~A Message from Archangel Raphael~                                                 October 2009

Greetings and Hello,

Again We thank Linayah for relating our message to you. It is very important for us to keep
communication open and on-going with each of you. This is why Linayah has been enlisted
to bring our messages to you within this means.

The shifting that is going on around the planet is for a reason. Some of you are feeling it quite
a bit and others are not feeling it as much. Whichever the case may be for you is what is right
for you. Each and everyone has a very important role to play in helping this shifting move
along smoothly. We ask that you trust yourselves as well as trusting us and having faith that
everything is as it should be and everything will be for the better good of all.

It is very hard to understand this if you do not let yourselves be in that place of trust. We
ask each of the readers of this message to go within yourselves and become aware of your
true being and who you are. You are all on a beautiful path of light and love. Those who are
seeing that path in lack and in fear are experiencing those very things. You can change that
if you so wish. But it is yours to change and yours only. Is it not better and easier to walk in
light rather than total darkness? You have that choice.

Healing is occurring at all corners of the planet. Yes, you say, but I see wars and death and
destruction in so many places. But what if you were to look at the other side and see the
beauty that is everywhere in children's smiles and in nature? Focus on beauty and love and
the rest will become the same as well.

We spoke last time about the need for each of you to focus on yourselves and heal within.
Do you not see that if each one does focus on his or herself and heal within in all areas that
the healing will be everywhere? It is like one light turning on at a time and when they are all
on all corners of the planet are lit in one beautiful illumination. Each of you can join with each
other to create this illumination of soul connection.

Yes, it will not happen overnight as there are those for whom it will take time to understand
this and to light their light. But those of you who are lighting or have already lit your beautiful
lights are leading the way and we applaud you for this. We thank you for, shall we say,
"seeing the light" and helping others to do the same. This is why you are called Lightworkers.
This is what you have come here to do. Your work has just begun and we know you will
faithfully and loving help others and show others the way to be in the light as well. We are
very grateful to you for what you do.

If you are one who is not in this place yet do not be disillusioned. You will be there when it is
time. You can call upon those who are there and can assist you with this. There are
Lightworkers and healers in all parts of the world. If you do not know any then you can hold
the intention of finding one and you will find the right one for you. We guarantee that if you
do seek this in earnest you will find just who you need. Then you must trust them to assist
you and trust yourself to receive.

We close with blessings of Joy and Laughter,
Archangel Raphael
~ Messages from Archangel Raphael ~
~ A Message from Archangel Raphael ~                                     August 2009

It is with great pleasure to bring a message to you this month. We thank Linayah
for letting us use this means to convey what we need to express.

The planet is experiencing many different vibrations in every corner. There is reason
for this and soon it will all be understood.

Much needed healing is going on everywhere and with the inhabitants of the planet.
This is very necessary and is all in Divine planning.

There has been much fear generated by some on 2012 as being the end of the
world. This is not so. A whole new shift is happening and will be culminated during

Please stay focused on doing your part in this healing by healing yourself from within.
This can be done starting with loving yourself and who you are and then you will be
able to generate healing and love outward. With one light at a time shining outward in
no time the entire Universe can be lit up in Divine and radiant love.

Open up to the new and beautiful existence that is on the horizon.

In Joy and Laughter,
We are Archangel Raphael
~ A Message from Archangel Raphael ~                                                                 August 2010

Greetings Beloveds,

Thank you for taking the time to read our words here at this time.

How are you all doing? What are you feeling at this time? Are you feeling different than
you did, say a year ago, a month ago, or a day ago?

Times are changing, energy is changing and you are changing. Everyone is in a process,
whether they realize it of not, of healing. This goes for each and every human. It is also
the same with all the creatures who reside upon the planet. And it is with Mother Earth

It has been so long, way too long, that the energies of negativity and unhealthiness have
been within your existence. It has become a way of life so to speak. Humans have become
passive to this energy and have allowed it to be, so that the belief that it is supposed to be
has become a way of life. But my beloved ones, it is not so. You are not meant to be in
this negative energy. You are not meant to be in fear, in greed, control over others or
from others, in competitiveness or separation. This is why the changes that are occurring
at a very swift rate now are here. No longer can any of this be tolerated. It is imperative for
the survival of your Mother Earth and for all species who reside upon her. The old must
leave and be replaced with new energy - energy of love, of community, of oneness and of

Light is coming in. Divine and radiant light is pouring in right now. Some are still not
consciously aware of it as of yet. This is why there are so many Lightworkers or Light
Bearers showing up round the clock to help with the light they carry like a torch to show
the way. Every being on this planet deserves to be in this light. Every being has this light
as their own.

Now is the time, without delay, for you each to go within and find your own light and see
how radiant it is. It takes a collective effort for it all to become a reality. But it must begin
with each one, each of you to let go of fears of change and newness and embrace it with
love. Go within, find your inner wisdom, and listen to your heart and the guidance that you
have right there inside you. Trust yourselves and trust your guidance and allow your light
to shine. Every single one of you has that light, has the ability to make a difference right now.

We are known as the Archangel of healing. Yes that is so. But do not think that this is just
healing in a physical way. Yes, that does occur, but healing yourself within is where it must
start. Begin to love yourself and understand that you are love, you are loved and
that there is nothing that can harm you. Whatever you feel is in your way of being who
you are, what you desire, is all there because you have put it there with fear. Bring up
those emotions and let them come to the surface for that is where they will heal. You
cannot heal your physical body unless you heal your inner self first. Let those fears and
deep wounds come up to be healed. If they are allowed to remain where they are they
will fester and fester and can become an illness or dis-ease.

When humanity comes to understand how important it is to heal as individuals then all
can be healed collectively. Once each one heals themselves then they are able to become
a healer for others. One day all will be healed, there will be no illness or sickness and
everyone will be in vibrant health in the place of love. This is how it is meant to be. This is
how it once was. Now is the time for it to come back and it will.

And there are so many beings in the Spiritual realms who will assist you with all of this
healing. You do not have to do it alone. You are surrounded by a very loving team of
Angels, Masters and guides who cannot do anything unless you call upon them and ask.
We are here, we are right here for you. Our wish is for each of you to be healed in all ways,
to be in joy and peace. We will guide you and teach you what you need at any given

We respectively send blessings to each of you.

In Joy and Laughter,
Archangel Raphael
~Message from Archangel Raphael~                                                             July 2011

As most of you know, I am the Angel known as the healing Archangel. So bringing you
messages of healing is what I am all about as well as my desire in assisting you in finding the
healing you have within you to heal everything.

What actually is healing? What comes to your mind with that word? Do you think of healing
a wound? Do you think of it as healing an aching heart?

Those are part of it but there is so much more, so much more to it.

Each and every one of you has the power to heal right there inside you. It is within you at
all times.

You can heal your physical body. You can heal your emotional body, your mental body and
yes, your spiritual body.

It won’t happen overnight but it will happen if you put your mind to it. Actually putting your
mind to it is a term in your humanness that can be the root of all your problems.

Your mind is a beautiful thing when used as it is supposed to be used. It is when it is allowed
to take control and be your guide that problems can arise. The value of the mind lies in your
ability to learn to create with it.

Your heart is your guide. That is where your truth, your true essence of your being is to be
found. Finding the balance so as to let your heart guide you and then using your mental body
to create what you have been guided to do is what it is all about beloveds.

In your dictionaries you will find various definitions of healing. Most will give you “to become or
make something healthy, whole or sound.”

In Raphael’s dictionary it is more than that. Yes, it is to become healthy. But dear friends you
are already whole. Each one of you was created in perfection, wholeness and so there would be
nothing that needed to be changed.

Ah but here is where it can get tricky.

So now you say, “If I am perfect and everything is so wonderful, why am I feeling sad or
despair? Why am I without a job or my relationship is coming to an end?” Some of you may
be asking why you have lost your homes if it is all perfect.

My answer to you dearest ones, that yes, you were created in that wholeness but when you
incarnate into a human lifetime, there are so many things that will come along in your path.

You are the master of your Universe. You are the creator of everything that comes into your
life. We in the Angelic realms liken it to a play or a story. You are the author of your book or
play. You are the actor and it is a one person play. You get to wear many hats as you are the
director, the producer, the stage manager, the screenwriter or publisher and every line is your
own. Now in the physical if you think of it as just that it sounds quite good – to create your
own work.

But as it always goes, things begin to occur that you had not counted on. Lines are read
wrong. Miscues always come into being.

When you think of your life as this play or story that you are in and that it is all your own
creation, what is it you want to do to correct those miscues?

