~A MESSAGE FROM ARCHANGEL URIEL~                                                January 2010

Beloved Friends,

Today is the beginning of a new year and a new decade in your linear time. It is a very
important time and the most important time in your human existence. No other time has
been or will be as important as now. This is the year when the pivotal turning of the evolution
of the planet will come into being. There has been much attention to the year 2012 but in
essence 2010 is when the most change will occur and it will all come into being in 2012.
Whatever you well as that of your own.

We request that you do not dwell on the past and what has occurred or not occurred.
Nothing of the past matters. Also do not focus on the future by trying to find ways to alter
or change anything that you feel you do not like at this time. Instead put your focus on
transforming you, your thoughts and actions by allowing yourself to know how magnificent
you are and how loved you are. Let your hearts be your guide and stay in the place of love
and joy that resides in each heart and each heartbeat. Let go of thinking you are not enough,
not good enough or unworthy. See yourself as the Divine sees you and know it with every
part of your being.

Surrender thoughts of being a victim of any circumstances like your childhood or your career
or in relationships. You are not a victim of anything. When you allow your mind to focus on
being the victim then you will see yourself in that light. Nothing can ever be done to you that
you do not agree to, so how can you be a victim? Let go of all judgments of others or
yourselves and of blame, again of others or yourselves, as they do not serve you and who
you are. You are a pillar of Light that has been given to humanity to shine brightly and be an
inspiration for others. Allow your Light to brightly shine on all that is around you.

Walk tall, dream big and hold confidence that you cannot fail in anything you attempt or
wish to accomplish as long as it is in love. Plant the seeds of your future right now and follow
the inner guidance that you receive at every moment. If each being steps up to the plate, so
to speak, and does the best he or she can do, the transformation that will come upon this
planet will be beyond describing. You hold a magic wand in your hand - use it with
unconditional love to create a future of beauty for you and for all of humanity. The musician
John Lennon's lyrics "Imagine" are attainable and can be yours if you wish. Imagine it all and
then put it into action.

Let your thoughts be in the form of communication instead of in competition. This is very
important. Everyone is equal, the same and there are no differences. Remember to live in the
Oneness that you, your Source, all beings of nature, the Angelic realm and all Spirits have. All
is One and One is All.

We thank you for reading this message and we thank Linda for relating it here for you. By
reading this you have already taken a step in the right direction of unquestionable success
for you and for everyone who resides on the planet.

With Love, Light, Gratitude and Blessings,

Archangel Uriel
~ Messages from Archangel Uriel ~
~ A Message from Archangel Uriel  ~                                                                 September 2011

Greetings Dear Friends,                                                                                          

I would like to speak with you about time.

Linear time is what you use to govern your almost every move.

Think for a moment how often you use the word ‘time’ in your day. “It is
time to get up.” “It is time
to go to bed.” It is dinnertime.”  “I need more time to get this task done.” “What time is it?” “What
time will you do this or that?” “I don’t have time to talk to you right now.” How much time is left until it
is completed?” And so on and so on.

Can you say in truth that you never use any of these terms or similar ones in your day in some form
or another?

Time has governed each of your lives so much for so very long that it has sometimes created many
difficulties for you.

You have clocks everywhere you turn to look. They are on the wall, on your radios, your microwave
ovens, your DVD players and televisions as well as your phones and computers. And now that
many do not wear a wristwatch anymore they still are often checking their mobile phones to see what
time it is. Time is always close at hand is it not?

But what is time? How does it play into your life? How does it benefit you and how does it restrict you?
Step back beloveds and look at it as an observer. Observe how many limitations you put on yourselves
when letting time be in control.

In the higher dimensions, the Light Realms, there is no time. We can be everywhere at the same time.
There is no distance nor is there time to go from one location to another. We can be in the past,
present and future all at once.

You are in a third dimensional incarnation so linear time is a part of your life. That is perfectly alright as
long as you do not let it rule your life. You will always have appointments that are set for a certain time.
This is a necessary part of your existence.

But when you feel rushed to make it to those appointments because of what you see as ‘not enough
time’ is where things can get out of balance for you.

How do you avoid this imbalance? It is not as hard as you may think.

When you can allow yourself to let go of thoughts of always being on time, getting where you are to
go on time and meeting deadlines, you will find that you do get there and do make it on time without
having to stress over it.

Oh the burdens you have placed upon yourselves so often. Instead of seeing something as having
a deadline, see it as an achievement that you will have and be joyful that it will be accomplished. It all
will get done if it should, so why not put joy and enthusiasm into it instead of having fear of it not
happening just as you think it should?

