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What You  Create"                                                                           February 2010

As we move from the first month of 2010 into a new one where are you focusing you
thoughts and on what?

As I was reflecting on this my mind went to the thought of creating. What do I want to
create in my life now? What do I want to achieve and what do I want to release? What are
my intentions?

If we can look at what has happened as just that - something that is in the past and no
longer there - and release it completely, then we can move forward without any baggage
of what we think should have happened, what could have happened or if done differently,
would have happened. It is in the past and it doesn't matter anymore.

Once we can be beyond all of the past we can begin to concentrate on the Now and what
we wish to achieve. What is it that you truly desire? Allow the energy flow within you and
around you and be still and listen to your heart, to your inner wisdom and you will hear
what your soul is telling you

Let yourself be proud of the accomplishments that you have made. Look at everything as
a blessing no matter what it is. When you can do this and be in gratitude for all of it, you
have taken a very large step. Everything that occurs is for a reason to help us grow.

Then when you decide to make the changes that you need and create what you truly
want, you can move forward. The ability to create your own experience is yours alone. No
one else can do that for you. Allow your vision of what it is you want, who you want to be
and all that you want to achieve, be from your heart and then listen to your soul as it is
trying to tell you and guide you.

I posted a tweet on Twitter once that said, "You are the creator of everything in your life
so create a masterpiece". There is no limit to the power we each have within us to create
our dreams and desires. No one else can do it for us. We are in the driver's seat of our lives
and the Universe will respond when we completely trust ourselves with the power we have
to create and succeed. The Universe will support you if you allow it to do so.

Dare to dream and dream big dreams. It is all at your fingertips if you want it. Do you want
a new career, new relationship, financial security, to relocate to a more desirable place, to
write a book or become a successful artist? It is all possible if you trust yourself to accomplish
it. If you are in a space of love as you dream your dreams and desires you can do it! Become
powerful in manifesting by knowing that you can and will do it! You deserve to have
abundance, health and happiness. It is your birthright and the wish of your Creator for it to

Happy manifesting!

Linayah Kei    
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"Kindness: The Act and the Result"                                            March 2010

Kindness seems like such a simple thing. And it really is unless we focus on having to be
kind as a task or must do. When we force ourselves to do anything that we dread or that
does not give us joy, then we are not giving at all. Instead our feelings will be reflected in
out actions and words.

I have a friend who has an organization that has the most wonderful essence of giving in kindness.
They go out and share kindness by coming together and giving hugs, flowers, little gifts and
loving words. I am sure so very many who were so in need of the simple act of kindness, even if
just a smile, were touched very deeply and at just the right time. So simple yet so powerful!

There are so many ways we can show kindness to another. By simply smiling at a
stranger can be very healing for that person. Have you ever been feeling that your day
was not going well and someone smiled at you? Didn't you feel uplifted at that moment?
When I go out somewhere I like to at least smile at each person I meet. If I can get eye
contact I will give a greeting as well. It takes so little effort and can go a very long way.

Those that engage in being kind do not always know the impact they may have had on another
but that is okay. Just by knowing that you are being kind and showing acknowledgment of
another is all that is needed.

If we hold love in our hearts for everyone and everything our actions will speak for
themselves. You cannot be in love and not give it. It is impossible.

So be kind to animals, children, the elderly,  and all human beings no matter who or what
they are and to wildlife, the birds and the environment. You will receive back an abundance
of blessings!

And don't forget to be kind to yourself. Give yourself the love and attention that you
would a loved one or dear friend. Treat yourself to gifts and you will find that things will
open up to you in many ways.

Linayah Kei
"The Power Within"                                                                               April 2010

I am inspired by the quote I chose this month for my newsletter by Aristotle. It reads,
"What lies in our power to do, it lies in our power to not do."

It is such a simple sentence but the impact is huge. We can make that impact huge in a
positive way or a negative way. Everything is our choice. We are the creators of our
experiences. No one else can do that for us. We are not only the actors in the story of
our life but also the director, producer and screenwriter. It is really a one person show and
we are the sole performers. Everyone and everything else belongs within the sets or the
scenes/scenery as merely decoration. Yes it is nice to have scenery and decorations to
make it all look nice, but none of that can be the play or the story or make it happen as
we want it to happen. From opening night and the rise of the curtain until the final
performance and the last curtain call, we have the power to create and recreate our
storyline every moment. The power within is all we need and always right there.

So with what Aristotle so wisely stated, we do have the power to do or not to do anything.
We can seek from within to find what is causing our 'problems' and change what we do
not want anymore, or we can ignore it and do nothing. By doing nothing we are choosing
to remain where we are and with what we have. Yes, some times we need to do something
that will take us beyond our comfort zone and force us to take a risk but that is how we
grow and move on. Staying in one place in a sort of rut can make us become stagnant.

As we do use our power of choice and to learn to trust ourselves, the decisions we make;
to trust that we have inner wisdom and guidance that will show us the way, we can then
move in to a whole new world of amazing things. Being in joy every moment and letting
everything go that does not work will take us to where we really want to go, to see our
dreams come true and to find happiness and peace of mind.

