lifetimes of experiences so that you could come
here to share your gifts and wisdom that you have gathered in those lives.

If fear is what is holding you back then call upon your Angels and guides to help you with this. You know that
fear is
an illusion that comes from those old beliefs that are encoded within your cellular structure as well as being taught
throughout generations as being true. Those beliefs are what can hold you back from being the powerful being who

speaks and acts with confidence in your truth.

Oh Beloved friends, if you could only see from our perspective what and who you truly are. If you could
observe the
beauty of you and look with unconditional love at you as we do.

No, you cannot do this for you are in a dimension that makes that an almost impossible task. But you can tap
your inner self, your soul, your All That Is, and can see it. In your outer world; no you cannot.

So we invite you to find that place that you have so close. Your inner world is the truth. Your outer world is the


At times we know and understand that you find yourself wondering if it is worth the effort, why you have to
through this, and are others dealing with things as hard as I seem to be experiencing? You may find yourself thinking
that you cannot do anything that is big enough to contribute so why bother.

We tell you this dear, dear Beloved Ones: Yes it is worth the effort and you know this. No you do not have to
through anything as you can create whatever you wish to create but you came here to do it so if you listen to
your soul you will know the answer is that you do want to 'go through' whatever it takes to get the job done.
Are others experiencing the same? Yes and no, Dear Ones. Each has his or her own experiences in their lives. All
those are experiences of choice. Thus each will experience the same thing in a different way. And some may seem to
have it easier than others. Yet the choices are what the experience is. Some may have more trust in themselves and
the process so that experience for them may be 'easier'. Your soul will never ask you to do anything that you cannot
handle. Going through the process will reap rewards beyond what you

can imagine.

Now to the last one: that notion that you cannot do anything that is big enough to contribute so why bother? Oh

Dearest Ones, this is much like the belief that one vote in your system will not matter! Every thought, every action,
every word that is spoken matters.

When you have that thought, speak that word, or act it puts the energy out into the Universe and it becomes part

of the consciousness of the masses. When many thoughts or words are the same, then of course it becomes stronger
in the human consciousness.

You are all One. You are not separate so how could what you do or say or think not matter?

When you look at it in this way it may seem like a very big responsibility to take on. This may bring up fears, thoughts
of unworthiness and impossibility. But we promise you Dearest Ones, you are more than capable of doing what you
came to do. If not you would not be here. It is that simple. You are more than capable, more than qualified and are

It is time to release, let go, bring up to the surface what has been blocking you from finding your true identity.

Stand tall in those shoes you have worn for so many eons of time. They fit quite well and fit only you. No
one else
can wear them. They are yours and yours alone. You have earned them and now you can walk in them with no fear,
no worry, and instead feel the softness of the Earth beneath your feet. She is there for you and she only asks that you
return her love and do what you came to do. You can and you are already making a difference.

Hold your hands out and take the hands of your Angels and your guides. We will walk together and we will bring the
changes to humanity and to your beloved Earth that you all hold dear in your hearts. Remove
the masks of the past
and the beliefs of separation and open your eyes to the beauty of Oneness and Love and see perfection. It will be. It is.
So It Is. So Be It.

n Love, in Peace and in Oneness,

We are the Archangel Gabriel ©