You can shift the way you perceive everything in your life. It is like turning a leaf over to see the other
side. One side has fear, worry and concern for getting things done on time and the other side has a
bright and happy scene of all coming to be in perfect timing and with great results.

The most efficient and focused person is not always the one who sees the side with the joyful vibration.
On the surface they may seem all together and able to get what needs to be done without failure. Yes,
they may do that but they may also have a great deal of turmoil inside.

Now please do not think that everyone who appears to be balanced is really not balanced because of
what I just said. No there are many who do understand the concept of letting time be secondary. But
each of you, no matter who you are, will find yourselves occasionally or frequently letting time act as
your director.

And again I stress that it is alright when it happens. It can be another opportunity for you to shift your
consciousness to the one that gives you peace.

You have been told by so many teachers, guides and others that living in the now is what matters.
You have heard it, read it and given thought to it. But have you embraced it fully?

Let me explain why it is so important.

You all carry a lot of baggage from the past. This is from past lifetimes as well as from this lifetime
beginning with your childhood and moving up to the present day.

In this baggage you have a combination of beliefs, notions and things that have happened that are still
very much a part of you, even though you are not consciously aware of them.

If you would take each piece of this baggage, or luggage, and open them one at a time to examine the
contents you would be very surprised at what is in them.

You will find fear, guilt, unforgiveness, and emotions that you never knew you had. By opening them
up and seeing them just as what they are – pieces or items that no longer serve you and that you can
discard immediately if you choose.

Now I say, “If you choose” because it is your choice. Some do find comfort in holding on to them and
we would never tell you that you should dispose of them if you do not choose. But if you are willing and
have the desire to alter your life in ways that are beautiful and fulfilling, then you can begin right away.

Whatever it is that is in the past does not matter anymore. It is over and that is why it is in the past. Let
the past go and discover now, the present moment. Be in the present. As we often say, “It is called the
present because it is a gift.”

And it is dear friends, it is a gift. When you can move beyond what has occurred before and thus is of
no meaning for you, and focus on now, what is right now in this moment and this moment only, you
will find that your world is surrounded in blessings that you did not even see before.
When you can do that, you can know that there is no need to be of concern of what lies ahead in your
future as it will be taken care of in perfect timing and in the way you want it to play out.

You see, when you do not focus on the past nor on the future by remaining here and now, you can
drop the fears and worries because you will see there is nothing to fear and nothing to be worried about.

Fearful thoughts beget fearful times. If you do not hold a fearful thought then there is nothing to fear.
Fear being an illusion that the mind makes up to keep you in bondage, does not have to be a part of
your being.

Yes, fear will come to you at times. That is part of the learning process and lessons each of your souls
has asked to be in your life so that you may grow and advance.

Do not go to battle with yourself when you have fear and then ‘beat yourselves up’, as you all like to
say. Let them come and then heal whatever it is that you do fear by seeing it as only an illusion that
your mind has brought into existence. It is a lot like a magician who does his tricks which are all really
illusions and there is always an exclamation to how they are performed.

You can be the magician in your life. You can do magic with all that is here right now and what will
come. You can pull whatever you wish out of your magician’s hat and do what you wish with it. So
if you desire to see blessings, gifts and beauty then that is what you will have. If you wish to see gloom
and impossibilities then you shall have that.

You have choice in everything you do. You are in control of creating your life and what is in it in the
way you wish. It is our wish that you will select the good that you deserve. Choose wisely and with
trust and faith that you will receive just what you wish to create.

Time is not of essence as your saying goes. You have all the ‘time’ you need to do what you want to
do. Everything is always in Divine Timing. Being in the flow of that Divine Timing and having trust that
the flow will move over and around all those obstacles that you perceive to be there, is how you can
move along to joy, happiness and all that you desire.

Like a river whose water moves along and flows over or around the rocks and logs that it comes to,
so does your life flow if you see it that way. The water had no worries about what is ahead or how it
will get there. It just flows on without focusing on the hows and whys.

There does not have to be a dam to block your flow. The only obstructions that you can find are
those that you have placed there yourself.

Be at peace with what is now and let go of the worries of what is to come. And know it will come
exactly at the right time: it always does if you do not block it with unnecessary fear and anxious

To use your expression, “Time will tell”.  Divine Timing will show up at just the perfect moment. It
always does. It will give you a magical story if you allow it.

It is up to you beloveds. It is up to you.
I thank you for reading these words. It is your choice to do with them as you wish.