Linayah Kei
"Choices"                                                                                                                                   May 2010

We all have the power to choose or not to choose what occurs in our lives. Everything
we are or do is by choice. No one can do anything to you or for you without your
choosing to let them. If we think differently, then we have placed ourselves in the role of
the "victim". Holding blame, anger, judgment towards another puts us in the role of the

For me I clearly see the choices I have before me.  You can be in joy or in sadness. Which
do you choose? I choose joy. You can be in lack or abundance, it is your choice. I choose
abundance. You can have illness or perfect health. What do you choose? I choose perfect
health. We have choices to make in every area of our lives.

When we learn to rise above those fears that all of us encounter at one time or another
nd to be in a place of self- love along with releasing self-doubt, we are choosing to replace
our negative thoughts with positive ones that are based in love.

Love. The word can stand alone and is very powerful. It doesn't need other words
because we know what it means. Often we are able to give love to others more than we
can give it to ourselves. To love yourself, unconditionally, is the most important choice you
can make. See yourself as you truly are, a magnificent being who is loved, is love and does

Take some time each day and go within to really connect with your Higher Self or soul
and see how wonderful you are. Then choose to be in love with who you are and let
everything else go. This is when miracles can happen. This is when everything can change
in dramatic ways for you.

So find the real you and become in love with that you. You can change anything you
want and become anyone you wish. The choice is yours.

Be in love. Be love.

Linayah Kei                        
"Resistance"                                                                                                  June 2010

How often do you find things are not going the way you want them to go?

When we are not in the space of joy and happiness, then we are resisting something. When
we step back, listen to those little whispers that we hear and find an understanding to what is
the cause of all that is not working, then we can change direction in our thoughts and actions.

We must be willing to take stock of what is occurring and be open to releasing what we find
is the cause or the causes of our unhappiness. Simply put, we need to let go of any
attachments to an outcome. The next step is to go inward to the inner wisdom that is
holding the answer to everything we need to know. One of my favorite people, Richard
Blackstone, says, "If I don't go within, I go without." I love that quote as it says so much in
so few words. Finding inner peace comes from going within. We will not find it outside and
then do go 'without'.

When everything is right for us then we are allowing ourselves to be in charge of our lives
and not trying to make things happen. Yes, we all have dreams, desires and aspirations and
should go after them completely. But when we try to make them happen and try to
manipulate how they should come to us, we are putting up blocks that prevent those
dreams from appearing. With no resistance they will come in amazing ways.

By letting go and concentrating on what is working in your life at the present moment
instead of what is not working you are allowing things to come to you in its own time and
when it should. Trusting the Universe to bring everything we desire in its own timing will
open up the gates to all good. The present moment is the most important moment you
have. We have heard the saying, it is called the present because it is a gift. What has
happened doesn't matter at all and what will come next doesn't matter either. Your
experiences come from what you create and from nothing else, nowhere else or no other

We are responsible for everything in our lives. No one can make us happy or unhappy at any
time. We have a choice in every single thing we do, we say or we think. Each of those actions
brings the results that we are choosing.

So choose wisely: choose happiness. It is time to stop resisting change and holding on to old
thought patterns that create unhappiness. Experience joy, love and happiness now. You
deserve it!

Linayah Kei                                                          
"Deserving"                                                                                                 July 2010

I based my article this month on a passage from one of the most wonderful children's
classics there is:
Charlotte's Web  by E.B. White. There are many underlying themes in
this story. But this is the one I would like to discuss.

"Why did you do all this for me?" he asked. "I don't deserve it."
"You've been my friend," replied Charlotte.
"That in itself is a wonderful thing."

How many times do we think that we can't have or do something, can't be something we
really would like to be, or are not worthy of having much in our lives?

This is so very common and it comes from stories we were told all of our lives beginning
when we were very young. Parents, teachers, religious persons, the media, family
members as well as peers instill this belief until we believe it is so. We are told that we are
not tall enough, smart enough, skinny enough, pretty enough, too old, etc. Often these
notions are given without any intention at all. It is just passing on beliefs that they were
told. It goes on and on for many generations.

But please know that you are, as is everyone, very deserving and worthy. It is when we
let those thoughts go and find love for ourselves just as we are and who we are that
everything changes. The view of  life changes from unhappiness to joy. Looking out from
the inside instead of seeing from the outside world that is around you gives a completely
new perspective of it all. The real you, the real world, resides within you and not around

When the pig, Wilbur, said he didn't deserve it, Charlotte answered with a 'just because'
answer. Nothing more, nothing less. There were no strings attached to her gift to him. She
said he had been her friend. That was truly enough. Of course he deserved to receive her

Each of us is deserving because, simply, we are. Many find it very difficult to receive
anything from another. They are very uncomfortable with receiving. This comes from what
I mentioned before. They were and could still be, told that they did not deserve to be at the
receiving end of anything good. Whether is be a compliment or a simple thank you, they
are even embarrassed with it.

We must allow ourselves to receive. We have to have a balance in giving and receiving. It
is well known that in order to have more to give we must receive.