Think about it. If you have a problem with your vehicle, you take it to a mechanic and he
fixes the problem.

You are the mechanic who must fix those miscues in your story. And you can. You can
correct each and everything that is not working for you. It is your story. Yes there are other
players at times in the story but they only have bit parts and are in the background. You are
the one and the only player who matters as what you act out is what it will be. No one can
rewrite you story. Only you can do that. And you can at any time.

So you make a choice to go in one direction. Let us use a job change for an example. You
decide that your current job is not the one you want so you seek another. You find several
that you are interested in pursuing. The first one really fits and is what your heart is telling you
that you want to do. But the other one offers more compensation even though it really
doesn't make your heart skip a beat with excitement like the first one.

What do you do? Remember, this is your play to act out. If you take the second one and
earn more income but are not happy, is it worth it?

If you take the first one and find yourself where you are excited to go to work each day, you
produce more and are never bored but the income is lower, is it worth it?

Now if you make the choice to go for the income and then find you are not happy, you can
change the story and go after one that is like the first job.

You cannot make a mistake. You are in a free choice Universe and whatever you choose will
be the right choice.

Often when the mind is doing the guiding, thoughts can come in that there is imperfection
and this comes from the teaching of separation. That is: that the Creator, or Source is separate
and judgment is there. Human minds are what judge, not the Creator. You are an extension
and One with God, Source, the Universe, Creator, or however you wish to call the one source
of all creation.

When the mind is guiding you it is hard to see the whole picture and see that this is so. The
mind loves logical explanations.

You cannot make a mistake. Every choice you make is the best one at that moment. Fear of
making a mistake is what holds you back and blocks so much that you could have and achieve.
All that you experience will bring you growth and wisdom.

Do I have you confused now?

You see, you are here to learn valuable lessons in your soul’s growth. Each lesson is very
unique and many seem difficult, which is how you chose it. The harder it may be the more
value there is in the lesson.

How do you make it through all these lessons?

Beloveds, you do it with trust and faith that the outcome will be perfect and all will be okay.
And you can. Each of you is very powerful and has all that you need right inside you.

Okay, I know you are asking how we got from healing to creating a play and making choices.

Dear friends, when you learn what it is you need to learn in a situation then you are healing.

Do not worry that you can’t do this. You can and you are doing it. When you let go of the
fears of making wrong choices, of making changes and moving forward, you are creating the
opening that will allow it all to come to you.

We do not want you to get too entangled in trying to figure this all out. You are doing fine and
all will work out perfectly if you hold trust that it will, allow yourself to move along in the flow of
the Universe, which moves along quite nicely, and listen to the guidance that comes from within

Recently I gave a channeled message through Linayah Kei to a group and we talked about
taking care of your physical body. I like to call your body your ‘home away from home’. Each
soul resides in a physical body which is a sacred vessel.

And because it is a sacred vessel, it is very important to take care of it. Your body is a beautiful
and incredible work of art. Think about what you put into it, what you do to it and how you
treat it. It is your home, your house and needs to be treated as such. Take pride in your body.
Exercise, proper eating habits and seeing it as a beautiful home is how you should begin to
attend to it.

Many of you are already doing a splendid job in this and we applaud you for that.

I would like to conclude with expressing to you that healing comes from within. Everything
can be healed and you can do that healing. Yes, there are many in the Spiritual realms that will
help you and guide you with this and your Creator wants you to be healthy in all ways.  

Feel good about who you are and what you do. Feel love for who you are. Your happiness is
in your hands. Write your story just as you want it to be and then act out the part in fullness.

In Joy and Laughter
Archangel Raphael
~ A Message from Archangel Raphael ~                                                                            April 2012

Hello beloved friends,

Let us to discuss healing and what it really is for there are many thoughts and even misconceptions around

Healing has many, many various meanings and interpretations beloved friends.

What comes to your mind when you think of healing?

Do you see it in a physical way? Do you see it as something deeper and within?

It really involves all forms you see.

Yes, the cut on your finger with proper attention will eventually heal itself. Have you ever considered exactly
what occurs in this healing of a wound?

The body is a miraculous vessel that has capabilities to do amazing and wondrous things. It has the ability to
heal everything in all ways.

How you treat your body, which we like to call your “home away from home” has a very large impact on
how healing can come about. If you cut that finger and leave it unattended by ignoring it, the body has no
choice but to put defenses up to keep the germs and other ‘attackers’ at bay. The simple cut can then
become a very nasty wound.

Treating your body with love and care as you would a very dear loved one is so very important. It is a sacred
vessel, a temple that should be held in reverence.

How you see your body and how you view it is of course very important. Do you think you are too thin or
too fat? Do you think you are too tall or too short? Do you see wrinkles and what you perceive to be flaws
when you look in a mirror or even when you think about your body?

Most will be able to answer yes to at least one of these questions.

What we would like to bring to you is a shift in your view and your understanding of your body and how
beautiful it is.

If you were to go to a place that when you arrive you feel special and all around good, what image does
that bring up for you? We would like for you to view your bodies in the same way; as a very special place
that is a temple for your beautiful soul to reside while you move along in your journey of life.

When you can begin to appreciate your body and its uniqueness and see it as beautiful and magnificent
your perception of life will change. All the illusions that you have conjured up regarding your body are just
that – illusions. Love your body just as it is. After all my friends, your soul chose the body you have because
it served what you wanted it to do. Love it as a precious work of art that you have that has no price on it as
it's value cannot be measured.

Another aspect with your body is the wisdom that it holds. It is not just a body. It talks to you and gives
you signals when something is not right. When it talks to you it is very important to listen and to observe the
signals and signs it gives. It will always tell the truth so you can trust what it tells you.

Your intuition, your instincts come to you through your body. When you feel thirsty it is a reminder that you
need water. When you belly growls you are being told you need nourishment. When you are feeling joyful,
your heart sings and you smile. It is an amazing piece of art, is it not?

And now we return to discussing healing. Healing occurs on many levels. Physically is just one way.

Your soul’s intention is to enjoy the journey of a lifetime and experience different aspects to grow and ascend.

As you move through these experiences you ultimately are healing issues and beliefs that have either held
you back or brought you unwanted emotions. When you have something that does not feel good or right
in your life or it brings a sense of discomfort or pain, these can be very real to you. If you let it go and ignore
it, it will not improve and can be like the cut on the finger that we spoke of earlier and become more than it
needed to become. If you take care of it by letting it come to the surface and own it and love it, yes LOVE it,
you can heal it very nicely.

If you look at it in a way that is painful then it will remain painful.

We ask you beloved friends to know that you have the power right within you to heal everything. Everything.
You can heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You have everything you need right there inside
to bring about healing in miraculous ways. Just as the body can heal this way so can you heal in all ways.

We invite you to learn to see everything as a blessing and say thank you for all that is in your life, everything
that you experience no matter what it is. By doing this and shifting to this perspective you are healing. And
as one of your bodies heals so will the others.

Again we repeat, remember my beloveds that you are powerful and you have the power to heal everything.
You are so more amazing then you realize. See this, recognize this and know that you can and will heal
anything that needs healing.

As energies change upon and within your planet changes are occurring on the home front too beloveds - that
is, your home or your body.

Your physical bodies are changing. Your cellular structure, your DNA, all is changing and adapting to the new.
It must do this as must everything to evolve. Plant life, animal life, everything must adapt.

There is nothing to worry about of course. It is all for the good.

But your bodies may be experiencing discomforts as the changes are intensifying. How do you make it
through all this is what you are asking? You are saying that this part is not fun.

No, at times it may seem that way. One of the ways we suggest to you to remember and to embrace, is
how you perceive your world around you. Seeing it with a fresh new view and as an observer is vital now.

Stepping aside and viewing what you do as well as what others do with eyes of the observer instead of
being completely part of it, you will find that things are quite different in many respects.

We ask you to look at how you see your world. Do you see beauty and blessings all around you and see
yourself in the beauty of who you are? Or do you see as you think others think about you and how they
see you?

If you can honestly answer 'yes' to our first question and  'no' to the second question then we applaud you
and say to you that you are in a very small group.

If you said with honesty, 'no' to the first question then we applaud you for that honesty. And we also ask
you how you know what others are thinking? If they tell you then you will know, but if not, you are coming
from assumption for you cannot know what another thinks. It is all then coming from you and not them.

And beloveds if they do tell you their thoughts about or of you, can you accept it knowing that their opinions
are theirs and have no reflection upon you no matter what they say?

By allowing what others think of you or what you perceive they think of you to be your gauge, you are
giving away your personal and beautiful power.