Archangel Uriel
~ A Message from Archangel Uriel ~                                                                           March 2012

I would like to speak to you about your life as it is now and how it will be. You have heard from many beings of
the Light on different aspects of this. This is the most important topic for you so yes it may seem as if we are
bombarding you at times with the same rhetoric.

The world as you know it is in the midst of change that has never been seen before. The importance of it is
beyond your comprehension beloveds but trust us when we tell you that it is.

You are reading this because you are among those who are awake or awakening to your true essence and Divinity.

For some what I am telling you may be uncomfortable to understand. But it is vital that you do listen and attempt
to comprehend my words.

Long ago those in the Upper Realms came together to discuss the dire situation that was upon Earth and with
those who live upon the planet. It was decided that Mother Earth, also known as Gaia, was more than worthy to
have the assistance needed to bring her back to health and to help her ascend. She had tolerated for much too
long the abuse and travesty that mankind had inflicted upon her. She never complained and withstood treatment
that no being should ever be subjected to at any time.

Yes the earth is a living being. She is a Divine living being just as you are. She is loved by so many who have now
come together to assist her in her hours of need.

Every being in the Light: including those from other planets, stars and throughout the galaxy are assisting at this
moment to change the vibration and bring Light in to replace the darkness that has been shrouding the truth of
whom she is and who you are beloveds.

In the time that I mentioned when all convened to come together for this unprecedented time, there were many
souls who volunteered to come to be a part of what is known as the New Golden Age. Only those who could
complete the service and could do the work were chosen. There were many who were not chosen.

Everyone who is incarnate at this moment is one of the chosen souls. Does this surprise you beloveds? Yes, you
are one of the souls who have come to assist in ushering in the new Earth. You are here to assist in altering the
way of life that has been the known way.

Now not only your planet but also humanity is changing; changing for the Highest Good of all.

So what is it exactly that you are being asked to do? Each of you has a very important role that you chose to
accomplish. No role is more important than another. There are some who are in the limelight because they are to
bring awareness to the masses by being seen and heard by great numbers.

If you are not one of those, your role is not any less important. This is something you must understand and
believe. For many today who are experiencing hardship, ill health, losses and what feels like inner turmoil it is not
easy and we understand this completely.

All old ideas and beliefs must be removed and replaced by love of self, acceptance of self, appreciation of self, and
trust of self. There can be some of these beliefs that are embedded so very deep within your core that you do not
see them or know they exist. These must be brought to the surface and accepted and then released and healed.

We ask that you create more time for the inner work you need to do. Set aside regular time to meditate, sit and
listen to the inner wisdom of your soul and allow whatever is still lurking inside to come forth. It will if you allow it.
We know that at times it seems easier to resist doing this and to ignore it. But like the itch that needs to be
scratched, it will become more and more noticeable until it cannot be ignored.

Your soul talks to you through your heart and through your body. Yes your beautiful minds chatter most of the
time if you let them. And if you let the mind be in charge it can give you all sorts of reasons to ignore the messages
your body and heart are sending by telling you that you cannot heal, that you are destined to be in turmoil and

On the other hand, if you allow your heart to guide you and follow what it says, you will accomplish what you need
to do. And if you listen to your body as it tells you that you need to pay attention, you can also heal as you need
to heal.

Being in human incarnation is not a piece of cake. It is difficult to deal with all the dense third dimensional energies
of life. This is why we tell you more and more how appreciated you are and how important you are.

When you come into an incarnation as a human you agree to forget much of who you are so that you may
experience certain aspects of life and what you like to call lessons. All of you who are here on the planet today have
had many, many incarnations. Some would call you ‘old souls’. Most of you do come under that description. You
have been around the block many times, to use a human term.

You have had lifetimes that are very diverse. You have all experienced every different type of being that is possible.
Oh yes, you have been ‘good guys’ and you have been ‘bad guys’. You have done it all. Each one brought you
closer to your soul’s ascension.

Now you are here to awaken and remember who you are. You are here to recall all the wisdom and knowledge you
have acquired in all of those experiences so that you may use it for the benefit of all sentient beings who share the
planet with you.

Beloved friends, it is time to awaken and step forward to enable the process to move smoothly. The more who
embrace this, allow the healing that is needed individually as well as with your earth, the more rapidly the changes
will come.

We ask that you work on yourselves. Be compassionate, kind and loving to you. Let go of any judgment that you
have of you and who you are. Allow the real you, the Divine being that you are, come out to play.