So welcome those compliments, those thank yous and the gifts that others give to you.
Just accept with gratitude and let it be. Don't be in that space of thinking, "Oh no, now I
have to give them something back". It is not about owing anything. It is simply accepting
with gratitude and then letting it go. This is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

Linayah Kei                                                                                                                      
It is always interesting and sometimes amusing to me where inspiration shows up. And of
most always comes to me.
I have a page on Facebook where I post messages from the Angels. They either give me what
they want me to put in words or give me a topic and ask me to say something about it. It
is such fun and I love sharing the wisdom and loving guidance that comes from the Angels.
This is where I got my in-spirit inspiration for the article this month. Some will be from the
Angels and other parts will be my words. Recently the topic for the day that they gave me
was 'Leveling'.

"Leveling"                                                                                                       August 2010

If we were to look into the dictionary we would see that a level is an instrument to create a straight line
or to create an even surface, etc. To level would be to bring something up to or down to a certain place.

The latter is what they wanted me to talk about.

They say we need to refrain from leveling one another and begin instead to work on building one
another up. There is a difference in building and leveling. There are really no levels so we cannot bring
someone up or down to our level. Being in the consciousness of the Angelic realm there are no levels of
importance to judge or compare. Allow your light to shine as well as everyone else's light to shine in its
own way. My light is my light, your light is yours. I cannot turn yours on or off nor can you turn mine
on or off. We are all on equal levels, no one is better or less than another.
It is so very easy to get caught up in our thinking that we know what is right and what is right or
best for someone else. So we try, with good intentions, to level them or bring them up or down to the
level we are on.

But how do we know that our level is the right level for anyone else? We don't! Each of us is where we
need to be right now. From the outside it may look like that cannot be possible. If someone is miserable,
ill or homeless, how can they be where they should be? Everyone has a unique level that is perfect for
them. This uniqueness that each of us has is a very special gift. No two people are the same. That in itself
is truly amazing when you think about it. So let us release any thoughts that we need to be right. Instead
we need to be sending love and light to everyone no matter what we feel about them and let go of
everything else. Send thoughts of love to them and let love and kindness raise them up if that is what
they wish. We cannot change anyone or tell them what to do. Each of us is in our own driver's seat of life.
A friend of mine recently said, "I want to drive my own bus." And that is how it should be. We are the
drivers of our own buses and no one else can be.

If we look at it from a broader perspective and understand that each of us is in charge of who we are,
what we are and where we are, then it is possible to see that they created it for whatever the reason or
reasons may be. It is not for us to fix anything for anyone. They must work it out. Yes, we can give
some advice if we are asked for it. But other than that we can only offer support in the way of love,
compassion and encouragement. Being a beacon of light, of love is the best way to help others.

Let us refrain from leveling one another and instead begin building one another up. Doesn't that
feel better?

Linayah Kei                                                                                                 

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Thank you for reading and believing in the Angels.  They are with you in every moment if you allow them
in. © by Linayah Kei Michael, Ambassador for the Company of Michael.

Angels' Blessings,
"Forgiveness"                                                                             September 2010                

I love quotes. I have a whole list of them and add to it as I find new ones. There are so
many wonderful quotes from so very many wonderful people. I love to share them and
to talk or write about them.

The quote I would like to write about now comes from
Alice in Wonderland. "I relieve and
release your hurt that you may be set free."

Oh how powerful is that one little sentence! Holding someone or something in unforgiveness,
no matter what it is you feel warrants that feeling, is the most detrimental emotion we can
have. It can bring health issues, emotional issues as well as an unbalance in our lives. By
being unforgiving we are only hurting ourselves.

By saying, "I relieve and release you so that we may be free" is how I would change the
quote. Releasing brings relief of carrying a burden that weighs so heavily on your shoulders.

We all have felt unforgiveness at various times in our lives. That is just part of our
humanness. But how we deal with it is how our souls can grow. Judgment, blame and
unforgiveness can also bring feelings of guilt from being unforgiving.

Many great teachers have taught that forgiving is so very important. We often hold on to
incidents, circumstances and things that have occurred in the past for a very long time. By
forgiving doesn't necessarily mean that you condone the action or words that brought you
to feel this way. You are merely saying that you no longer want to carry it around anymore.

The best way to let it go is to say, "I forgive..." and fill in a name or situation or even
yourself. Yes yourself. How many times have you felt you did something that was not right
and then kept holding it inside where it grew and grew? Let it all go. Let yourself be 'set free'
as in the quote.

Everyone makes mistakes and that is all that it is - mistakes. Remember that everyone is
doing the best they can at all times. When you let the blame and judgment go and instead
put love into the situation, you will be set free.

