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August 2018 was from Archangel  Ariel
"At last the spell of stillness stole upon me, and in whispers taught me the language of angels."
Paramhansa Yogananda
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Archangel Ariel Messages

"The air up there in the clouds is very pure and fine, bracing and
delicious. And why shouldn't it be - it is the same the angels breathe."
~ Mark Twain ~
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~A Message from Archangel Zadkiel ~                                             September 2018

Beloved Friends,

Earth and all who live upon it
are embarking upon a new and glorious beginning, one of which has
never been seen before, and you are receiving messages from the Light Realms at all turns. Yes
that is so and is completely necessary. You are being called upon to do your part.

You see, awareness is coming into being for so many. But there are some who still have not found
that awareness and it is our intention to bring it to as many as possible who will listen. We cannot
reach any who have closed their ears to truth.
More and more, especially recently have begun to

Thus, those of you who are awakened or in the process of awakening are being given reminders,

new information and what seems to be a succession of messages that come more and more often.

This is important beloveds. We have stepped up the 'program' so to speak. And it will continue in

this vein.

We must reach all who will listen. You who are here to assist us and are being given much and we
understand this. But you also know that it is vital now for the time is here.

All the new energies that have been coming in for many years have now intensified.
Yet at the same
time those same energies are being felt in new ways by many. This means that they have done 'the
work' to work through the clearing out and shifting that was needed, all in a personal way, and are
not beginning to fell less like they are in the hot seat and on call 24/7 to get everything done. In
other words, things are beginning to ease up for many and this will continue.
All that does
not serve you, your planet and all who live upon it, is and has being moved out.

Because you are reading these words, you are one of the important souls who are here to assist

in bringing this all about. It is not by chance that you are here and are at this moment reading our
words to you. For each one of you, the words can have different meaning and resonance and the is
how it is supposed to be. Your uniqueness, your individual gifts, pace and awareness is perfect. No
one is in the same spot or at the same level. Have you ever tried to stand in the same spot as
another? That is not possible. Think of it in this way. You must stand in your place and they must
stand in theirs.

The call is out for every one of you to step to the plate, take your bat in your hand and swing

with all your might to hit that home run that will take the ball out of the park and send it to as
many who are willing to catch it. We have enough balls that there is no chance of you running
out of them. And again, each will have their own style of swing, of motions and delivery. All is so
very perfect Beloved Ones.

No longer can you sit around and wait for someone else to take care of things. Each and every

one of you must take your turn at bat. Every one of you!

And no matter where you are at this moment is perfectly okay.

We repeat in a different way: each has his/her own path and are in different stages of awakening.
Your soul chose this path
putting you right where you are supposed to be at this moment. Know
that this is perfect for you and do not worry that another may be, what you feel, further along.
What others may or may not be doing is of no concern to you. Only what actions you take are for
you to focus upon.

Be comfortable with who you are and what you do. Embrace it as a gift that is only yours. There

is no hurry for you to move any faster than feels right.

Allowing space for you to find what is
to be found in your inner wisdom and guidance is necessary.
Pushing to make it move along will only create a very unsteady life for you. Give yourself the love
and compassion you need while knowing that everything will fall into place in the right timing.

We are asking you to now take those steps to move into the new and let go of feeling you must

hold onto the old ways which are not right for you anymore beloveds. This is very important and
the pace in which you take those steps is perfect. You know what these steps are. Your soul knows
what they are. You do not have to take steps that are too large. Baby steps are fine. It is the taking

of the steps that is of importance. And again, step only in your place to step - not in the steps of

We are calling upon you to really take hold of your life and own it. You are the creator of everything
that comes into it. No one else can ever create anything for you. All that comes your way is of your
own creation.

So what do you really want to create, beloved ones? Have you grown tired of the feeling of

heaviness and burdens? Are you done with lack and feelings of no hope? Yes you should be.

You must be ready to rid yourself of those unwanted emotions and thoughts now. And you can!

You can do anything you want when you free yourself of what it is you do not want.

By letting go, caring for yourself with love and compassion, and saying, "I now want change in my

life and I hold the intention of it being so". You can do it. Let go of the fear of change. Change is
inevitable. So why not embrace it and allow all the goodness that you want and deserve to come

to you. Do not resist what is yours-your Divine right of joy, happiness and peace.

You cannot hold onto the past and bring new in at the same time. It is an impossible task.
So dear
beloved ones, let everything go. It is in the past, has no meaning now or of what will be.

Let it be gone. Release, forgive and find freedom; the freedom you deserve to be yours and the
freedom to walk into the future upon a planet that is healed and cleared of all negative energies

and with all other beings in Oneness.

Your willingness to create a life in love, compassion, grace and trust will bring change in miraculous

ways to you. We promise this. Nothing in this life of yours is meant to be hard or to be a struggle.
If it is then you have created it from fear. All of that is an illusion and is real if you fear and believe
it to be so.

Now is the time to stand up, take your place as a member of team human race as it is meant to be.

Do you want love or hatred? Do you wish abundance or lack? Do you wish health or not? Do you

desire peace or turmoil in your world? Beloveds ask yourself this and then answer in complete
honesty. What do you choose?

When all stand up and say, "We have had enough and we no longer will tolerate that which is

not in the best interest, for the Highest Good of all", you will find that an enormous shift will come
into being.
You are seeing this beginning to happen as mankind is coming to a new awareness that
things do not have to be as they have been. Things can change, all beings are meant to live in love,
happiness, abundance and health. Peace is on the horizon and many are seeing glimpses of it now.

The allowing of individuals, businesses, countries or groups to hold power over others must stop

now. Greed, separation, 'we' and 'they', disrespect for the earth and those who reside upon her,
spreading of fear, holding others in bondage in whatever way that may be must be removed.

And it will. But it will come much sooner if you, each of you, steps forward in love, peace,
compassion and kindness for everything and everyone. Peace will prevail and the wise will hold
that knowing in their hearts and not judge or blame another. Peace and love, compassion and
kindness are there true essences of your being.

Are you not weary of all that has been a part of life on this planet for so very long? Yes of course

you are and that is why you are being offered an incredible gift. The gift is life as it should be.
The gift is fresh air to breathe, clear and unpolluted water to drink and plenty to eat for every
single being whether in human form or in the animal kingdom as well as the plant life.

Please visualize the world you want to live in. See it in the beauty it can be. Do not focus on what

is wrong and needs to be 'fixed". Instead see it as healed and perfect in all ways. This is how
change can come. Whatever you put energy into is what you will see. If you see devastation and
hunger you will give energy to it so it will grow. But if your focus is putting the energy into clean
full bellies, love and peace in every corner of the world, community and togetherness, then
that is what will come into being.

Can you understand this beloveds?  Think about this. If you have one hundred people working

on building a company that honors the environment, gives back to the employees in ways that
show gratitude for what they contribute, does not attempt to take and not give, what do you have?

On the other side of this, if you have one hundred people who desecrate the land, the waters and

out of greed take and not give except in only self-interest, that is what you will see. The first one
hundred people put energy into creating something that benefits all. The second one hundred put
energy into creating something that is only for their benefit as they see it to be.

Beloveds, the first hundred will multiply and grow and grow. We ask that you join those one

hundred in the first group and bring into being exactly what you desire it to be. It does not have
to be just a dream. It can be a reality. It will be a reality. But again, each of you must become a
team player and do your part as benefits the best interest of your team instead of being on a team
of one.

We are grateful to each of you for your effort to create your new world. Embrace the new energy,

the beginning of a new life as it is meant to be.

With Love and Respect for All,
Archangel Zadkiel