If each person does this and only works on his or herself the results will be very amazing you see. As each one
does the inner work needed to free themselves from what no longer serves them as with fear for example, it will be
like a beautiful tree in the spring whose buds open one by one to reveal a beautiful blossom. As more and more
blossoms open up, the tree becomes one display of outstanding beauty.

This is what is will be like dear ones. See you and all of your brothers and sisters as blossoms on the same tree. As
one beloveds, as one. Let us call this the new version of the Tree of Life. Does it not feel good to be a magnificent
blossom on a tree with all the other blossoms that are just as beautiful?

Your tree is symbolic of what humanity will become. One with all is the new paradigm. As more and more of you
understand this concept, embrace it and visualize it as being a reality the more and more Light can and will come

We ask this of you: be attentive and in tune with you; with your body and your intuitive senses. Make decisions
according to how you feel. When an opportunity comes to you what do you feel in your heart and in your gut?
You know these feelings and emotions beloveds. Do not ignore them. Listen and act instead of reacting. If
something feels right and everything your mind is telling you says it is not right, listen to your heart and your body.
Do not let the ego lead you away from something that you know is what you want to do.

If you would like to do a test run with this so that you know the signs and how to recognize them I will give you an
easy exercise to try at your convenience.

Imagine something that you know is right for you. Something that you already know is good. While thinking of this
and imagining it occurring, notice your body, your heart and your reactions even in subtle ways. Do you get an
allover feeling of joy or peacefulness, or even a smile comes to your face? You say, “It just feels right.” How often
have you said that without putting a lot of thought into it?

Then imagine something that you know is not right for you. With this you can imagine something that is so far
out that there is no way you would do it. As you imagine this scenario, again notice all the signs and reactions that
come. Don’t try to make them happen, go with what just comes. Does your heart race, do you feel tension, or
complete dislike? You say, “This does not feel right and I am not going to do it.” How often have you said this in a
reaction to something that shows up?

Now you know how your body and your inner wisdom guide you. Begin beloveds to pay attention to what you
feel and trust it. Your Angels also speak to you in this way at times. Trust that you are getting true and loving

In closing beloved ones, I invite you to live joyously from your heart, embrace your truth and importance as the
magnificent being you are, welcome all new opportunities that come into your life and by doing this you empower
yourselves to step into your power and walk the extraordinary walk that you have at all times within. The more that
you honor yourselves and your intuition by listening and trusting that all the answers you ever need are right there
inside, the easier it will become. Go within and not without is a saying many use.

Awaken to the new you, the new world and the new beginnings that are on the horizon. Hear the guidance that
your inner radar is giving you. We thank you from the depths of our hearts for being you, for coming at this time
to do this work. You are an essential part in this new way of life upon planet Earth. Thank you.

Archangel Uriel
Please feel free share the messages on this page as well as those that are archived as long as you mention this website, the scribe
and use the message in its entirety with no alterations, additions or excerpts. Thank you for reading and believing in the Angels.
They are with you in every moment if you allow them in.
© by Linayah Kei Michael, Ambassador for the Company of Michael ©.

Angels' Blessings,
Linayah Kei Michael
~A Message from Archangel Uriel~                                                                                    February 2013

Greetings and Blessings to you,

We are the Archangel Uriel. We are so pleased to have this opportunity to speak with you here upon this page.

How are you doing beloveds? How is life treating you these days? Are things moving along in a swimmingly fashion
or are there a few potholes in the road you travel upon?

No human finds a road that has a smooth surface without a few bumps and dips in it. That is because you are here
to experience and if you have only smooth traveling the experiences are dull and not for your benefit.

You say, but Uriel, that does not make sense to me! Why should I experience things that I don't find fun or enjoy?
Why would I want to experience hardships and perhaps poor health?

Well dear one, you do choose everything that you experience in your life. No being sitting on a throne (which of
course there is no such one) is there doling out 'bad stuff' too anyone. No dear ones, you are the one in the driver's
seat. You have control of the steering wheel of your vehicle, your life.

As hard as it may be for you to believe, you really do choose everything in your life. You come with a plan that
has been orchestrated, by you, when you are born into a lifetime. You are very good architects and have much
know-how from many lives.

Your soul wishes to learn lessons in each lifetime. And again you ask why not pick all good? Because as we have
said you would learn nothing from all good, which by the way everything
is good in your life. There is no bad. All
is good beloveds.

You have traveled many diverse roads in your journey to get you to where you are now, today. And it is only
going to get better. Truly, it is.