If someone says something to you that feels hurtful or gives you discomfort in some way, it is because you
are allowing it to do this to you and they are actually only projecting what is a reflection of what they see in
themselves. You are off the hook for it has nothing to do with you.

So beloved ones, why would you allow yourself to have discomfort or pain when it is not necessary at all

We say to you, let up on you and be gentle and loving with yourself. Do what feels good to you and not
what another says or what you think they will say, you should or should not do. If you do this, and can not
be so hard on yourselves, everything will be just fine in your world.

Be authentic and be true to yourself. Allow no other to tell you what to do or what not to do, how you should
or should not be. You are in charge and it is your life, your body and your own personal story. It is all yours
and you are unique in every way.

We love you just as you are. We want you to love you in the same way. Be good to yourself and be good to
your physical body. It is a sacred temple and it deserves love, gentle care and respect.

In Joy and Laugher,
Archangel Raphael
~A Message from Archangel Raphael~                                                                        July 2012

Welcome and greetings dear friends. I am Archangel Raphael.

Since many associate us with th Archangel of Healing we again would like to speak about healing at this time.

So many of you have been and are encountering physical as well as emotional and even mental challenges at this
time. We know this and understand completely.

You are in a time of change of which most of you are aware. And you are not alone for many are experiencing their
own issues. We know this does not help your own personal challenges but if it can ease it a bit to know that others
are in the same challenging times, then that is good for we want you to feel that you are never alone.

With everything changing and we mean this literally as everything is in a process of change, unrest and concern
comes into play.

We in the Higher Realms continue to give messages of encouragement to you beloved friends for we do not want
you think you are having to endure anything alone. How you move through what seem like 'tough times' will have a
great deal of impact on how hard it is for you.

What we say is that if you can hang on all will be okay. We liken it to riding the waves as a surfer. If you can hold on
and go with the waves instead of fighting them, the ride will be more enjoyable. Yes that may seem like 'easier said
then done' but it is true dear ones.

We know many of you have seen losses in perhaps several areas of your lives. And we know it is hard to understand
but if you can look at it as clearing out the old to make room for the new, perhaps you can have a new perspective
and with a different view you can see that all is not falling apart and is hopeless.

On the contrary, it is opening up new opportunities for you. Sometimes releasing material things is necessary for
change to come.

Instead of fearing change and resisting it, we invite you to look at the whole picture and with a new eye.

We understand when you have something in your life that seems to stop you from moving on no matter what
direction you turn; that life seems to be full of only hard knocks and winless situations; that once you begin something
it seems like you have opened that proverbial can of worms and nothing seems to go right, it can be draining and
taxing and very upsetting. We do understand this, beloveds.

We assure you that we are here doing what we can to help ease as much as we can. Yet we can only do so much for
it is only you who can bring yourself through it and you
can do it.

As difficult as it may seem in the moment, if you can pull yourself up by those old bootstraps and hold your head
high no matter what is occurring around you, all will turn out in a good way.

We know this is a hard concept for some of you to grasp or even want to hear for that matter. That is, that no
matter what you experience in your life, it is of your own creation.

You are here to experience and you create those experiences. No one can do that for you. You are in charge. You
are the creator of your life and what occurs in it.

When something that you do not like comes into your life, perhaps it would be wise to step back and attempt to see
what the underlying factors are. There is always something at the root of it everything. Getting to that root is what is
needed to be able to change and heal it.

Fears and old beliefs are often what the stem or the root of the situation is.

You are here to experience life and you create the experiences within it. And whether you are aware of it or not, you
are creating everything! It does not matter what you have experienced, you have created it. All you create is of value
and there are no mistakes.

So instead of saying that someone or something has done this or that to you and that you are a victim of
circumstances, try owning the responsibility of your creations.

If you enjoy drama then continue to bring drama into your world. On the other hand if you prefer joy and fun, then
do what you can to bring that to you and into your life. It is as basic as that. Create what you want. Create your life
as you wish it to be.

You have full control or rein and if you are not pleased with what you have then you can create something new and
a different experience.

Think of it as using Legos, those fun building pieces that children like so much. You have a very large amount of
different shaped pieces that are also in many different colors.

You begin to build, to create, something with a vision. As you go along you decide it just is not what you want so
you remove some of the pieces or even all of them and begin to rebuild.

You can rebuild any experience or creation you have made for you are the only one who owns the pieces and it is
your call as to how you will erect your creation.

Now how does this tie into the subject of healing you may ask?

Beloveds, each time your rebuild or recreate you are healing something. On the surface it may not appear that way.
Yet think about it. When you have a cut on your finger you tend to it so that it can heal and what does that entail?
The tissue is rebuilding is it not?

Healing is not only a physical thing, it is getting to the bottom or the root and applying the right remedy to bring
healing in all areas. Healing of emotions, fears, old beliefs that no longer serve you will bring healing to the physical
vessel. And we are here to assist you with this if you wish and you ask.

Laughter is healing. Smiling is healing. Holding love in your heart and thus in your words and actions is healing. This
is where to begin. Your outlook on your life, of the world around you and how you move through it is where the
healing really begins to come.

Let yourself have some fun, don’t be so serious all the time and enjoy life more beloveds. It really is all about having
fun and being in joy. A mere change in attitude is like a chemical free medicine that you will benefit from in all ways.

Seek joy. Be joy and live in joy. In-joy your life and let go of the past and the old. It is time to bring in the new and
a new life filled with joyful laughter. It is healing to be reduced to giggles. It is healing to laugh with others and not
worry so much. Relax and let go. Let us see that beautiful smile that is hiding under the serious face. It is very
becoming you know.

In Joy and Laughter,
Archangel Raphael
Please feel free share the messages on this page as well as those that are archived as long as you mention this website, the
scribe and use the message in its entirety with no alterations, additions or excerpts. Thank you for reading and believing in the
Angels. They are with you in every moment if you allow them in.
© by Linayah Kei Michael, Ambassador for the Company of

Angels' Blessings,
Linayah Kei Michael
~ A Message from Archangel Raphael  ~                                                                                           August 2013

Greetings Beloved Friends,

It is always a pleasure to address you in this way. We are always there, speaking to you when you listen yet when you
do not hear, this is another good way to relate our words to you. For when it is here in printed form the words can
become a focus of your attention.

And this is fine dear ones. We will speak with you in any way that you will allow us and how it is comfortable for you.
A bonus isthat the words are here so you know that you are seeing them and not just imagining them as you might
perhaps think if you heard us.

All is good in whatever way or ways we can bring forth what we would like for you to know is perfectly fine with us.

What we would like to address in this message is relating to life on planet Earth today as she has ascended and now
all beings upon the planet are in the midst of change too.

For many these changes are not easy and in fact many find them very hard to deal with and accept. Some fight
'tooth and nail' as you would say and resist in all ways to change.

Up to now your lives have been based in patterns of behavior which have become routine and the way you live.
When one's life becomes predictable so that everything must be done at the same time, in the same way with no
altering pattern, complacency can be the overall mundane state and/or BORING!

Beloved friends, you do not have to stay in a boring life any longer. You can change some of it or all of it. The point
is we invite you to change at least a few patterns of your behavior. Take a different route to work or to the supermarket.
Go for coffee or tea in a new establishment. Go to a movie theatre and sit in the very back if you always sit in the front.
Buy a new outfit in a color you never wear. Try a new hair style. Eat something new that you have never tried before.
Watch a television program that you have never seen. You see where we are going with this. It is time to shift out of the
old habits of sameness.

Change is going to come no matter what you do. But it doesn't have to come with trepidation and fear. Doing something
new and going in an entirely new direction in not impossible or difficult unless you see it that way. Yes it may take you a
bit out of your comfort zone but that is the whole point. It is time to get out of the ruts of life and to be doing what is not
routine and in sameness. Sameness is boring. Sameness is stale and keeps you from joy and happiness.

And beloved ones, you just might find when you are bold enough to do something even if it is a very simple change in
your routine, you could possibly be surprised at how good it feels. You do not have to change everything. Begin with
simple and small areas that do not take too much effort. As you do this and begin to experience variety and newness
you may then begin to test the waters of change in other areas.

It could possibly bring a feeling of freedom to you as you loosen the binds that have restricted you for so very long
and way too long.

What would hold you back? Fear of losing something? What could you lose except a very old and tiresome pattern in
your life?

Many have begun to change and some in very big ways. It is constant beloveds so you might as well enjoy it. A child
doesn't worry about doing something new but instead anticipates in excitement a new adventure. This is not reserved
for the children. You can do this too. It is wise to observe and learn from a child for they are much better at it and know
how to do it.