Linayah Kei                                                                                                            
"Reflection"                                                                                                  October 2010

There are various definitions of reflection. One is to reflect, or contemplate something. I like to
do that to find clarity on something or to just think about and remember an experience or

Another meaning of reflection is to see yourself, for instance, in a mirror or in a pool of water.
What do you see when you look into a mirror? Do you see just a face and it's features? Or do you
see more than that? Do you ever look into the eyes in that reflection of yourself and stare deeply
into them? If you do, and really stare closely, you will see something more than the surface image
you usually see. You will be looking directly into your soul. And then you will begin to see the
beauty in yourself. The true beauty of who you really are. The beauty and magnificent being you
are. Oh and you are magnificent. You are wonderful. When you feel the love for that wonderful
being you are, find respect and admiration for who you are and what you are; your whole world as
you see it will change. If you no longer are in criticism of yourself, feeling guilty for something you feel
you have done or said, holding blame or unforgiveness for yourself, you will let go of illusions that hold
you back from experiencing the life you are meant to have.

Another meaning of reflection is how you see another person or even a group of persons. Whatever
you see in another, whether it is 'good' or 'bad', is a reflection of something inside you. Judgment of
another is merely a reflection of something you do not like that is within yourself. Blaming someone
else is really holding blame for yourself.

If you begin to see just how amazing you are and love yourself for being so amazing, your reflection
of others will change. The only thing that stands in the way of seeing everyone and everything in
love is your thoughts of you! Hold yourself in love and be very proud of who you are and what you
are. You deserve it! Remember everyone is doing the best they can and so are you. Be love, be loving
and know that you are loved. The love you hold for yourself will be the reflection that comes back
to you.

I send love to each of you magnificent beings!  

Linayah Kei                                                                                                              
"Closing Doors"                                                                                                November 2010

The time comes when we find that we are have questions about being in a career, of a relationship, or
of an idea that we thought was something we wanted but now it seems different.

These times do happen to all of us quite often. At first we may see them as an end of or to something
and we cannot imagine how we can live without it or them. But with further reflection we can see, if we
choose, that it is okay. That all will be all right and it is for our better good.

How we react is the key to how it will affect us. If we see it as a bad thing, something that has given us
one of those 'life has dealt me a bad hand' thoughts, then we most likely will be dwelling in misery. But
that misery is not necessary. It is our choice to move on and celebrate the new that is to come or to
stay and be a 'victim of circumstances'.

Everything happens for a reason. Nothing just comes to us that we did not want, even if we are not
aware that we did want it. We create everything that happens in our lives at all times. The Universe
hears only what we think or say. So if we think things are bad and we have been dealt that bad hand,
then of course that is what we will experience.

If we can look at that door as closing for a reason and that it is the beginning of something new and
better instead of the end of something we will experience, many new and exciting things in our lives.

The saying is that when one door closes another one opens. This is very true. And the new doors are
always better.

Being grateful for the new opportunities that are coming to you, and they are at all times, will open
those new doors so that they are wide open. See everything as a blessing no matter how it may
appear and say thank you for giving you the opportunity to grow and experience even more and
better things.

There are always doors that are waiting for you to open but you need to be alert and notice them.
Then when you do see them, being open to receiving whatever is on the other side without fear or
trepidation will give you a joyful and wonderful experience.

The Universe wants to bring many joys and much abundance to you. If you dance with the rhythm of
the Universe and sing the song of newness without concern of how it will come, you will find that those
doors that are opening will reveal many good opportunities for you. There is a endless supply for
everyone of abundance and happiness right there waiting for you. It does not matter if you are singing
off key or don't know the correct lyrics. Your key and your lyrics are all that matters.

And lastly, with your new doors, don't put limitations on what you expect to be on the other side. Be
open to exiting things you didn't even think about and to surprises that will make you smile. If you allow
good to come to you it will. Just know it is right there and that only good can come to you.  

Linayah Kei
"Transition"                                                                                                     December 2010

The dictionary definition of 'transition' is "passage from one state, place, stage or subject to another."

I would like to talk about transition as in the passage the soul takes from it's incarnation in a human
body to it's original 'home' which is across the veil.

My mother made her transition at the age of 93 on November 7th. I was blessed to be a part of this
for the past year. I am so grateful to her for allowing me to be with her on this journey of transitioning.

We have all been taught that we die at the end of our lifetime here. But this is really not true. Our
souls are immortal and only our bodies, the temple or house we use while we are here, will die.

We have been taught to fear death. But again, there is no death as we live eternally. There is nothing
to fear. Fear is only a shadow while love is light. If we allow our light to shine the fear or shadow will
be no more.

In this past year I have come to understand it all very clearly. It is a beautiful thing that we all can and
will go through. There is no grim reaper to knock at our door to take us away. There is only love
waiting for us.

My mother was surrounded by so many Angels and Masters who assisted her with her crossing over
to the other side. She had family and loved ones who had already made the transition waiting for her.
This is how it will be for each of us when we make our passage from this state to the next one.

I also have come to understand that it isn't something that just happens in a quick way. It is a process
that one takes. My mother began hers one year ago. She had to overcome the fears that she had just
like most of us have. She had to find peace within herself and with her loved ones. She had to learn to
trust that everything would be okay and see that she had nothing to worry over. I was able to help
her with this and am so very grateful that I could.

