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~A Message from Archangel Raphael~                                  March 2019

Beloved Friends,

It delights us no end to come here and speak with you. Each time we do, it does
bring great pleasure, for those who read the words upon this page are those who are
ready to hear the messages that come within them.

We are known as the Archangel of Healing and that is correct although we do have
other roles. But in this message we wish to speak of healing.

Are you what is called a 'healer'? What does that term mean to you? Do you visualize
someone with magic coming from their hands and creating miracles? This is true in
some instances.

You see dearest ones, every one of you is a healer in some way. If you are reading
this then you are a healer. You do not have to have a sign up or a business card that
offers your particular gifts and modalities to others. If this is what you do and who you
are then it is perfect. But if you do not practice some form of healing art, this does not
mean you are not a healer.

Your body is a miraculous piece of machinery. It has all the capabilities of healing itself
if allowed to do so. You ask why then do so many bodies have ill-ness, dis-ease, aches
and pains and afflictions?

The answer to this is you. You and only you can create the ill-ness and dis-ease that
comes into your body. It doesn't just happen and it is not that you are the one who
drew the short straw so you are out of luck.

There is no judgment coming from Spirit when this does occur. Everything that you
experience is of your creation and there is a reason that you have created it. Do not
judge yourself for creating your experiences. Be grateful to yourself and work with the
experience to find the soul-tion to bring about the healing you deserve and desire.

Healing begins at home. The home that is you. This is with inner work and connection.
Your body is a sacred vessel and we liken it to your home away from home. It is
important to respect it and love it. See it as a perfect and sacred temple. To do this
you must find love for yourself first.

Self-love is the key to everything. All can be resolved, solved and healed with love of
self. When you have complete love of yourself and who you are and that which you do,
you can heal anything, at any time. Your body has the capabilities of healing everything.

Each of you has many bodies. You have your physical body, your mental body, your
emotional body and your spiritual body.

When all of these bodies are in alignment then life has balance and is filled with joy
and abundance along with the health and vitality that each of you desires.

Where do you begin? This is not as hard as it may seem. Letting go of harsh judgment
of yourself no matter what you do or have done must come first. Forgive yourself for
everything. Let it all go. And letting go is much easier to do as well. The human being
holds on to so much that holds them back, prevents them from receiving and

Those thoughts that often run rampant in your mind like a spinning top create so much
havoc in your world. The thought patterns and thought waves are continuously coming
at you and you can get to the point where you have no control over them. They become
a way of life and you believe what your ego mind or personality is telling you is truth.

Many call it monkey chatter or monkey mind. The good news beloved ones, is that you
can shut it off. With practice you can have the ability to bid it adieu and become centered.

For those who understand this they know that it does take persistence and intention and
it not only is doable, it does work.

For those who have not come to that point be assured that you too can get to that
place where peace and tranquility reside. The mind is very important and serves a
grand role for you. But when it is allowed to be in the lead and in control things can
get out of hand.

You have heard this many times: let your heart be your guide and let your mind follow.
The heart, as is the body, is an amazing creation. You have your physical heart and you
have your 'spiritual' heart which is your true essence and where your inner wisdom,
guidance and truth are found. This heart, also known as the heart chakra, encases the
physical heart. You have so much in your heart center that is working continuously.
You cannot exist without either one.

So yes, follow your heart, listen to it and walk in confidence that you are going in the
right direction. And of course what is the heart known for beloved ones? Yes of course
it is  love. So we come back to love of self. When you love yourself all else will fall into
place quite effortlessly. Be gentle and kind to yourself. Love you with your heart.

You, oh powerful ones are very capable of healing anything. You can heal emotions,
fear and attitudes. You can heal old paradigms and the untruths of who you are. The
things you can do are amazing and unimaginable to the human mind. You can heal
every aspect of your life with love, trust, appreciation and gratitude with a joyful heart.

Your thoughts do matter. What you think is what you are putting energy into and is
what you create. We ask you to monitor your thoughts in awareness and openness.
If you wish for an environment that is different than what you have in the present
moment, changing your thoughts to what you want and not what you don't want or
don't have makes the difference dear friends.

Think of each thought as a pebble dropped into the water. It touches the water and
then circles begin to move out from it in waves. This is what each of your thoughts do.
They go out into the Universe and reverberate back with what you are asking, for it
does not know that you are thinking one thing but actually wishing for something
different. It says okay, he/she wants that so we give it to them. Those thoughts as
waves go out into the consciousness of humanity and create again what you are thinking.

This is why we continuously ask you to think only good, peaceful, loving thoughts.
Imagine if you will, each person upon the planet only thinking loving and kind thoughts.
Imagine that beloveds. Can you see peace, love, compassion, unity and happiness
everywhere? Those loving thoughts are healing thoughts. You can heal everything if
you intend it.

Remember who you are dear and beloved ones. You are a part of the Creator Source
and not apart from it. You are a Divine being who is here on another round of your
journey and you can be in perfect health, pure happiness and have abundance in every
piece and part of your life if you choose.

Again, you are a healer and you have the capability, the ability to change and heal that
which you do not want. Once you heal this you can begin to heal your physical vessel.
It is all up to you. All of your guides and Angels are right here waiting for you to ask
for assistance and you will receive it instantly. You can heal, manifest and in-joy your life
as you should. We will not 'fix' you for you are not broken. We will work in tandem with
you as you create healing miracles.

You are in charge and you have complete control of the experiences that come into
your life. Each began with a thought. You are all creative forces that have no limitations
or boundaries unless you put them there.

Imagine and dream, create and become, believe and trust, know with confidence that
you are supported, upheld in high esteem and loved beyond what you can understand.
Become a master of love and life and do it without holding back from fear of what the
outcome can be. Imagination is not illusion. Illusion gives false impressions and beliefs.
Time to rid yourself of illusion and in place imagine you and your world just as you
wish it to be.

In Joy and Laughter,
Archangel Raphael ©