Some have made decisions that have shifted their entire life. It was courageous but they did it and now are reaping
the rewards of change. The changes can be small or they can be drastic in the view of others.

Listen beloveds to the signals and signs, to the messages the Universe is sending to you. Listen to your body and
the messages it has to tell you. Listen to the whispers of Spirit, of your soul and your Creator that are encouraging
you to consider change.

Each of you has the power to change anything. Nothing can keep you from moving ahead, out and beyond the
routine and patterns of behavior if you decide that is what you want to do. It is always your choice and yours only.

Each of you has the inner wisdom to make decisions, create change and move in the direction of the life you really
want to live. Anything that you believe is an obstacle or barrier comes from fear and it is all illusion. It does not exist
unless you think it does. There are no victims here beloveds. That is a concept that is not true. You cannot be a victim
of anything or anyone. If you think this is so then that is a pattern of behavior that you must work on and eliminate.

The teachings and belief systems that have become a way of life for humanity are shifting as people are waking up to
the fact that what they have been told does not feel right and therefore requires questioning and seeking of the truth.

If you will sit and contemplate and look at what your day is like each day and then look at the patterns, we feel you will
see what we are speaking of here today. Do not attempt to analyze it but instead look within and go to your heart where
all truth resides. Do not let the ego mindset tell you anything that would keep you from branching out, spreading your
wings and trying new.

The mountain may seem very high and impossible to conquer, but when you decide to try anyway and begin the climb
you will find that as you go forward, upward and towards the peak, it becomes easier and easier. When you reach the
apex, and you will if you trust and know in your heart that you will, you will look back and see how amazing you are and
what you have achieved.

The old belief pattern would keep you from even thinking of doing it for you believed that it was impossible, you were
not skilled enough, the mountain is too high so why would you try to climb it, and besides you were too busy with life's
duties to go off and do something crazy. Does any of this sound familiar beloved ones?

We are not asking you to go out right now and throw everything up into the wind (unless you want to do it of course).
We invite you to be with this. Perhaps journal about it. Put your thoughts in regards to this into print so you can see
them. Sit with it and contemplate your life and be honest with yourself. Is it time to change something? Do you have
the courage to risk change without knowing the results? And then, as we have suggested, make small and simple
changes and test the waters.

As Gandhi said, "Be the change..." You risk nothing beloved ones when you change your life and the patterns of beliefs
that you have held onto for so long. What you do is let go of the restrictions and shackles and find freedom to become
the new you. The only risk is not in the doing but in the not doing.

Let not anyone or anything keep you from going where you want to go and being who you want to be. Do not fall
prey to notions of 'I can't do it'. That will only keep you in your prison dearest ones. Do not say you are too old or
can't afford to do it. Those excuses won't work. They are fear-based and nothing more.

And always remember that you have Angels and guides who are at your beck and call in each moment to hold your
hand if needed and walk with you as you turn the corner, climb the mountain, sail off into the unknown and walk your
path with confidence and self-assuredness. You are safe and never alone.

In Joy and Laughter,
We are the Archangel Raphael
~A Message from Archangel Raphael ~                                                                                     November 2013

Beloved Friends,

It delights us no end to come here and speak with you. Each time we do, it does bring great pleasure, for those who
read the words upon this page are those who are ready to hear the messages that come within them.

We are known as the Archangel of Healing and that is correct although we do have other roles. But in this message we
wish to speak of healing.

Are you what is called a 'healer'? What does that term mean to you? Do you visualize someone with magic coming from
their hands and creating miracles? This is true in some instances.

You see dearest one, every one of you is a healer in some way. If you are reading this then you are a healer. You do not
have to have a sign up that offers your particular gifts and modalities to others. If this is what you do and who you are
then it is perfect. But if you do not practice some form of healing art, this does not mean you are not a healer.

Your body is a miraculous piece of machinery. It has all the capabilities of healing itself if allowed to do so. You ask why
then do so many bodies have ill-ness, dis-ease, aches and pains and afflictions?

The answer to this is you. You and only you can create the ill-ness and dis-ease that comes into your body. It doesn't
just happen and it is not that you are the one who drew the short straw so you are out of luck.

There is no judgment coming from Spirit when this does occur. Everything that you experience is of your creation and
there is a reason that you have created it.

Healing begins at home. That is with inner work and connection. Your body is a sacred vessel and we liken it to your
home away from home. It is important to respect it and love it. To do this you must find love for yourself first.

Self-love is the key to everything. All can be resolved, solved and healed with love of self. When you have complete love
of yourself and who you are and that which you do, you can heal anything,

Each of you has many bodies. You have your physical body, your mental body, your emotional body and your spiritual

When all of these bodies are in alignment then life has balance and is filled with joy and abundance along with the
health and vitality that each of you desires.

Where do you begin? This is not as hard as it may seem. Letting go of harsh judgment of yourself no matter what you
do or have done must come first. Forgive yourself for everything. Let it all go. And letting go is much easier to do as
well. The human being holds on to so much that holds them back, prevents them from receiving and manifesting.
Those thoughts that often run rampant in your mind like a spinning top create so much havoc in your world. The
thought patterns and thought waves are continuously coming at you and you can get to the point where you have
no control over them. They become a way of life and you believe what your ego mind or personality is telling you is

Many call it monkey chatter or monkey mind. The good news beloved ones, is that you can shut it off. With practice
you are able to bid it adieu and become centered.

For those who understand this they know that it does take persistence and intention but it not only is doable it does

For those who have not come to that point be assured that you too can get to that place where peace and tranquility
reside. The mind is very important and serves a grand role for you. But when it is allowed to be in the lead and in
control things can get out of hand.

You have heard this many times: let your heart be your guide and let your mind follow. The heart as is the body is an
amazing thing. You have your physical heart and you have your 'spiritual' heart which is your true essence where your
inner wisdom, guidance truth are found. This heart encases the physical heart. You have so much in your heart center
that is working continuously. You cannot exist without either one.

So yes, follow your heart, listen to it and walk in confidence that you are going in the right direction. And of course
what is the heart known for beloved ones? Yes of course love. So we come back to love of self. When you love yourself
all else will fall into place quite effortlessly.

You, oh powerful ones are very capable of healing anything. You can heal emotions, fear and attitudes. You can heal old
paradigms and the untruths of who you are. The things you can do are amazing and unimaginable to the human mind.
You can heal every aspect of your life with love, trust, appreciation and gratitude with a joyful heart.

Your thoughts do matter. What you think is what you are putting energy into and is what you create. I ask you to
monitor your thoughts in awareness and openness. If you wish for an environment that is different than what you have
in the present moment, changing your thoughts to what you want and not what you don't want or don't have makes
the difference my friends.

Think of each thought as a pebble dropped into the water. It touches the water and then circles begin to move out
from it in waves. This is what each of your thoughts do. They go out into the Universe and reverberate back with what
you are asking, for it does not know that you are thinking one thing but actually wishing for something different. It says
okay, he/she wants that so we give it to them. Those thoughts as waves go out into the consciousness of humanity and
create again what you are thinking.

This is why we continuously ask you to think only good, peaceful, loving thoughts. Imagine if you will, each person upon
the planet only thinking loving and kind thoughts. Imagine that beloveds. Can you see peace, love, compassion, unity
and happiness everywhere? Those loving thoughts are healing thoughts. You can heal everything if you intend it.

Remember who you are dear and beloved ones. You are a part of the Creator Source and not apart from it. You are a
Divine being who is here on another round of your journey and you can be in perfect health, pure happiness and have
abundance in every piece and part of your life if you choose.

Again, you are a healer and you have the capability, the ability to change and heal that which you do not want. Once
you heal this you can begin to heal your physical vessel. It is all up to you. All of your guides and Angels are right here
waiting for you to ask for assistance and you will receive it instantly. You can heal, manifest and in-joy your life as you
should. You are in charge and you have complete control of the experiences that come into your life. Each began with
a thought. You are all creative forces that have no limitations or boundaries unless you put them there.

Imagine and dream, create and become, believe and trust, know with confidence that you are supported, upheld in
high esteem and loved beyond what you can understand. Become a master of love and life and do it without holding
back from fear of what the outcome can be. Imagination is not illusion. Illusion give false impressions and beliefs. Time
to rid yourself of illusion and in place imagine you and your world just as you wish it to be.

In Joy and Laughter,
Archangel Raphael
~A Message from Archangel Raphael ~                                                                                             September 2014

Dear and Beloved Friends,

We come to you to speak of healing which of course is what is expected of the energy known as the 'Healing Archangel'.
So we will oblige and talk about healing but perhaps it won't be in exactly the form or way you might expect.