Now we get to the best part. You have chosen all these lessons you wish to learn in your lifetime. You have many
opportunities from which to choose. Yes that is all orchestrated by your soul too. Part of the lessons is having

You live in a Free Choice and Free Will Universe. Everything, everything that is and has been in your life is your
choosing. There are no Angels, no God nor Source, no Ascended Master, no spiritual guide that can make choices
for you. We can only give you guidance and show you opportunities but that is all. Yes if you choose to allow us
to bring healing into your life then we can do that. But you have to choose that before it can be done.

Things change consistently beloveds and that will always be. You are changing in every moment. Life around you
is in constant change. And you are choosing it. Each moment is filled with change.

Let go of the beliefs of old and the ideas that have held you back. Release all the old structures of old that you
have been given as truths. Find what is true for you. Find that inner wisdom that tells you what is your truth. And
remember what may be truth for you may not be for another.

You are here now in this exciting time and you can choose to not see your life as drudgery and unhappy. It is not
and does not have to be. That is an illusion created again by the old paradigms that do not serve you dear ones.

You do experience what you choose even if you do not consciously understand this. The key to it all is what you
do with it. The lessons are in finding the reality of it.

Let us say your choice is something that you thought looked good but have now found it is not what you want.
Sit with it and look at it in this way: reflect on why you chose to do it. Was it because it gave you a nice income, or
that you needed a job and would take it no matter what it was? If so then go within and ask what was behind this
to bring you to that place of need. You see beloveds, needing is also an illusion just as lack is. Fear is behind it of
course. As long as you say you need something or are lacking in some area, that need and that lack will continue to
be yours.

Now if you are able to find the answer to this what do you do next? We would invite you to again seek the answers
within for every answer you want is there for you. You are so very wise. You have so much wisdom to tap into dear
ones. But many of you do not do this. You seek answers from others and find confusion and frustration.

Ask yourself: if I did not need this or what if I did not lack in this way? How would it feel?

When you can find the understanding of why your choose and create anything then you can find the way to make
changes for that which does not work for you.

You are a very highly evolved Spiritual being. You are capable of doing anything you wish. You have just forgotten
these things that you have within you.

When you can hold yourself in high esteem, love who you are and not criticize yourself in anyway, you can move
forward to finding the life you truly desire.

Whatever you create you can uncreate by choosing new. It really is that easy if you let it be. It is like drawing a
picture and then deciding it isn't quite what you want so you take a new piece of paper and draw a new one that
is more to your liking.

Think of it as planting a flower or vegetable garden. You get to choose what you want to plant. If one of the
selections doesn't taste or look as good as you thought, you do not have to keep it. You can choose another.

See your life as that flower garden filled with every color and type of flower that you love. See the beauty in each
of the selections. Be proud of what you have chosen and created. Tend to them with love and care. Nourish them,
feed them and water them and you will be rewarded with splendor. If one flower smells the best or the color is the
most beautiful then know you can get another or many more of that one to add to your garden and let go of the
ones that do not bring you as much joy. You have choice and can choose over and over. Nothing is permanent.
Nothing is set in stone. Nothing cannot be replaced by new.

You do not have to 'live' with the choices you have made if they do not bring you happiness. There is no
punishment in choice. They are just opportunities that you have and can set aside and find something new.

You dear humans are so hard on yourselves. You are so serious, way too serious. Life is meant to be fun! Those
lessons you have chosen are meant to bring you to a new sense of awareness and freedom. Is that not joyful?
Is it not a feeling of elation when you feel freedom and find an answer to you questions?

Do you know that everything you need can be provided if you trust that? Everything beloveds is there for you
that you need. Yes it can and will be the moment you let go, do not attempt to control the outcome and instead
just allow it to come.

You might be surprised at how many of you are resistant to the flow of goodness into your lives. You feel unworthy
and unappreciated so you believe you cannot have that goodness nor taste the sweetness of joy.

When something is not working to your liking then there is always an underlying reason. This can come from past
lives and something that has been brought into this one to be cleared. It can be from your upbringing and what
was taught to you by often well-meaning parents, teachers, clergy and others who were taught the same so they
believe it to be true.

The time has come dear ones to change your thoughts and beliefs to what resonates with you and what feels right
with you. Do not believe in another moment that you are not good enough to be loved, or have happiness and
abundance. Do not believe for another moment that you are not the unlimited being who has the potential of
success in any area of your life that you wish to improve. Let your ego-self stop running the show and let your
heart show you how grand you are.

It is time to become the powerful and loving one that you are. You are more, so much more, than simply a human
being who is plodding through a life with no hope for improvement. You are so much more.

