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January 2017

Sibella Circle Member & Visionary Leader

Is It Taking You Where You Want to Go?

By Linayah Kei Michael

The day the Angels moved in to live with me is the day that my life changed completely.

Yes they were always here but it was when I consciously became aware of their loving presence that
everything began to change in ways that I could not have ever imagined. I look back now and it is
difficult to remember what it was like to not realize what was available to me.

I could write volumes of instances where Angelic guidance and intervention has blessed me. But
there is one that stands out as one of the most profound lessons that I received. I was in the midst
of complaining about how unfair life was and lamenting how the Angels were not answering my
requests (they were actually more like pitiful pleas than requests). It went on and on.

I am clairaudient. Spirit talks to me and I hear them in what sounds like thoughts in my mind. So
here I was, in the ‘pity-me’ mode when I heard very clearly, “When are you going to stop telling that

That shook me out of the self-imposed victim role and I was able to shift things completely.

We are the storytellers, the writers, the publishers, the editors of our story. We are the actors,
directors and producers of our play. We can put whatever we want into our story. Our beliefs,
thoughts, and self-images are what we portray in those stories.

We can be victims if we choose (most everyone chooses that part more than is realized).

When we are unhappy with something in our lives, or even in life in general, we can fall into telling
the story of how horrible everything is. We then will become that story. Have you ever listened to
someone telling how things are not working and he or she did something to them? Often they tell
that story to everyone who will listen. That is their story, that is who they are and that continues to
be their reality.

We are the creators of our lives. We can change anything that isn’t working by deciding that we are
not going to tell that sad, sorry story anymore.

In my view, the best way is to begin to find the blessings and the beauty in everything no matter
how it may seem. There is always a blessing and joy to be found when we decide that is what we
want to see and say that the old story is no longer who we are. Is the glass half full or half empty?

Perhaps it can always be refilled?

The lens you look through is how things will be.

By removing the blinders so as to look with new eyes, life can be seen as a gift filled with joy and
fun. Perhaps a new prescription/story is all that is needed. We are meant to live a joyful life. It is our
choice. What is your story today?
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"Have you ever wondered why things aren't going the way you want? It could be
in the story you're telling! As a visionary leader, Linayah Kei from shares insight on this very topic in SIBYL
MAGAZINE: For the Spirit and Soul of Woman this month!

Are you ready to write a new story for yourself? Read what Linayah shares here."
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February 2017

Sibella Circle Member & Visionary Leader

Same Story - Same Life Experiences

By Linayah Kei Michael

As I reflected on where I am now and what I have become, my mind went to the thought
of creating.
What do I want to create in my life now? What do I want to achieve?  What do I want to
release? What are my intentions?

If we can look at what has happened as just that - something in the past, no longer here - and release
it completely, then we can move forward without any baggage of what we think should have
happened, what could have happened, or if done differently, would have happened. It is in the past; it
doesn't matter anymore.

Once we move beyond all of the past we can begin to concentrate on the "Unwritten Now" and what
we wish to achieve. What is it that you truly desire? Allow the energy to flow within and around you.
Be still and listen to your heart, to your inner wisdom; you will hear what your soul is telling you.

Let yourself be proud of your accomplishments.  Look at everything as a blessing no matter what it is.
When you can do this and be in gratitude for all of it, you have taken a very large step. Everything
that occurs is for a reason; to help us grow.

When you decide to make the changes that you need and create what you truly want, you can move
forward. The ability to create your own experience is yours alone. No one else can do that for you.
Allow your vision of what it is you want, who you want to be, and all that you want to achieve to flow
from your heart. Then listen to what your soul is telling you and guiding you towards.

You are the creator of everything in your life, so create a masterpiece. There is no limit to the power
we each have within us to create our dreams and desires. We are in the driver's seat of our lives and
the Universe will respond when we trust ourselves and know the power we have within us to create
and succeed. The Universe will support all of it, if you allow it to do so.

Dare to dream and dream big dreams. It is all at your fingertips if you want it. Do you want a new
career, new relationship, financial security, to relocate to a more desirable place, to write a book or
become a successful artist? It is all possible if you trust yourself to accomplish it. If you are in a space
of love as you dream your dreams and desires you can do it! Become powerful in manifesting by
knowing that you can and will do it! You deserve to have abundance, health and happiness. It is your
life! It is your birthright to have what you want, and the wish of your Creator for it to be.