To many, healing means instant release of a health issue that is cured and gone.

First let us explain that curing in not healing. There is a vast difference. Healing is to be made whole and sound, to release
anything that is within the belief system that is the cause of whatever it is one wishes to be healed. It is a personal voyage
which each one embarks upon in his or her unique way.

Suffering from ill-ness or dis-ease does not have to be. You are not meant to suffer. It is your beliefs and fears that are the
'cause' of anything that is not well-being and thus suffering.

So many feel that being ill or experiencing a dis-ease, they are being punished for something. Guilt has been the belief for
so very long and it is past time for each of you to rid yourself of it. You are not guilty of anything and you are not being
judged as guilty or not guilty by a Supreme power. This is not a courtroom and there are no prosecutors or jury here.

Life for you is not a trial in any way or form. If you believe it to be then that is how you experience it. But beloveds, that is
not your reality.

If you experience a challenge in your life do you see it as a test or a life lesson that you are being given? If so, again this is
something that is a belief that is not your truth. There are no tests in life except those that you choose to be yours. You
do not have to pass any test and there is no grading system.

Are you thinking you are a student of life and must learn very hard lessons and then make the grade? Yes, there are
lessons, beloveds, but not in this way. The lessons of life are those the soul has asked for in this journey of your life.
Lessons come and go, just as everything does. But they are not meant to be excruciating and painful. If they are, then
you are creating them in that way.

Would you consider being a creator of your life instead of a student? Does that not feel and sound much better to you?
That is how it is meant to be. You have your choices that are brought before you at your soul's request. You may choose
any or none of them. They are only choices in the form of opportunities.

The student can be restricted to leaning what is being taught. Whereas the creator is expanding and growing through
choices that may not only go beyond the comfort level but also are done in joy and delight instead of mundane and often
dreaded. It is freedom that comes when one is the creator.

It is your choice to be the student of life or the creator of your life. That choice is yours and yours only. And no one will
stand in your way or judge you in your choice.

Making peace with your life in your thoughts and beliefs is how it begins. Can you heal yourself of those very old beliefs that
do not serve you and that are holding you back? Yes it usually takes some effort and 'work' on your part but the end result
is that freedom and peace you each desire.

The foundation for healing is found in love. Love does heal all.

We know what we are saying is in contrast to what many say and teach. That is perfectly fine dear ones, for your world
is made of contrast which gives you the freedom to make your choices as to what resonates with you. Again no one will
prevent you from your choices.

Yes, you know many who have been healed or have been cured of something and this is a beautiful occurrence and not
to be diminished n any way at all. Those who have won the 'battle' are to be held in high esteem for they chose something
and they overcame it because of the desire to create that healing. They were not being punished or undergoing tests. They
had chosen the particular experience for very good reasons. Again each soul plans the experiences and then it is up to the
human to choose how to have it play out.

We applaud all those who are 'survivors' and are free from a dis-ease of ill-ness. Anyone can overcome anything that is put
in front of them.

Now we must explain that those who do not 'survive' and 'lose the battle' as is perceived, are equally as strong, loved and
Divine. They only made a different choice. That was the choice to exit the lifetime as they were finished and complete with
that experience and all experiences of that particular lifetime.

Please my beloved friends, do not think of it as a battle where there are winners and losers. No one loses. Again there are
no tests, no scores or grades to be had.

Most think of healing as pertaining to your physicality. Yes that is a big part of it. Yet beloved ones, healing can occur in
every area of your life, in every one of your bodies. Your emotional body, your mental body and your spiritual body also
require upkeep and healing.

Let us look at the body temple, your physical body. It is a sacred temple which we lovingly call your 'home away from home'.
It must be honored as sacred and loved as you would anything you consider to be sacred.

Your body temple is designed by the best engineers and architects there are, and guess what dear ones, you are one of
those amazing designers.

The body is designed to be in balance and wholeness and when that is so, it runs perfectly. Now when that balance is
disturbed, as always occurs with each and every one of you, by belief patterns which are actually programmed into your
cellular memory from past lifetimes as well as this lifetime, the imbalance occurs. Beliefs and ideas, thoughts that were once
only mere thoughts, become the rule of thumb and the way it has to be. There are habits that are so ingrained that you can
be unaware of their existence.

Family or societal belief patterns can impact the balancing that is needed. Your environment is also a contributing factor to
balance or imbalance. Another way of bringing about an unbalanced physical form is what your lifestyle is and what you put
into your temple or how you treat it. If you do not respect your body, things can go off kilter and this is when a vulnerability
to dis-ease can come. This comes over time of course.

And I repeat: that when dis-ease or ill-ness show up, the one who is experiencing it has chosen it and that is okay. They
have chosen the experience in their personal journey and it is to be respected and allowed. No one is ever being punished
or tested when these things show up.

We give guidance only and do not tell you what you should be doing or not doing. The guidance we give here is to
understand that you are in control of your choices and to not berate yourself for what you think are wrong choices. Instead
honor them and yourself and become the creator of your life and find the soul-utions that will heal anything you wish to
be healed. You are not at the mercy of anyone or anything. Each of you is a healer and can heal yourself. The physical body
is designed to heal itself but you are the one who must direct and assist it by releasing all those thought patterns and beliefs
which prevent the healing to occur. See yourself as whole and healed and you are on the way to the balanced life you are
meant to be living. One thing
that does make a difference beloveds, is to let go of being so serious and allow laughter and
fun into your daily lives.

In Joy and Laughter,
Archangel Raphael
~A Message from Archangel  Raphael~                                                                   April 2015

Beloved Ones,

Greetings to you! I am in appreciation of you reading my words at this time.

Most everyone has been having challenges with the physical vessel, the body, which I like to refer to as your
'home away from home'.

The body vessel is undergoing change. Every part is in a transformation, a recalibration, rewiring, readjusting
and it is like a remodel that one would do to his or her home.

You do a remodel of your house for the sake of a place of providing your other home, your physical body, a
place to live. When things in your home are in need of repair, change, updating and perhaps complete
remodeling, you do it. Think of doing this for you physical body, that home away from home, in the same way.

You must take care of your body physical for it is a sacred vessel. The home you live in is wonderful but it can
never be precious as is your body. It is a temple, a sacred temple and because of this it needs tender loving care
and an awareness of its needs.

You designed your body. Yes you really did. You chose every aspect of it. So it is important to love that which
you created.

Instead of seeing flaws in it, see perfection and beauty. See beyond what you see in the image of your mirror.
See beyond what society dictates as the perfect body. No beloveds, this is not a truth.

Just as each of you is unique so is each body. There can be no guidelines or charts on how your body should
be. What a wonderful creator you are to design your building like the finest architect does. And you didn't even
need schooling or a degree to do it.

Everything is as one looks at it. If you look at your physical form in judgment and unhappiness, then that is
what you will see. This will bring to you all sorts of unwanted thoughts and emotions.

On the other side, if you look at it as a beautiful and Divine creation that is sacred, perfect and whole, that is
what you will see.

Aging. Oh the beliefs that are embedded within you say that the body gets 'old' and begins to deteriorate and
fall apart, become incapacitated and even worthless.

Beloved ones, the body is meant to be youthful, vibrant and carry you far beyond what you think.
This again is an example of the beliefs that have been passed along for so very long and has become part of the
human consciousness that aging and falling into disrepair in later years is just how it is.

Are you ready to change you belief system in regards to this? You can if you want to do it. And with it can
come healing for if you see your body in a whole new way and treat it with respect and love, it can be just as it
should be - as you originally designed it.

Anything such as dis-ease, ill-ness, sick-ness, is there because it has been created from fear, anger, guilt, and
unworthiness; or even all of those combined. You create your experiences and you can uncreate them by
focusing on changing your thoughts and beliefs.

We are here to tell you that you are not required to struggle in your life. The phrase 'no pain, no gain' is in our
view very defeating and it is unwise to follow it. You do not have to have pain in your life in any form to gain
joy, happiness, abundance and love. Those things are already there for you and you are the one who can grab
hold and make them yours. You deserve them and they only stay at a distance because of your limiting yourself.

Very wise words were spoken by Sophia Loren, one who appears to be ageless. She stated,
"There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of
people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age."

The health of your body depends on you. What you put into it does make a difference, a very big difference.
If you treat your car or vehicle with love and maintain it so as to keep it running in the best possible way, will it
not serve you much longer than if you ignore it and just let it run down?