Each of you has a vast team of beings in the Higher Realms, Angels, Masters and those from far away, who are
right there to assist you with anything you ask. We so want to see you smiling and laughing and enjoying the fruits
of life in a delicious way. We always hear your calls, your prayers and your requests. All are answered. Are you
allowing the answers to come? If not, we would be so pleased if you will. You are loved, so very loved.

We are the Archangel Uriel
~ A Message from Archangel Uriel ~                                                                             April 2014

Abundant Blessings to All,

We are the Archangel Uriel. We come to speak today of the children, the youth and the new babes who are coming into
the world.

Oh beloveds, it is like a treasure chest of beauty and love that is unfolding with these precious beings. For many years
they have begun to arrive and now it is at a peak. These are the New Age Warriors, Golden Era Warriors of which there
has never been the like here before. They are not of the old paradigm of warring to gain and overcome, of triumph at the
expense of others, of win and lose. No these are warriors of Light and love. They come with a treasure trove (yes I use
the word 'treasure' often for it describes these souls) of wisdom, love and compassion. They are made of unconditional
love and are true bearers of Light for he Higher Realms.

Yes, dear ones, you are all bearers of the Light but in a different fashion. The purpose of these souls is unique and all are
so blessed  to have them come now to spread love, joy, Light, kindness, compassion, Oneness, unity and grace amongst

We have awaited the time when this would come for it was to be. The energy of the Divine Feminine is sweeping across
the planet and rising the vibration moment by moment. This is making way for these precious souls to have room to do
their work without the constrictions of the old paradigm, and oh beloveds it is so old and so tired, of the world as it has
been for so very long.

It is time to rejoice and welcome these young ones. They bring wisdom that cannot be ignored even by the most
unbelieving ones. They have agreed to enter into the human form to bring truth to your beloved Earth. They are to be
thanked and cheered for it is not a job for the weak. The strength they carry is in their knowing and trust of accomplishing
what they are to do. They have no doubts or fears of getting it done. You can assist them to make it easier. Yes they will
get it done but you can give them a smooth ride.

Many of you know young ones now who are in this group. You sense, feel and see the amazing things they do even in
very young ages.

Have you seen the many videos on your You Tube, on talent shows on your television or in personal recordings of
children who are doing jaw dropping accomplishments? There are singers that sing like the most heralded Diva, musicians
who could easily claim the first chair in the most prestigious orchestra, artists who turn out work that everyone finds hard
to believe that they have created it, those who at a very young age are inventing what scientists have not found a way
to do, and the list goes on and on.

Beloved friends, take joy in this and honor and love these incredible souls. Thank them by approving what they do,
crediting them with their accomplishments and above all, do not brush them aside because the are only children. And
please do not use their talents and gifts as a way for your own ego to be fulfilled.

If allowed to flourish they will return to you and all of humanity a world as you have not known. They will be the leaders
of tomorrow who understand that separation and greed are not to be. They will work together, share, cooperate with
one another and stand behind each one instead of the old way of competing to be the better or the best one. All they
bring is needed and we ask you to open your arms to them and their offerings. Encourage them to do what it is they
have come to do and do not temper that in any way.

Humanity has come so far and is now emerging out of the trenches of eons of self-inflicted drudgery. Now it is changing,
you are changing and all is coming to a new way of life.

Allow the children who are here and the ones who are yet to come to show you the way. They know the route and how
to get there. They have the maps and instructions and know it all so well it; is by instinct. They have a GPS system that is
very well made.

And as for you beloveds, keep striving to be who you know you are. Be strong in your truth and learn to love yourself as
you have not done before. Bring love into all moments of your life and allow the children breathing room that is filled with
love. Let them feel your love and it will make the purpose of their work much easier.

Do not sit back and do nothing. You are very important and must do your part. What is your part? It is to be authentic,
and be in your truth as a body of love and Light that you are. Express your love and your Light and shine for all to see.
Each of you can do this. No one is more capable than another.

And to further assist these young ones, see the world as they do. That is in eyes that see love and see beauty in
everything. Have eyes that see beyond what is in front of you and anticipate all of your tomorrows with enthusiasm and
joy. They see fun and joy and not fear and worry. Can you do this? Yes, you can if you are willing to let go of the fearful
illusions that have held you back. There are no rules that say you have to be an adult with trials and tribulations. There is
the saying, "Young at heart". Can you be this? Would it feel good to be that way no matter what your age might be?

A child loves to go to the beach and play in the sand. The ocean will bring the sand upon the beach and they delight in
the feel of it beneath their feet, digging and playing in the sand as the waves lap up against the land. They gather sand to
build a castle. The sand is molded just as they wish for it to go. It is very pliable and does not resist the creating the child
is doing.