Happy manifesting! Happy new you!
March 2017

Sibella Circle Member & Visionary Leader

When Are You Going to Stop Telling That Story
New Storyline = New Outcome

By Linayah Kei Michael

When I began my journey in what is called ‘awakening’ ten years ago, I had no clue what
I was doing or where I was going.
I just knew I had to move into this new life no matter what
might occur. Now upon reflection, I can see that I have accomplished much, I have grown in so many
ways, and I have learned to trust myself as well as my amazing team of Angels and guides. I can
see the experiences that I created in what seems like many years, some not pleasant at all, and how
I have learned from and worked through them. Again, my beloved team was with me every step of
the way, nudging me along as I often trudged through murky waters. There were many stories that
I created along the way!

I continue to embark into new experiences and creations that unfold and show up just when they are
intended to come. I believe in not holding on to or dwelling in the past whatsoever. I believe that past
does not matter now and only the lessons learned will remain with me. I live in this moment and let
everything else come in perfect timing, trusting that it will. We are all master creators and anything we
want to create can become our reality.

When we get caught up in the drama and chaos that is around us (and sometimes within us), is when
we have forgotten who we are, why we are who we are, and how to trust.

We are in a human experience and so once in a while we will all fall back into old ways and perhaps
even into old stories. After the initial reaction, it is what we do to overcome anything we experience
that is not to our liking, that we show our amazing abilities. We are Divine beings and everything we
experience we have said ‘yes’ in order to expand, grow, and ascend. How awesome
is that? How awesome are we!

Change is a good thing. We often fear change because we don't know what the outcome will be. If
we can trust that everything is aligned perfectly and there is absolutely nothing to fear along with
not having to know the details, we give the Universe that go-ahead to bring to us all that we desire
and deserve. There truly is nothing for us to worry about.

Believe in yourself and believe in your dreams. Believe that you can be and do anything your heart
wishes. Let it guide you as it will always do so in love.

Let's get creating! There is no better time than NOW! We get to tell a new story each and every day
if we choose. Those old stories are tired and we need to find a new storyline and plot. It is time to
rewrite and to begin anew.
April 2017

Sibella Circle Member & Visionary Leader

New Story of Imagination and Focus

By Linayah Kei Michael

To many, imagination is something frivolous and a pastime for children. How many times
have you been told, or were told as a child, 'It's all in your imagination' as if that is a bad thing?
Imagination is a great tool.

When we use our intuition, our intuitive senses, we are actually allowing our inner self to imagine
something. And with the intuition, we tune in to the power of knowing, seeing, hearing and sensing
that we all have.

Creativity begins with imagination. The artist, poet, author, and choreographer all create from
imagination. They imagine what it is they want to create and bring into reality.

We all can create by using our imaginations. When we create new beliefs that replace those that no
longer serve us, those old stories, we are moving into our imagination.

When we dare to dream, we dare to be powerful in living a life of our highest imagination. To dream,
imagine and create the life our heart desires is what life should be all about.

Being fearless in using the imagination and creating the dreams we truly want comes when we know it
is safe to do so. All creativity has to begin somewhere. Imagination and dreaming of what we desire,
want and intend is, in my opinion, where the seedling is planted that will blossom into that beautiful

One way for this to happen is: instead of seeing a problem, imagine and see the desired outcome as
already done.

What we see we perceive.  When the imagination is not being freely used, we will see only what the
mind tells us is real. But when the heart is allowed to be the guide and no restrictions or limitations
are put onto what it shows us, our imaginations can take us to places we never knew were possible. If
we let it be in focus, life can be filled with magic, and many new and wonderful things.

I believe that imagination is more important than actual knowledge. It is the direct line we have to
true intelligence and greatness. We can read all the books that tell us what the facts are, but if we
don't use our imaginations to be open to all kinds of possibilities we are denying ourselves a beautiful
gift. Imaging can turn into happenings when we allow it. Within imagination, there is no border, no
box of limitations, no set way an outcome must become.

It is like open season on all possibilities and how fun is that?

If we can see with eyes that are seeing more than what is right in front of us and around us, and see
everything in a new way, so much can change and our lives can be fulfilled and lovely. Imagine that!

Make your new story one of unlimited dreams and desires.

Here's to imagination that has full rein to travel wherever it wants to take us.