For some this takes a long time and for others it will be much shorter. But there is nothing to fear or
be afraid of as it is what I feel, the most beautiful experience we all will have.

I thank her for sharing it with me. I thank her for giving this to me out of love. We all are here to learn
from our experiences and this has been one that has given me growth and even a deeper connection
with Spirit than I ever imagined could be.

I hope that my sharing this with you will help you to let go of the fears that you may have and see it
as a celebration of love.

May you be in peace and joy at all times.  

Linayah Kei                                                                                                     
"Resolutions"                                                                                                               January 2011

It is that time of the year again. All the hype about making New Year's resolutions and then no one
sticking to them has been the norm for so very long.

Why do we make them and then do not keep them? Why do we make what is really a promise to
ourselves knowing that we have no intention of keeping that promise?

Maybe it is time to shift to a new way of thinking. Perhaps we should let go of the word "resolutions' and
begin to use a new one or ones that will have more meaning.

Many of us, and I am included in this 'group', say affirmations on a regular basis. An affirmation is a very
powerful thing if used in the right way. But it can be just like that resolution if there is no foundation to it
and no true commitment. If we say an affirmation without the words and the meaning or intention
coming from our hearts, then they are again promises that we really have no intention of keeping. How
we feel about it is the key. And believing in ourselves and our words is also the key.

But if we really go within and listen to that inner voice that is telling us what it is we want to do, to
accomplish what is in our hearts that will bring us to a place of peace and joy, then we can do our
affirmations with power and conviction.

This is really not a hard thing to do. When we are saying affirmations that are in love and the knowing
that this is truly what we wish to do, change, accomplish, heal or become, there is so much power in

Intentions and affirmations go hand-in-hand. I let go of 'resolutions' long ago and changed to making
intentions. When I say an intention that comes from my heart and not my mind, I am putting it out there
for the Universe to receive and then if I hold trust and faith that it will come to me, it will. The same goes
with the daily affirmations I say.

So if we let go of the dreaded or comical resolutions every year that are loosely tossed out without much
thought, and instead hold intentions, say affirmations and have thoughts that come from within - within
that place inside where our soul resides, we can make a difference in our lives. And it does not have to be
once a year either. All year long we can intend and affirm and receive. We deserve to do this throughout
the year. Use it and find out how magical it can be to use your power of intention to bring to you what
you wish and have your dreams come true. It can and will happen!

Happy New Year! Happy affirming and intending!

Linayah Kei                                                                                                                  
"You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire Universe, deserves your
love and affection."
I post a quote in my monthly newsletter and the one for this month was
inspiration for my article this month. It is from Harriet Beecher Stowe and goes
as follows:
"When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems
as though you could not hang on a minute longer, never give up then, for that
s just the place and time that the tide will turn."

"When a Tight Place Becomes Freedom"                                February 2011

Oh how many times each of us have felt we are in between that 'rock and a hard place'
and we feel there is nowhere to go, to turn, or hope of things changing. Of course we all
have done this at least a few times in our lives.

But as she says, this is when the tide will turn. Somehow if we are able to pull out just a
small amount of tenacity and perseverance and say, "No I will not let this get me down,"
we can find the tide will turn.

We all have the power within to change what is not working in our lives and that is a
grand thing in this Free Choice Universe we live in. No one can do anything to us nor tell
us what to do. It is solely our choice; our choice to grasp for the better way of life instead
of staying stuck in what we do not like.

And how do we do that? First we must have self-confidence that we
can do it and secondly
we must trust that we can and that it will happen. See it as already done and here, not
what you hope will come. Know it is here and then express gratitude that it has already
arrived . Do not doubt that it isn't or can't be for that will bring you the 'isn't' and the 'can't'.
All thoughts of lack and feelings of being a victim of something or someone are illusions that
we have created and come to believe. They are not real. What is real in your world is what
you create and have created. If you see light instead of darkness, then all will be in light.

So let the waves of change flow gently across you and your being instead of having them
crashing over you with force. Be in the knowing that everything will be provided for you in
just the right time and place. Everything and anything on for dear life; float gently along
knowing that you are safe and everything is just fine.

I wish for you peacefulness, love and joy!

Linayah Kei                                                                                                         
"The Flow of Life "                                                                                   March 2011

Going with the flow. Flowing down the stream of life. These are some of the things that
we have heard so many times. And now it is more important than ever to heed those words
and to understand what they mean. And what does it really mean to "go with the flow"?

Being in the flow of your life is being in peace with yourself as well as what is in your life
in each moment. I recently read something that had touched on this. It was about
coming to the point where you are allowing - 'life is moving you instead of you moving
it.' Those words were very profound for me.

When your vehicle runs out of gas you might have to push it to the side of the road.
Most all of the time the need to be pushing it could have been prevented. When we hold on
to notions and beliefs that are based in fears, we are pushing and resisting healing and the flow
of what can be so amazing. We struggle, we try to do what we think we should, all to find out
that it seems to only get worse. There really is never a need to push or resist. Another saying
just came to mind - "the point of least resistance". We all want that! But we fall back into the
old familiar way of fighting with what is going on in our lives and into the fears of what is to
come, or for that matter, what will not come. We all do it. We think we can handle anything
but then we find we really can't. Of course these are all illusions that we have created and so
have become truths for us.

