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~A Message from Archangel Michael~                                                                                            June 2018

Greetings Beloveds,

There is so much occurring on your planet and it may at times seem hard for you to catch up. When this happens
we ask that you pause and take a moment to let it go.

We say this in retrospect to the fact that you have been inundated daily with negative stories that contain fear.
They are occurring more often now. We mention this often we know but it is one of the things that is in the
forefront of your attention.

As more awareness to events grows so will the fear that is within your newspapers, on your television news
channels and newscasts, you
r magazines and television, what you call ‘talk shows’.

Yes you should be aware of what is going on and that is encouraged yet there is so much that it can become a
burden for you in that you begin to take on the fears by allowing your mind to focus on all that is not good in the

Discernment is very important and can be difficult to practice. It is your choice to accept this or not accept it. It is
that simple.

We ask this of you; how do you feel when you have heard or seen something that is filled with fear, trauma and
travesty? We imagine that your answer is it doesn't feel too good to you.

Beloveds, you are in a Free Choice Universe which means you have choice to do whatever you wish to do.
The more individuals who do listen and believe that it is fact, the more the energy of fear will grow.

Everything is consciousness. You are consciousness and a part of human consciousness. The ground you stand
upon is consciousness. The rock on that ground is consciousness. The animals are consciousness. All is

Because this is so, every thought that you have goes into the consciousness of the entire population of humans.
You are part of a network of conscious thought.

Did you ever consider how powerful one thought could be? It is so powerful that it has an effect on what transpires
not only in the existing moment but in the moments to come.

So in looking at this, if you think that there is war and hunger, then you put that into the consciousness and all the
thoughts that match will unite to create a very powerful belief.

This is how the world as you have known it has come to where it is today. That is at its lowest place ever. Thoughts
of greed, separation, control of others, materialism and more have been put forth for so very long into the human
consciousness that is a belief that this is how life is and there is no other way.

The thoughts build upon each other and become like a gangrene that eats away on the process of thinking. Before
long all are thinking that war is real and so is hunger and then it becomes a reality.

Let us turn this around. You watch a newscast on your television. They are spouting out messages of doom and
gloom in every direction. You listen and you say, “I do not think in that way, therefore all they say does not
resonate with me and so it is not so. I choose to see my world in another way.” Remember that all in life is an illusion.

You then visualize the earth and all those who reside upon it with fresh and unpolluted air to breathe. You see every
body of water as clear and safe to drink. You see people coming together and working together in unity and not

You see lush and productive crops everywhere that have not been altered in any way. Every being has plenty to
eat and there is no hunger. Every child has a roof over their head and plenty to eat. They are safe and happy.

Now with what we told you before, how do you suppose these thoughts are going to affect the consciousness of
humankind? Yes Beloved friends, if thoughts are shifted to what each wants to see in their world instead of what
they have been taught, all will change.

Thoughts do become a reality. Each thought you send out is instantly transmitted and becomes a part of the
consciousness of all humans. We ask you to consider what you think and say. Your words are powerful as well.

When you hear or see something that speaks of darkness, evil, war, hunger, tragedy and so forth, if you will
pause for a moment and consider what you want to do with this information, it can and will make a difference.
Discern what feels right in your heart and what does not. See with the eyes of love. Hear with the ears of love.

We invite you to see and hear it and then go into your heart space and allow guidance on the thoughts you will
have with this instead of listening to your mind from where fear comes. Your heart will always guide you with love
and joy. Go in this direction, Beloveds and not only will you feel peace for yourself but you will send thoughts of
peace out into the consciousness of the world.

The power of each thought can make a difference. It will make a difference.

You are experiencing so much right now and to some it may seem as if you are in a whirlpool or even the agitator
of a washing machine. Maybe it is a "Whirlpool" washing machine?

What you do to ride the tides of this is how it will be for you. We want you to know that it is all going to be worth
the ride even if at this point it does not seem to be that way. Transformation is occurring on all levels of existence.

Everything is changing. Nothing is immune to the changes that are occurring at this time. Not only are those in a
human form experiencing the shift and the change in their energy, their physical vessel, the mental body and the
emotions, but so are the animal kingdom, plant life, birds, fishes and even the Earth herself.

You see Beloveds, the world as you have known it is changing and with it all is going through the process with it.
Life as you have always known it will be no more. The human in all ways is changing. The physical body is going
through change.

This is occurring as your vibration and your energy is rising. The denseness of the third dimension is rising to levels
of higher dimensions. For this to occur all must change. It is not a process that you need to fear. It is just the
opposite for it is something for which you can be joyful. Your soul as well as all others who are here in this time now
has worked very hard to get to this point. It is time to celebrate the new era, the new human, the new world.

All that does not vibrate with the new energy of love and unity is falling aside. You are seeing this occurring daily in

certain industries such as banking for example and those who take and do not give back. Greed will not be accepted
any longer. If change does not occur then collapse will. This is all planned and all is well
Beloveds. You have nothing
to worry about as long as you stay true to your heart and the guidance you receive from it. If you are reading our
words then you are aligned with the energy of which we speak.

Many of you are feeling discomfort in your physical being. Others are experiencing it in emotions and yet others
in confusion with the mental body. Some relationships are changing in the dynamics in that some things are not
acceptable that in the past were either embraced or tolerated. Some of these relationships are in the midst of
turmoil and or distress.

Know beloveds that there are so many in the Higher realms; Angels, Masters and guides, who are working at
moments to make it as easy as it can be for you.

We ask this of you, if you can hold on with trust and faith in the outcome, knowing that it will all be worth it in
the long run, we promise that you will not be disappointed. Hold on to your faith dearest ones. Ride the ride for a
while longer for it is becoming easier to stay aboard the roller coaster ride that you have felt you have been on.
It will soon be on smooth rails and all will be well. Think of it as you are in an amusement park and are trying the
rides. You know it is all just that - a day of rides that at the end of that day will be over and the park will close for
the night.

You are each so important in this rising of the vibration of your planet and each of you has a very critical part to
play. We are in deep gratitude for your commitment to being our assistants on the ground. The team effort is how
it will all come to completion.

Shine your beautiful Light upon the world and as each one joins in the less darkness there will be. Soon all will be
illuminated with peace, Oneness, love and unity will be the way of life. Remember you are an unlimited being of
Light and you can do so much more than you have always thought you could not. Let those doubts and limitations
go and live as you are meant to live. Celebrate for have earned it. Open your arms and welcome in the new and let
the old ways and beliefs go. The new and better world is at hand.

Thank you for all you do and all that you are.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We are the Archangel Michael and We are with You