If your home is left in disrepair and you let it fall apart around you, eventually it will become inhabitable. This is
the same as with your home away from home. It deserves love and care. It deserves to be loved. Love it and
love yourself. You deserve your love. Begin now to employ new thoughts and beliefs by being open to different
ideas and concepts. Begin now to allow yourself and your physical body to a new way of being.

Do not say that it doesn't matter for it does in a very big way. If you can begin to see your life as a gift, your
body as a gift, and yourself as a gift, your world will change before your eyes. You matter and your love for
your body temple matters.

It is time to celebrate you, celebrate life and enjoy it to the fullest. You are the only one who can make that
happen or not happen. It is solely up to you. Soul-y up to you. It is never too late and you are never too old
to begin right now. See it as an adventure and not a drudgery or task.

Vibrant health, and ageless life is yours if you wish to claim it. You hold the claim check.

In Joy and Laughter,
Archangel Raphael

Note from Linayah: As the message was coming though Archangel Raphael, a wonderful quote came to mind
that I think is very in line with this message. It is from Mark Twain. "Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you
don't mind, it doesn't matter."
~A Message from Archangel Raphael~                                                                                             August 2015

Greetings Beloved Friends,

Humanity as viewed from the physical realms appears to be in a complete mess. There is so much going on and so many
floundering around in the mucky muck of life that many of you feel it is completely hopeless for any form of salvation.

You hear and see continuous tales of destruction, terror, horrible acts of some against others and on and on. You wring
your hands in angst and ask if there is any hope or is all completely lost?

What do you do Beloved Ones? Do you join in the fear and judgmental opinions of who is doing what to who, and how
bad it is, or do you send love out to the world and every single being who resides upon this planet with the intention that
it is better than it appears and will be better in time?

Each of you wants peace, love and compassion to be the way of life for everyone. This is because you are loving beings.
Every single person who walks upon the Earth plane is a loving being. You ask how we can say this when people are
killing each other, killing and treating people and animals in inhumane ways, devastating the earth and creating mayhem
in every direction?

Again, this is what you are being told. Yes in the human consciousness this is a reality. But each of you can and must
learn to shift away from that mass thinking and believing, to a completely 360 degree turn so that you see and know
that there is beauty and love everywhere.

You are here Dearest Ones, to be the actual momentum of that shift in consciousness. And you can and are getting it

You cannot turn a deaf ear to all that is around you. But you can send love from your heart out to all that is what you
perceive to be wrong in your world.

The collective consciousness responds to each and every thought and action that is given to it. Each and every thought!
All thought is sent out like a radio wave into that consciousness and gathers with all other thought.

Do you understand what we are attempting to convey here, Beloveds? If you choose to think thoughts of doom and
gloom then those thoughts join all other thoughts that are similar and can become one big powerhouse of that doom
and gloom.

But if you instead choose to think thoughts of love, seeing each person doing the best he or she can in each moment,
intending for peace to prevail, then those are the thoughts that join all other thoughts that are of the same form, and
the consciousness of the world softens and hearts begin to open.

See how powerful you are and how powerful your thoughts are dear ones? You are not merely a 'mortal human' as has
been said for so long. Not at all. You are powerful beings of Divine Light who are here to help shift that human, collective
consciousness from the old ways and into the new, loving, peaceful paradigm.

Right now the chaos that seems to be the way of the day, is occurring for a reason. Things have to be, shall we say,
stirred up so that nothing is left at the bottom of the pot. Within the contents of that pot, which is again the human
collective consciousness, is a delicious variety of qualities that when completely done cooking, will result in the best stew
you can imagine, or perhaps not imagine. The contents began with haphazard ingredients tossed in with no thought of
how it would work with the other contents. But as the stew simmers and you tend to it with loving care, it becomes the
best stew ever created. The results are far beyond what you can imagine or conceive. Loving something will always
make it change in the most positive way.

Out of that chaotic rubble, new seedlings will burst forth and become beautiful blossoms.

It is a new age and the best one that has ever been experienced. The momentum has taken on the form of an
unstoppable river that will flood the Earth with Light and wash away all that does not adhere to the new way.

Can you begin to think in a new way? Can you see beauty in any landscape no matter how barren and desolate it may
appear? Can you see flowers blooming where others may see only weeds? Can you find compassion for others no
matter who they are and what they may be doing?

Beloved friends, it is time to shift to this new way of thinking and seeing. Each of you has your own unique way of doing
this. And each way is perfect. It is the doing that is important, not how it is done as long as it is truly heartfelt and

The uniqueness of you is such a glorious thing. Each of you is unique and when all you unique loving beings come
together with thoughts of peace and unity with love as the base, things have to change. And they will. Focus not on
what the perception is of society but on what the Divine purpose of everything may be. You do not have to know exactly
what that might be, you only have to know it is coming from the Highest Power and that it is all perfectly orchestrated to
come as it should.

Recently we were speaking to a group about their uniqueness. We told them that they are not potato chips from a can
that are all made in complete likeness. We said that you are not out of a can that contains a stack of sameness. We
stated that would be quite boring.

Just because many are opting at this time to be in a fear-based world where hatred and separation run rampant, does
not mean you have to do the same. Even putting your focus upon it and judging it, gives energy to it.

Become and reveal the true Divine Light and loving being that is who you really are. Speak, walk, act and be that
wayshower and Light Bearer that you are. Be and inspire. Step out of the old shoes of the old ways and beliefs and put
on a new, sparkly pair of shiny and comfortable shoes. The old pair has not fit well for a very long time. Do you not think
you deserve a new pair that reflects you and who you really are? Toss the old, ill-fitting shoes aside and wear your new
shoes with pride and joy.

Times are a-changing Dearest and Beloved Ones, and you are important in being like ushers in a theatre with your
flashlights on to show patrons to the seats. You are needed and your Light is needed. Just like the usher is needed in
the theatre, you are needed in the world right now.

Turn on your lights and don't hide them any longer. Shift all your thoughts, words and actions to those of how you truly
wish your world to be. Set aside anything that does not fit into that vision and do not allow it to interfere with what you
know to be true in your heart.

In Joy and Laughter,
Archangel Raphael
~A Message from Archangel Raphael~                                                                                                   March 2016

Most Beloved Ones,

It is time. It is time to put into action all that you have been working so diligently towards in your service of humanity by
being a bearer of the Divine Light that is within you. It is time to do the final releasing of that which you need to let go and
cleanse yourselves of what you have brought forth into this lifetime as well as created in this one.

We are speaking of all that is intensifying in each moment in the ascension of all humankind. Yes, you read that right. All,
each and everyone, will ascend. Many are still resisting it and have not yet awakened, but they too shall do so when it is the
perfect timing.

If you are reading our words, then you are here in partnership in an exclusive club, the Club of Light Bearers. Pardon our
humor for we are very stern about fun and play mixed in with what you call work. Yet dear ones, you are in an exclusive
group and we do not take it lightly. (Ah yes, we love puns) Not one of you is here to sit back and be lounge lizards. You
have done the work, been to the schools of many lifetimes to prepare for this exciting time now upon Earth.

If you will look beyond what is around you in your world and see the entirety of the big picture, you can then see that
things  are not always as they appear. We often use metaphors for it can be easier for you Beloved Ones, to understand
what we are attempting to convey to you.

Let us use ships and sailing to show you how incredible the immenseness of what you are doing. Use your imagination, see
the vast ocean, and see that there are ships on the horizon beloved friends. These are not ships as you know them. They
are moving towards you. The ships represent the Light filled energy that is becoming stronger and stronger. The ships are
increasing in number and are coming closer in each moment. There are so many ships of Light, that you could never begin
to count them. You have the support and backing of an armada of Angels, Masters, Loving Beings from far away and Source
energy is leading the way.

We in the Light realms can only do so much. And this is where your part, our dear friends, comes in to play. This is why
you are here.

We needed you at the inception of this plan and need you now, our ambassadors of Light, to ease it all into place and be
those beacons of the Light that you are. You are not here by chance. You are an intricate part of an immense plan; a plan
that was actually designed as an experiment to see if humankind could shift out of the old and into the new. It is a big task,
there is no doubt about it. And you are doing it! The work you have done is paying off in more ways than we could have
hoped it would. You are so very powerful and are doing more than was asked of you.

Now let us shift a bit. Each soul needs a vessel, or as we like to call your body, 'a home away from home', to reside in while
doing what it intends to achieve. We ask that you begin to take very good care of your house, your home, your sacred
vessel, with attention to what you put in it, what you put on it and how your treat it. Treasure it and honor it. Now it is even
more important than ever before.

There is a very high amount of Light energy bathing the planet now and every single soul is receiving it. As odd as it may
sound, those who are not awakened are receiving it the most in a very intense way.