When we can come back to the present moment and be in that moment only, we can find
there are no barriers or obstacles for us to move ahead. When we step out of the moment
and go into the past, then those barriers are in front of us and even all around us like a giant

Being in the flow is just being in the moment. And when we are there and not in the past or
even the future in our thoughts, we are allowing life to unfold as it is meant to be. When our
perception is not in the moment but outside instead, we get out of the flow.

I know how we hear words from so many who are trying to inspire us to be more than we
let ourselves be. And yes, it can be overwhelming and you ask how am I supposed to do this?

It actually is easier than it may seem. Being still and listening to that inner wisdom and
guidance that is always there for you is how to do it.  Let your inner voice be heard. Let
your heart guide you. Allow, allow, allow.

Just by having the thoughts of "how can I do that?", "That isn't possible for me to do that",
"Maybe it is easy for others but it isn't for me" and so on, are putting up limitations and
barriers right away. Of course you can do it. Of course others can do it but so can you. What
is easy for others can be easy for you. Don't give the Universe 'can't' and 'won't' because that
is what you will be given. Saying, "I can...." tells the Universe that you can and thus you will.
Saying, "I can't...." sends that out and so you can't.

The flow of life is meant to flow like a gentle stream around and over anything that is put in the
way. Everyone can go around or over the 'obstacles' that they are confronted with at any time.
And of course those 'obstacles' are only illusions we have created. Your flow of life can move
along so smoothly if you let it. Be in the flow and allow what you want to flow to you. You
don't have to be like a salmon and go against the stream. Struggling and being miserable don't
have to be yours.

The articles below are my monthly posts throughout the years that I have
been writing them. They are listed by date with the latest first. Those that
come afterwards can be found on the
"Articles" page of this website. I
hope you enjoy my thoughts, reflections and words.

Angels' Blessings,
"Obtaining Happiness and Keeping It"                                                          April 2011

There are times when we see another doing something that we don't understand as to why they
would be there for we see them in pain or sadness. And from outward appearances we can wonder if
they really do like being in that space. Often we want to help them and offer our insight on how to
change. We know how to be happy and so we feel we can tell them how to be that way too.

Our happiness does not have anything to do with that of another's. Because someone seems to be
in a place where they do not have joy and even may tell us they are unhappy; it has nothing to do
with us. We all have choice and it is our choice to be joyful or not. No one else can tell us otherwise.
It is not the responsibility of one for another's well-being or happiness. Besides that, what we may
think is unhappiness may not be the case with someone as they may not see it that way. We are in
charge of ourselves and of no other.

And no one else can make us unhappy if we choose not to be. And that includes loved ones, partners,
spouses and children. They are unhappy, or seem to be because they chose to be that way. But they
cannot make you be in that same state.

Once we see this and realize that another's life is not ours and we can be how we wish no matter what
anyone else does or says, we can begin to bring joy into our lives. Your happiness does not depend
on what someone else says or does.

We have all been there - we start feeling down, sad and even miserable because of what is going on
around us. But what is
inside and not outside is where the difference is in how we can feel.

It is very easy to become part of another's drama and let ourselves fall into being in the same mindset
as another. When this happens it may seem harder to remove yourself from that state than to remain

Actually it isn't as hard as it may seem. Changing thoughts of pity, anger, fear and being a victim, to
uplifting thoughts of compassion, knowing each is responsible for his or her own life, and seeing the
good in everything that comes into your life no matter what it may be, will create a life of joy,
happiness and feelings of well-being. Peace comes with happiness.

Creating our lives in the way we want them to be is our choice and our privilege as a soul in a human
experience. We have Free Will and Free Choice. So what do you choose?

When we can realize how magnificent we are and that we are all equal Divine beings of unlimited
choice, we can achieve all that we desire.

The lyrics, "Don't worry, be happy" are wonderful words to follow. The melody is uplifting and I am
sure that if you sing those few words a few times each day, a smile will come to your face as well as
to your heart. The smile is the first sign that all is much better than you think!

May the Bluebird of Happiness bring you joy and love today!

Linayah Kei
"Being True to Yourself"                                                                                      May 2011

What does that mean? To be true to yourself?

When we learn to become one with ourselves: that is, not being in one way inside and another
way outside, we find our truth. We discover our truth and who we really are when we go inside
instead of outside. When we do not try to hide who we really are by showing a false self to the
world, we are true to ourselves.

Who you are is a wonderful thing. There is no need to be anything else but that. Pretending to be
someone who is not really you does not serve you at all. Beliefs that we must do what others tell
us we should do, act in ways they say is the correct way to act, dress as others dress, and so on
are beliefs that are not true. Thus we are not being true to ourselves.

So how do you get to that place of being in your truth?

First one must let the inner wisdom that we all have be the place where we go. Those instincts
that tell you that you should do something or go somewhere are coming from your inner wisdom
which is your truth.