If they are careful to build this castle far enough from the water's edge the waves will not come over it and wash it away.
They instinctively know this. If very young, guidance may be needed, but once given they will not forget.

Let your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces and nephews and all children flourish as creators with a
positive outlook. They are great examples and if you choose to heed the inspiration they give, you too can create with
each grain of sand you gather upon your beach of life the castle you wish to be that life. When the waves and tides are
too large you can step back until they subside.

The imagination and wisdom of a child is something to behold. See this and embrace and welcome them with open arms.
They are relying on your support. Yes, as I said, they will get it done but it would be so nice for them to be able to do it
with ease and grace and no hindrance. They deserve your assistance as a gesture of gratitude for what they have come
to do. Trust them and trust the process. You will so pleased that you did.

As Always We Are In Loving Gratitude,

Archangel Uriel
~Message from Archangel Uriel~                                                                                     July 2014

Beloved Friends,

It is a great pleasure to speak with you today. My words for you come with hope, love and blessings for you to know
your greatness, to know how loved you are and that the time is here for you to step into your power as the Divine
Being that you are.

It is time.

So many have given their power away to others in many forms. Some give it to a job, some give it to a family member
or to religious doctrine. Others give it away to beliefs that are so ingrained in them that they don't even know they have
power that they have given away.

The time has come to change this and each of you are more than perfectly capable of doing just that. Reclaim what is
yours, your power.

Power is not as the perception and the misunderstanding has been for eons my beloved friends. It is not holding control
or authority over someone or something. There are no 'markers' here dear ones. There are no contracts 'with the devil'
involved. Those are all illusions.

Your personal power is that which is yours. It is your truth and your Divine right to be that truth. When you allow
another or something to hold you 'under the thumb' so to speak you give away your power.

Now more than ever precious ones is it important to understand and know that no one can take your power from you
unless you allow it. Why would you allow that to occur?

When you are not in love with yourself you can give your power away for you don't feel good enough to keep it. So
you let another do it for you and then of course you don't feel good about that either.

It is time.

My dear friends, it is now time to take the reins, take the wheel and go to the head of the pack. Love of self is not
being self-centered. There is not what is called conceit involved.

You are creating your world and the world around you in each moment. When things are not going as you want them
to go, then you can change course.

Many have been moving through life in a haze, on auto-pilot and numbness to everything outside of their little world.
They keep creating and thus living what has been taught and see no other way. They have come so far as to not even
question those beliefs. The numbness has set in and there is no feeling to bring life back. They cannot see past the
limits or even that there are limits.

It is time.

There is always a door, an opening. There is no wall that cannot come down. And all walls can topple as soon as you
decide it is time to find the opening. It is there. It has always been there.

It is time.

The time is here to look past all of the limitations and find the door, go though it and into light.

And it can begin with the smallest of changes. It can be done in small steps, baby steps if needed. It takes holding the
intention that you want to change the way you live. If you are in the rut, in that box, behind the closed doors, you are
now being invited to intend to come out and see what is there for you.

Oh beloved friends, it is time. It is time to see that you are not limited, you can change and everything is possible. Let
go of the past and begin anew.

In this moment you can create anything. In this moment all is possible. This moment, the present moment, is a gift
and a blessing, a treasure for you to receive. There is no other moment just as this one. Do not let another moment of
your beautiful life go by without saying 'Yes' to the new you.

See it in this way. See that this moment is the greatest of all moments in all lifetimes for you. Right now! It is time. The
energy in this moment is not as any has been or will be. So do not let it pass you by.

It is time. Time is now for you to create what you want, and unravel and let go what you do not want. No matter
how bad it may seem right now, you can change it so quickly with your thoughts, intentions and belief in you.

Every moment you have experienced has been in growth. Nothing has been for naught. If you see it this way, you
can find gratitude for what you have experienced and what you have done and been.

Yet those experiences are now gone by the wayside and the only important focus is on now.

It is time to see yourself in new light. See yourself as the powerful and Divine being that you are. Allow that power,
your truth of who you are and your Divinity show itself. It is time.

Revel in the beauty of you, in the treasure that you are and your preciousness. Revel in life and the gift that it is and
the gift to life that you are.

It is time.

Peace be yours,
Archangel Uriel
~ A Message for Archangel Uriel ~                                                                                        March 2015

Many Greetings and Blessings Beloved Ones,

I come to speak to you of the new you, the new paradigm of you. Your life is in the midst of change that is so very
beautiful and magnificent that you cannot comprehend or understand but a very small particle of it.

