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April 2018 was from Archangel  Metatron.
"At last the spell of stillness stole upon me, and in whispers taught me the language of angels."
Paramhansa Yogananda
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Archangel Ariel Messages

"The air up there in the clouds is very pure and fine, bracing and
delicious. And why shouldn't it be - it is the same the angels breathe."
~ Mark Twain ~
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Hello Beloved And Divine Friends,

Let us to discuss healing and what it really is for there are many thoughts and even misconceptions
around it.

Healing has many, many various meanings and interpretations beloved friends.

What comes to your mind when you think of healing?

Do you see it in a physical way? Do you see it as something deeper and within?

It really involves all forms you see.

Yes, the cut on your finger with proper attention will eventually heal itself. Have you ever considered
exactly what occurs in this healing of a wound?

The body is a miraculous vessel that has capabilities to do amazing and wondrous things. It has the
ability to heal everything in all ways.

How you treat your body, which we like to call your “home away from home” has a very large impact
how healing can come about. If you cut that finger and leave it unattended by ignoring it, the body
has no choice but to put defenses up to keep the germs and other ‘attackers’ at bay. The simple cut can
become a very nasty wound.

Treating your body with love and care as you would a very dear loved one is so very important. It is a
sacred vessel, a temple that should be held in reverence.

How you see your body and how you view it is of course very important. Do you think you are too

thin or too fat? Do you think you are too tall or too short? Do you see wrinkles or what you perceive
to be flaws when you look in a mirror or even when you think about your body?

Most will be able to answer yes to at least one of these questions.

What we would like to bring to you is a shift in your view and your understanding of your body and
how beautiful it is.

If you were to go to a place that when you arrive you feel special and all around good, what image

does that bring up for you? We would like for you to view your bodies in the same way; as a very
special place
that is a temple for your beautiful soul to reside while you move along in your journey
of life.

When you can begin to appreciate your body and its uniqueness and see it as beautiful and magnificent
your perception of life will change. All the illusions that you have conjured up regarding your body are
that – illusions. Love your body just as it is. After all my friends, your soul chose the body you
have because
it served what you wanted it to do. Love it as a precious work of art that you have that
has no price on it as
it's value cannot be measured.

Another aspect with your body is the wisdom that it holds. It is not just a body. It talks to you and

gives you signals when something is not right. When it talks to you it is very important to listen and
to observe the signals and signs it gives. It will always tell the truth so you can trust what it tells you.

Your intuition, your instincts come to you through your body. When you feel thirsty it is a reminder
that you need water. When you belly growls you are being told you need nourishment.
When you are
fatigued your body will make sure you know it is time to rest.
When you are feeling joyful, your heart
sings and you smile. It is an amazing piece of art, is it not?

And now we return to discussing healing. Healing occurs on many levels. Physically is just one way.

Your soul’s intention is to enjoy the journey of a lifetime and experience different aspects to grow

and ascend.

As you move through these experiences you ultimately are healing issues and beliefs that have either
you back or brought you unwanted emotions. When you have something that does not feel good
or right
in your life or it brings a sense of discomfort or pain, these can be very real to you. If you let
it go and ignore it, it will not improve and can be like the cut on the finger that we spoke of earlier
and become more than it needed to become. If you take care of it by letting it come to the surface
and own it and love it, yes LOVE it, you can heal it very nicely.

If you look at it in a way that is painful then it will remain painful.

We ask you beloved friends to know that you have the power right within you to heal everything.
Everything. You can heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You have everything you
need right there inside
to bring about healing in miraculous ways. Just as the body can heal this way
so can you heal in all ways.

We invite you to learn to see everything as a blessing and say thank you for all that is in your life,
everything that you experience no matter what it is. By doing this and shifting to this perspective

you are healing. And as one of your bodies heals so will the others.

Again we repeat, remember my beloveds that you are powerful and you have the power to heal
Your body can heal itself. You are so more amazing then you realize. See this, recognize
this and know that you can and will heal
anything that needs healing.

As energies change upon and within your planet
, changes are occurring on the home front too
beloveds - that is, your home or your body. Your sacred vessel is your home. Be grateful to and for
your housing while listening and tending to it.

Your physical bodies are changing. Your cellular structure, your DNA, all is changing and adapting

to the new. It must do this as must everything to evolve. Plant life, animal life, everything must adapt.

There is nothing to worry about of course. It is all for the good.

But your bodies may be experiencing discomforts as the changes are intensifying. How do you make

it through all this is what you are asking? You are saying that this part is not fun.

No, at times it may seem that way. One of the ways we suggest to you to remember and to embrace,

is how you perceive your world around you. Seeing it with a fresh new view and as an observer is vital

Stepping aside and viewing what you do as well as what others do with eyes of the observer instead

of being completely part of it, you will find that things are quite different in many respects.

We ask you to look at how you see your world. Do you see beauty and blessings all around you and
see yourself in the beauty of who you are? Or do you see as you think others think about you and how
see you?

If you can honestly answer 'yes' to our first question and  'no' to the second question then we applaud
and say to you that you are in a very small group.

If you said with honesty, 'no' to the first question then we applaud you for that honesty. And we also
you how you know what others are thinking? If they tell you then you will know, but if not, you
are coming from assumption for you cannot know what another thinks. It is all then coming from you
and not them.

Beloveds if they do tell you their thoughts about or of you, can you accept it knowing that their
opinions are theirs and have no reflection upon you no matter what they say?

By allowing what others think of you or what you perceive they think of you to be your gauge, you

are giving away your personal and beautiful power.

If someone says something to you that feels hurtful or gives you discomfort in some way, it is

because you are allowing it to do this to you and they are actually only projecting what is a reflection
of what they see in themselves. You are off the hook for it has nothing to do with you.

Beloved Ones, why would you allow yourself to have discomfort or pain when it is not necessary
at all?

We say to you, let up on you
rself and be gentle and loving with thyself. Do what feels good to you
and not what another says or what you think they will say, you should or should not do. If you do
this, and can not be so hard on yourselves, everything will be just fine in your world.

Be authentic and be true to yourself. Allow no other to tell you what to do or what not to do, how

you should or should not be. You are in charge and it is your life, your body and your own personal
story. It is all yours
and you are unique in every way.

We love you just as you are. We want you to love you in the same way. Be good to yourself and be
good to your physical body. It is a sacred temple and it deserves love, gentle care and respect.

In Joy and Laugher,
Archangel Raphael
~A Message from Archangel Raphael~                                                                  May 2018