Listening to that gut feeling is accessing your truth.

When you can be at peace with who you are and know how magnificent you truly are, you are
in your truth. To be in your truth you must completely acknowledge that right now, in this very
moment,  that you are perfect in all ways.

Yes perfect! When you can believe in your perfection without any doubt you are being true to

When you let go of anything that does not serve you, whether it is a job, relationship, or beliefs,
you will be in your truth.

Trust your instincts for they will tell what it is you need to do. Trust yourself to follow that guidance
that is right there within you. Your inner wisdom is where you will find the way to joy, happiness
and peace of mind. Go inside and access the vast warehouse of knowledge and wisdom that you
have. The answers are there.

Let the real you shine and share that with the world. Then you will be true to yourself.

A wonderful quote goes like this: "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who don't
matter don't and those who matter don't mind." Dr. Seuss

That is being in your truth and being true to yourself.

Linayah Kei                                                                              
*In my newsletters I share a quote each month and often the one I am using that
month is inspiration for my article. That is the case this month. Here is the quote I
chose for the June newsletter.

"You spend a good part of your life revolving around another person, and when you fall out of orbit
it could be the golden opportunity to realize you are a star of your own."

"Stepping into the Power of Self-Appreciation"                             June 2011

Do those words resonate with you?

Everyone of us has at least one time in our lives, and for most it has been more than once, where
we create our world around another one or several, or even a group, and all that we do and feel is
for them. They are the center of everything. All of our thoughts and actions revolve around them
and what they want (at least what we think they want).

But when this is done and they move away from that center, there is a hollowness, a sadness, and
an emptiness that we feel deep inside. We are very good at putting feelings we do not wish to see
down so far within that they are buried and we are in a sense numb to them. We do this with our
children, bosses, spouses or partners, teachers, religious ideas and we become second and actually
like an underling. And we are quite good at it.

The the time will always come when it all changes. Our children grow up and move on in their own
lives (the one that was always only theirs yet we put ourselves into it without thought of anything
else), we change jobs or the bosses move on, relationships change and often end, we outgrow the
teachers and the religions we have always followed.

We find ourselves looking around and wondering what happened. How did we get into this space?
Did they not appreciate the sacrifices we gave to them out of love or respect? How could this be?

We all must let go of these actions and thoughts that another is the center of our lives. Yes we
love our children dearly but they are only ours to nourish and nurture until they are able to go on
their own. We cannot live another's life. We cannot be another nor can we live through anyone

Each of us has our own unique path and life to live. We are in charge of that life. We cannot tell
someone else what to do or mold them into what we believe is the right way for them. How do
we know what is right for another? We don't.

So when that 'golden opportunity' that Dodinsky related in the quote, comes to us, then we must
take hold of it and see that we are the most important 'star' in our lives and we always have been.
Loving ourselves does not take away from the love we have for another. It actually creates the
ability to give more love yet not try to control.

No matter how good our intentions are, we must not try to be in control of another. And when
we hold them at the center of our universe we are trying to control them. Being the center or our
own universe is where we need to reside.

So when you 'fall out of orbit' be joyful and begin to focus on yourself and give the love and
attention to you and who you are. Become that shining star that you really are.

There is always room in your heart for love of someone else. But loving them and living through
them is not the same. Let them make their own choices and allow them to be themselves by
focusing on loving you - the true center of your universe.

Linayah Kei                                                                                            
Please feel free share the articles on this page as well as those that are archived as long as you mention
this website, the author and use the article in its entirety with no alterations, additions or excerpts .
Thank you for reading and believing in the Angels.  They are with you in every moment if you allow them
in. © by Linayah Kei Michael, Ambassador for the Company of Michael.

Angels' Blessings,
"Moment of Freedom"                                                                                July 2011

If you have been reading many of these articles you will know how much I love quotes. I also use
one each month in my newsletter.

There are so many wonderful quotes by numerous amazing and wise persons whose words, even if
just a few,  can be very powerful and even life-changing. Often just reading a quote can bring and
"Ah Ha" moment.

I actually have a notebook full of quotes that I add to very often as I come across them.

One such quote has been in my notebook for a very long time. The author is Voltaire and I love to use
his words. This one is
"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be."

Ten words carry powerful meaning in them. This quote is one of my very favorites.

We all have complete control of everything that comes into our lives. There is nothing that anyone
else can do to us or tell us what to do, or even not to do. We are in charge. We are in the driver's seat.

We are free when we realize this and know that we have control in all that we do, we say and bring
into our lives.

We are free when we wish to be. Oh yes! Our freedom depends on what we want and do. When fear
keeps us from making decisions or choices, holds us back from accepting change or in other words
resisting change, we do not have freedom. We can find ourselves in a box without knowing how we
got there. Then it becomes harder to attempt to get out of that box.

The ability to create our own existence is ours and ours alone. By letting go of the old, the past which
doesn't matter any more at all and not fixating on what will happen in the future, we can relax and be
in the moment. The possibilities are unlimited and right there for us to grab on to if we trust that we
can do it. We have all the support and more than we need from the Universe.