We must explain that the physical body cannot take the energy in its full force so there are ways that this is achieved so
that it can come in and it will in the correct timing and force. There is no need to worry about this as it has all been planned,
is in place and working beautifully, if we may say so.

We bring this to your attention so that you hopefully have an understanding of why things are occurring within your physical,
emotional and mental bodies. You can feel like you are on the top of your world at one moment and the next you may feel like
you fell into quicksand. It is this way for everyone and each experiences it in a different way and intensity.

We will also tell you that when you agreed to come to be here at this time to do the work and to bring about this change
which is like none that has ever occurred before, you were not immediately plopped down to begin. Oh no dearest friends.
You were in a very highly intense training program that gave you what you needed to do your work. You were, shall we say,
armed with the power of the Light in a very grand way. You all graduated with honors, we might add.

As you move forward on your paths you will find yourselves listening more to your heart centers, your Higher Selves and
acting upon the guidance you receive. Your doubts will become less and your confidence will build in the knowingness of what
you are to do.

Of course your soul knows exactly what it is you have set about to do and it will do what is needed to accomplish that. If it
is healing of past life issues and beliefs that you brought in your suitcases, then it will make sure you have it in your awareness
so that you can heal it and let it go. It is time to empty the contents of your suitcases and repack them. You don't need all
that extra 'stuff' that you brought with you. This is why you are clearing, healing, releasing and letting go of all that does not
serve you any longer. You came with a very heavy load, and gradually you are tossing out what you no longer need.

You are all doing such splendid jobs and are appreciated beyond words by those of us who watch and interact with you in
the Higher realms. We are all One and we are working with you as one.

Remember this Oneness and that you are never alone.

As you are moving away from the collective consciousness of humanity as it is and has been, and into group consciousness,
you are bringing in more Light and expanding the great love you already have within you.

Now Beloved Ones, it is time to step up the pace and into your beautiful power and do what you want to do. Let all those
fears, judgments and thoughts of being separate dissipate so that you can step fully into your true selves. Embrace the
incredibleness of who you are. You are master creators and you came now knowing that you could do what was being asked
of you. It is time to release all doubt of who you are, what you can do and be. Your soul knows who you are and what you
are to do. Let it guide you and in so doing you can light the way for others to follow.

We love you dearly, appreciate you immensely and are here for you at every moment.

In Joy and Laughter,
Archangel Raphael
~A Message from Archangel Raphael~                                                                           August 2016

Beloved Friends,

You have gone far in your journey. You have experienced much, learned multitudes of lessons that your soul
has chosen, and you have grown by leaps and bounds. There have been many growing pains along the way,
as well as fun and many 'Ah Ha" moments.  

Now it is time to be more aware of your surroundings in a broader way. It is time to bring that awareness
into being more of an observer while sitting back and just being cognizant of what others are doing, what
the whole picture might be instead of what is just here in front of you.

You are continuously bombarded with sounds that are unpleasant, nerve-wracking, jolting,  and your entire
being reacts to that unpleasantness. Your world is very noisy. It is up to you to withdraw from that chaotic
consciousness and find that space within where you can listen to your soul, to your inner wisdom and your

To be able to find that place, that space of awareness as the observer, it is very important to be sure of
yourself, of your gifts and to not be concerned about what others may or may not be thinking about you
or a situation in which you may be involved. Only what you think and what you do is what matters.

Do you often feel you are not being heard or listened to Beloved One?

If so, perhaps it is time to begin listening to yourself. Being a good listener is very important.

This means listening to others as well as to you. Listen to what others say. Listen to your words and your
thoughts. They are very informative. Are your words, your thoughts, based in love and kindness, along
with understanding and compassion? Or are they created from anger and judgment?

When you hear words from others that are not pleasant to your ears, reacting in an unloving way or
attempting to 'set them straight' to think as you do, is not going to help either of you.

We know that you want everyone else to be happy and peaceful. Of course you do. So the temptation
can come to jump in and express to others what they need to do or not do and how they can improve
their lives. You want them to find the spiritual sweetness that you know.

When one feels that they are not being heard the self begins to shout to find a way to be heard. It cries
out to be listened to and may do so in a way that is not the best way. This of course can create more chaos
if noise is what you perceive to be why you are not heard.

Life can become so full of noise that it can crowd out the lovely sounds that are there, and can actually bring
about a barrier within your consciousness to your path which is a natural path of peacefulness that you are
and desire. A struggle can begin and that can lead to frustration.

Your path is always there and will never leave. But with the noise that is around you most of the time it can
seem that you have lost any hope of finding peace and are unable to get back on track.

So what do you do? We suggest to you to listen. Listen to not only the voices around you but to the
sound of your world. Tuning into this vibration instead of only hearing the noises that are prevalent will
change things in monumental ways. You can't stop the noise that is on the  outside, but you can find the
quiet that is within.

When you do tune into the vibration of your outer world and observe instead of participating at that level,
you an find a way to make room for others to hear you. This will allow you to be in a better space for
communication with them.

Becoming a better listener gives you the ability to communicate with clearness which will allow you to be
heard. Clearness in what you hear and what it represents. Clearness brings about better communication
and with it the ability to hear and to listen. Listen to more than just the words of others or of your mind.

All that you and your soul desire is to be heard, loved and to find clarity.

Simply listen and refrain from talking while giving your full attention to others as well as to
you. It has to begin with you Beloved.

Listen to your inner wisdom and hear what it has to say. When you can listen to you, others will be able
to do so too. If you don't hear yourself, how can you expect another to hear you?

“On a clear day you can see forever.”

Yes, as this lovely song states,
"On a clear day, rise and look around you. And you'll see who you are.
On a clear day how it will astound you. That the glow of your being outshines every star. You'll feel part of
every mountain, sea, and shore. You can hear from far and near a world you've never heard before. And
on a clear day, on that clear day, you can see forever and ever more. You can hear from far and near a
world you've never heard before. And on that clear day, on that clear day you can see forever and ever
and ever and ever and ever and evermore!"

Yes Dearest Ones. When clearly listening you can hear and thus see forever. Read those words of the
lyrics and feel them in your innermost being. This is what clarity is about. Listen and 'hear from far and near
a world you've never heard before.'

Be very clear as to what you want and what is coming from your heart. Let go of attempting to clear the
air for everyone else. Clearing is only needed within and around you. Let them clear their own air.

We hope that as many times as we have mentioned the word, it is all becoming very clear to you, beloved
friends. Clearly, we do.

There are all sorts of ways to do clearing and most all are very good. But again, it begins with being clear
with you and listening. Listen and it will be clear.

You have heard of a ‘clearing house’. Clear your house and your world will be much brighter and clearer.
Having a clear view of ‘what is what’ within you will make it possible for you to be heard. And it is time for
your voice to ring out in clear tones. Clear you chakras, those energy centers that work magic when not

If this is not clear enough for you dear friends, do not fret. We want it to all be clear as a bell for you. Clarity
will come when you are ready to receive it. A clear mind creates an open heart.

In Joy and Laughter,
Archangel Raphael
~A Message from Archangel Raphael~                                                                     December 2016

Beloved and Magnificent Ones,

Another year is coming to its closure. Twelve months are winding down. This means different things to each
person. Since you are unique and one of a kind, of course it will be different to each. Yes, there will be many
similarities, but no one thinks the same as everyone else, no one feels, sees, hears in the same way. This is
what is so much fun in your game of life!

As the world as you know it continues to shift and change, there are many occurrences globally as well as
individually that can get stirred up a bit. And these 'disturbances' no matter where or with who they might be,
can be like a storm of massive intenseness and far-reaching.

So the heat is turned on under that big pot of stew and it begins to boil. And boil it does. With global stew,
there are many who keep adding spices to it and changing the tastes. With the individual, they add their own
particular flavorings.

Just as everything changes from moment to moment, so does the stew. The harder it boils, the more it
becomes a hot pot so to speak.

Let us look at our stews. First we will see what is cooking with the global pot. Oh yes, there are many aspects
or flavorings being added at all times. An event occurs which is filled with chaos and fear and then the more
widespread the news of it becomes, the more of the fear and anger flavorings can be added.

Each thought you have goes into that stew of human consciousness. Every single thought you have. So when
you toss in your thought flavor, your neighbor puts in his or hers, and on and on you go.  A lot of cooks are
working on this broth. Spoil it? That is a matter of thought. Can you visualize our metaphor? Can you see a
gigantic black pot that is over an intense fire and billions of thoughts that are based in fear are being added at
each moment? If you can, you get the idea of how big this is.