For several years now you have been hearing, reading and being given much about the changing of your world and with
that of humanity and the entire planet.

This is a monumental undertaking with unlimited proportions and ramifications that will in time, and in the right timing be
revealed to you as an individual as well as the entire consciousness of  humanity.

Things may to some to be moving slowly and to others they are sensing and even seeing how quickly things actually are
moving forth.

This massive undertaking has been planned for a very,very long time. And it is something that has never been tried
before. It is an experiment beloveds to see if humanity is ready to rise above the old ways of separation, greed, fear,
blame, judgment, unforgiveness and all of the emotional feelings and beliefs that have been the way of life for so, so long.

And the news is very good dear ones for it is working and it is being achieved. We on the other side of the veil are elated
and joyous. You have and are doing it. Peace is becoming more and more the preferred way across the planet. There are
those making 'last stands' but they will fall back and see the Light and walk the path of peace. It will happen albeit not

What can you do to assist this to come to be? Keep your thoughts, your words and your actions based in love and peace.
Do not stray from that place and when you do, for of course it will happen, bring yourself back again.

It has been said many times upon these pages and elsewhere that it is of utmost importance for each of you to stay in
that space. No matter how much you are bombarded with images and words on your televisions, in newspapers and on
the Internet, as well as those around you in conversations, it is imperative for you to keep a steadfast hold on your truth
of who you are and why you are here.

You must stay grounded with your feet purposefully on the ground, both feet beloveds, and shine your Light as brightly
as you can. That steadfastness and devotion to peace will bring it about everywhere! You are here as a Lightworker to
hold the Light and illuminate the darkness.

Love abounds. Light abounds. Love and Light conquer all that is not of it. The more beaming of the Light that each of
you creates as a unified force, the more the shadows and darkness will dissipate.

You cannot turn a light on in a dark room and not be able to see what is in the room. When you shine your Light, your
Divine Light, into the dark corners of the world, you can see all that is there and know that there is nothing of which you
need to be afraid.

Fear has been the root of all that has come to be the way of life. Fear almost always causes hatred, guilt, unforgiveness,
seeking to divide and conquer, and anger.  

We ask you dearest beloved ones to remember who you are. You are from the Divine, you are Divine and you are
beyond measurement, limitation and defeat.

Yes, you are moving through some unpleasant issues in your lives and at times they can seem very daunting. Please
hold on because the rapids in the river are going to become very calm and peaceful. You are merely, and we are not in
any way taking it lightly, going through final clearing, cleansing and letting go of all that baggage that has been in your
luggage for way to long. It needs to come out and be in the fresh air for it gets quite stale and even smelly after time.

Take all the time you need to process it all and bring healing to all parts of you. There is no time clock for you to watch.
Everything is right on time, if not somewhat ahead of time, and you are doing the work.

There are those around you and in your life who are not where you might be. Or you may be one of those of which I
speak. That again is okay. Each is on his own timetable and each plan is perfect for that individual.

Nothing remains the same. All changes. Some things change at a very fast pace and others take longer with the slower
pace. And all of it is perfect. Allow Divine Timing to be for it is perfect and right 'on time'. Allow others to move at and in
the pace that works for them. Each person has a different stride, different pace and time frame. And it is all perfectly right
for them.

Concentrate on your footsteps and whether they be baby steps of giant steps, take them while keeping you and your
well-being in mind. Always intend for the Highest and Greatest Good to be done for you as well as for others. See or hold
no limitations, no attachment to outcomes, no right or wrong; just allowance for each unique person to do and be who
they are meant to be and where they are meant to be.

There is a very bright new coming beloveds. It is filled with the love that you are and that you know is your true being.
Hold on to the faith of this being true and you shall see it. It is all up to each of you, dear human beings, to make your
world the better place you hold in your hearts.

Nothing like this has been done before. There has never been a massive undertaking as this is. The entire Universe, all in
the Angelic Realms, the Masters, the beings of Light from a far and all on this side of the veil are in complete support of
you. We hold so very much gratitude for what you have done to get here and the determination, the trust and the love
that you have held on to all along the way no matter what has come into your experiences.

You are revered, loved beyond what you can comprehend and appreciated immensely. It could not be done without you.
Does that not make it all worthwhile? Does that not tell you how important you are and reveal who you are? You are
Divine beings of the Light who have volunteered to partake in this blessed event. That in itself is Divine.

We thank you and appreciate you.

In Love and Peace,
We are the Archangel Uriel