Life is supposed to be easy so why do we make it so hard? Resisting change and making choices only
brings more of what we don't want.

Since you are already in the driver's seat, why not take the wheel in your hands and follow the road
of your dreams. What you do in this moment creates your future. Don't worry about where the road
will take you; just know it will take you far and that there are amazing things for you to experience.
When you are consciously aware of your thoughts and actions and let them come from your inner
wisdom and power, you will gain freedom.

Linayah Kei                                                                                                                   
~A Balancing Act~                                                                                                          August 2011

We all know about balance in our lives, at least we understand that we are supposed to find balance. We
know we need to balance our personal/home lives with our jobs or careers. We know that we are supposed
to eat a 'balanced diet' to maintain good health.

We watch gymnasts perform amazing feats on a balance beam. We must balance our checking accounts to
make sure it is in the black and not in the red. How often have you looked in amazement at a mother balancing
an infant on her hip while performing other tasks such as holding onto a toddler with her other hand?

How about balance within? Do you think about that at any time? What does that mean?

Think about it. If we are out of balance in our inner thoughts, feelings and emotions, turmoil can be keeping us
from having the peace we so desire.

One very important aspect of this is in giving and receiving. If you are a 'giver' and continue to give without
receiving in equal proportions you will be out of balance. No matter how willing you are to give to others without
having strings attached and you do not allow yourself to receive in return, thoughts of unfairness, equality, and
unappreciation will come up. Every one of us has this even if you do not think it pertains personally. It is part of
being a human.

When it is hard to accept gifts from others even if they are compliments or kind words, balance cannot be there.

Oh the other side of the coin, if you feel you are receiving and not giving in return, guilt can weigh in because of
the imbalance you feel is present.

Other forms of balance within yourself are important too. One is finding time for yourself. Spending time in a
quiet space where you can listen to the inner wisdom that you have in abundance and to the whispers that your
soul speaks to you through your heart is a must to be in balance. Even if you only have ten minutes to do this,
it will make a world of difference. And you most likely will find that you will be, after time, able to stretch the ten
minutes into a longer period of time.

Continuously being caught up in what sometimes can be a craziness in life and never pausing to quiet the mind
and take deep breaths and let all the outside stuff go, will eventually create problems that can show up in your

Try to find balance in all areas of your life - that is balancing in itself - and see if it makes a difference. It is worth
as what you will have is peacefulness and a sense of well-being. All healing begins within. Balance is a good place
to start.

Linayah Kei                                                                                                                
"Acceptance, Allowing and Answers"                                                                        September 2011

We are at all times creating and re-creating in our lives. When we can understand completely that we are the only
ones who can create what we experience and accept that everything that happens is ours, then we can allow for
change if that is what we want, for healing of emotions such as fear, unforgiveness, anger and anything that keeps
us from joy, happiness, and fulfilling our dreams.

When we can say to ourselves, 'Okay, I created this by having fearful thoughts," or "I have this in my life now
because I have been angry or judgmental of something or someone else", etc., and then accepting that it is just
another part of the learning process we all experience, we can move on.

By accepting that it is here for a reason and that now we can let it go if we no longer want it, we take a big step
in the game of life.

By allowing it to be there and not being judgmental of ourselves for its existence, we take another giant step.

Each of us is a beautiful soul in a human existence and the way we accept and allow the experiences that come
into our lives is how those experiences will play out.

Every one of us has moments when we are hard on ourselves and get into the habit of not accepting who we
are,  then find ourselves in the cycle of thinking we have made mistakes or bad choices which leads to anger at
ourselves as well at the situation or persons involved.

Since we have choice in everything we do or say, then why do we not see who we really are? If we would stand
back and look at ourselves and see the true wonderful beings we really are as Spirit sees us instead of seeing
unhappiness, fear, anger and even sometimes hopelessness, we would be able to get in the flow of just the
opposite. We would see hope knowing that all is just fine and that there really is nothing to worry about. We would
feel joy and happiness because we know that instead have complete trust and faith knowing that we have nothing
in the past that has anything to do with today. It is past and it is over. It now has no bearing on today. We would
let go of anger and unforgiveness in the knowing that they only create unwanted 'problems' for us.

By accepting this and allowing the Universe to bring us all the beautiful things we are meant to have, and being
open to receiving the answers we want, many magical things can come to you.

We put walls up out of fear thinking it will protect us yet in all actuality it blocks what we want to come. If we resist
change it only serves to bring that which we don't want to us. But it is our choice to move on or remain where we

Being grateful for everything that comes into your life no matter what it is because it truly is a gift even though
outward appearances don't seem that way, sends out messages of trust in the Universe and ourselves. You can
change anything that does not serve you at any time by letting go.

So when something occurs in your life, put positive energy into it with your thoughts and actions. Process the
moment without reacting. Just let it flow.

Accept. Allow. Receive the answers you want.

Linayah Kei

(Note: As I was writing this Archangel Gabriel was giving me a few of his thoughts on the content
of this article. So you get a bit of Gabriel and Linayah all woven together.)
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