Of course your media has a big purpose: that is to make that fear-based flavor, the spice of
the day. And they
are very good at it. When the human consciousness buys into this fear, those fearful thoughts land in the
stew. That stew is now very, very spicy and not fit to be consumed.

Now let us look at the individual stew pot. It is much different than that of mass consciousness for it has its
own spices. Some will add hot spices to their stew to get a kick out of it for they like to play with fire so to
speak. They get caught up in that fear as well, so they are adding to both stew pots. That takes a lot of work
and energy to keep this up.

Now let us go in another direction. Let us say that the individual decides that he or she will not play the 'fire up
the hot stew' game and instead has thoughts that are of kindness, love, tolerance, trust, compassion and
allowing. They are opening up a whole new spice cupboard now. They let their stew simmer and not boil. They
allow it to become a delicious and delectable, perfectly flavored stew that has all the time needed for it to be
finished. They allow ideas and thoughts to form without reacting and just tossing in something that might not
be the flavor they seek.

And of course, because they are using the flavoring we listed, their thoughts mirror that and they go into the

Beloved ones, your thoughts do matter. You are here to help usher in the love of Source in this new Golden
Era. Can you stay in that space of the stew of loving thoughts and not get caught up in the drama of mass
fear which sometimes can be mass hysteria?  Can you put loving thoughts into the global stew pot?

We ask you to begin to let go of any fear-based thoughts that see doom and gloom. All is just as it should be
and all will come to be just as it should. The faster it can come to fruition depends on each of you and how
you live, think, and be.

Can you let go of hasty judging and pointing your finger at something or someone that is not agreeable to
your thoughts and opinions? Can you not see that there is always a broader picture and perspective to
everything? Can you not follow the crowd and be your own producer of your thoughts? You are perfectly
capable and are supposed to be doing this. Don't be one of the herd that plays follow the leader for that leader
just might take you into a place you do not want to go.

We invite you to become more of an observer who listens, sees and feels with your heart. Love
conquers everything. Love is all that matters. If you are holding love in your heart and thoughts, then
everything will follow into place. You are love. That is your true essence. The Creator/Source did not design
anyone to be hate. No one is anything but love, no matter what they do or how it may seem to
be otherwise.

Your loving and kind thoughts are what is going to bring about the beautiful change that is attempting to
come. You are here to do this. You can do this. You are needed to hold space for love and Light to cover the
planet everywhere.

Everyone has a role to play and each role is equally important. If you can look at it as many, many stages
which are simultaneously putting on a play, than you can see how life is. Play on your stage and allow every
other play to do what it wants to do. You can play 'nice' or not. You can have a stage filled with love and joy
or one that is the opposite. It is your choice, but Beloveds, you are here to co-exist as one with all and to shine
your Light upon the world in your own uniqueness. You cannot shine that Light if it is based in anything but
love. It cannot shine as it is meant to shine.  Fear not, love much.

Instead of making resolutions for the upcoming year, how about setting intentions of dropping and shedding
all that is not of love and embracing life in a new way?

Love heals. Begin by loving yourself, every aspect, every part of you, inside and out. Love heals. Be it and do
it Beloveds. The effort will be more than worth the result.

May your December 2016, be one filled with love all around. Open your eyes in a new w
ay and see how love
exists in everything. In everything and everyone.

Loving Humanity and the Gloriousness of You,
Archangel Raphael ©
~Message from Archangel Raphael~                                                            February 2017

Beloveds and Awesome Ones,

Let us speak of changes. Do you think too many are speaking on this topic recently? Change. Change.

This is a number one year and that means CHANGE! And the shifting that has been coming is here
dearest ones. You have done it!

You are in a most precedent time. The glory of what you came to anchor in, the work you have strived
to do, the new world and the new human are upon you.

Yes there is still much work to do, but you have brought about something that has never occurred
before anywhere or at any time. If that doesn’t cause you to hold your head up in pride, then we are
not sure what will.

And the icing on the cake is that you have done it much sooner than was ever expected.

Would it surprise you if we tell you that not only are we watching but all galaxies everywhere are
watching as well to see what is going to happen? You are famous! Not just world renowned – you are
Galaxy and Universal renowned.

Does that tell you who you are? Does that give you any clue as to the importance of your being here
now and of your Divine magnificence?

You are all feeling the enormous change that is occurring upon your planet. And with it is coming
changes in your own personal lives as well as those around you. These changes are coming at a rate
of speed that has never been before.

Watch your words and thoughts very carefully Beloved Ones, for they are going to show up in form
in a very fast way.

Change is moving so fast that things will change in what seems like the blink of an eye.

Put on your manifesting hats and your new matching shoes. It is time to change your outfits.

So sit back, be observers and allow the Divine change to arrive at your doorstep. You have worked
quite hard to bring about change in the human consciousness, in your world, and in humanity itself.
You are doing it. Be proud of that.

We know at times it seems like your world may be falling apart and we do understand why you think
and feel this. We ask you to hold on, without having white knuckles of course for that is not necessary,
and just let it flow to you. A soft grasp is all that is needed if you allow and receive.

Watch and observe. Do not participate in the illusions of fear and chaos. Your media is so busy trying
to keep up with the changes that they are getting dizzy and contradictory at times. Of course we find
that amusing. We see it like a giant anthill with numerous ants hustling up and bustling down the trails in
their hill. They scurry here and they scurry there and are so busy trying to get to the common goal as
the first one that they take no prisoners as they go.

But this is good because it gives you the awareness of what you do not want for your planet and of
what does not resonate with you. It shows you what the positive way to see it all is. Things always get
very chaotic before the calm can come in. If you feel you are in the middle of a very big storm, then
make the intention to be the 'eye' in that storm or in other words, the observer and not be a participant
in the drama.

And Beloveds, with your personal selves it is very different of course. We are very close by and are
assisting you as you move into newness, into unchartered territories that can sometimes be a bit
frightening. You all know deep within that without change and stretching, you cannot grow and move
ahead. You know this but when it comes to actually doing it, it can become very hard to do. We also
know this.

Can you actively be a 'love machine' instead of a 'go-along with the masses robot'? Those are two very
different roles and you cannot be both. You get to choose which one is for you.

We are here to give you encouragement in taking those steps, to protect you from harm and to
comfort you if you trip once in a while. And yes, of course tripping does happen. But there is nothing
wrong with that and we do not want to see you feeling unhappy with yourselves when it does occur.

Like the toddler who is just learning to walk and plops to the ground on their little bottom end then
gets right back up and goes again, you can do the same. That little child, when once back up, goes
forward and the tripping is forgotten. It is in the past.

Please forget the trips you make as they are also in the past. They are only little
nothing more.  

This is what we want for you Dearest Ones. You will trip, that is part of your experience in your human
incarnation. But when you see it as just a little annoyance that happened and then let it go and forget
it instead of dwelling on it; you are taking huge steps toward the enlightenment you all seek. You did
nothing wrong when you stumbled. You will do nothing wrong when you do, and yes, you will, stumble
again. See it as a learning experience instead of a mistake.

And remember that you do not have to be alone as you pick yourselves up when you do trip. We are
right there to bring you to your feet, give you a hug and then let you go on your way. I guess you can
think of us like loving grandparents!

Change is necessary. Change is essential in the evolution of your planet and humankind.
It is a must and it does and will happen. So if you embrace it with joy and excitement instead of being
disgruntled and trying to avoid it, your lives will be so much more as you want them to be.

Oh Beloved Friends, we smile at every step that you take and as you learn, evolve
and grow. Our hearts are filled with love for each of you and gratitude for your strength, your courage,
your Light and your willingness to serve.

Allow all the goodness and happiness that you deserve to be yours. We will never let you be
Allow us to bring to you what it is that you want. Your needs are provided for at all times. Make sure
you don’t keep it away with thoughts that it cannot be.

Light Bearers, Light Bringers, you are so very important and your joy is important. We want you to
have fun and enjoy all as you do your service. Open those arms and shout, “Bring on what is for my
Highest Good with Ease and Grace!” You will get a positive response!

If we sound like a cheerleader, then good! That is exactly what our intention is. We cheer you on and
remind you of your amazing qualities, your unlimited potential, your Divine expression in your human
vessel, and that you are so much more than you understand or know. So yes, Raphael will continue to
cheer for you and cheer you on. You are loved beyond anything that you can wrap your mind around.
The world is okay, you are okay and joy is at your fingertips when you decide to take it for yours.

Embrace change and let it take you to new avenues of inspiration and greatness. You deserve it
Beloveds. Are you willing to grant this gift to yourself?

Cheering You On With Love,
Archangel Raphae
l ©