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**This month I wish to thank Archangel Metatron for the message. This beloved
speaks to us about fear and how to change the channel of that fear.

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"The air up there in the clouds is very pure and fine, bracing and
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~ Mark Twain ~
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Greetings Beloved Friends,

As always it is a great pleasure to be here and to speak
with you in this way.

We would like to discuss a topic that can be a bit uncomfortable for many of you. Even the word
can stir up unwanted feelings. But it is very important that it does come up so that it can be

We are speaking of, beloveds, is fear.

Fear is the one emotion that resides in every one of you at various times. Where does it come
from? You do not think that you intently bring fear into your life, do you?

Most of the fears that you face have come from many lifetimes of being told you must be

fearful of this and of that. It has been given to you so very often that it has become very deeply
embedded in your beliefs.

Pay attention to how often you say, “I fear” or “I am afraid”. You will be surprised at what
hear. It has become so much a part of life for so many that they are not always aware
they do have fears.

When you do say those words you are telling the Universe that is what you want so that is

what you get. If you say, “I am afraid I cannot do this task” then you most likely will not be
able to complete that task.

Fear is an illusion of something that you think exists. This is important dear ones. Fear is an

illusion and although it seems very real it is only something that you have created in your

Ones, whatever you believe exists, will exist, as an illusion that seems real because
you have the belief that it does. There is nothing, nothing at all to ever fear except fear itself.
This has been stated by many and has been used in quotes that people share.

It is time for all beings to release, to cleanse and heal the fearful thoughts, beliefs and

emotions that are held within and replace them with love and trust. Fear can become paralyzing
if allowed to grow and consume your thoughts. It can bring you to a complete standstill in your
life and keep you from moving on your beautiful path.

And each of you has a very magnificent path to walk upon. Each path is unique and not like
another. Your path will take you where you wish to be if you surrender to your truth.

You choose the lessons you wish to learn before you incarnate. Each incarnation has certain
lessons your soul wishes to have so as to grow. Each soul is created as one with the Divine

Source and is perfect in all ways.

What you create in your human existence is there for a reason. It may seem that it has

entered into your life by some means that you have had no control over. You feel someone
or something was the cause of it because you did not put it there.

But no one can do anything to you so no one has created anything that makes you fearful.

Again it is all an illusion of your mind. Embedded beliefs that seem real.

Beloveds please remember that you have done nothing wrong if you have fear. Each and
one of you will have and have had fearful emotions. Do not chide yourselves for experiencing
any human emotion.

How you work with your emotions is what is important. Emotions of all kinds serve a very big
purpose in a soul’s growth. Understanding that they are there for a reason and that they can
healed, cleansed or shifted to another emotion that is for you Highest Good will put you in
driver’s seat.

Let me use an example. Let us say that you have a job that has a lot of stress in it. You have

bills accumulating and you do not know how you will meet the demands which are now
seemingly closing in on you. This brings a fear of losing your job and income. Then how will
ou pay those bills that you are already having difficulty paying as it is?

Each of these is enough to create fear. When you begin to combine them it is like riding on
express elevator that zips you up to the top of a mountain of fear. Then what happens? One
fear after another arises and the mountain becomes larger and larger.

Beloved ones, if this is what you are experiencing at this moment, know that it will be okay if

you allow yourself to let go. Letting go is much easier than it seems. First of all you must be
willing to let go. That is the key here: you must be willing to let go.

On the surface it may seem that of course you are willing to rid yourself of anything that is

causing the emotions that you have. But this may not be the case as you may have so much
fear within you that has come from belief systems that you have carried for a very long time.
It actually can be the only way of life you know.

So how do you do this? There are many avenues to healing. First and foremost you must be

open to change. You must be open to allowing yourself to cleanse, release and thus heal.

With this you must be willing to turn the switch on that is your remote control. Just like the

remote to your television your inner remote is for you to change channels.

When you are watching your televisions you change the channel when you don’t like what

you see. It is that easy, dear friends; you can change channels any time you wish.

Your life is yours to control, to change and to resolve what does not fit.

You can have whatever program and programs you want whenever you decide that it can
done. But remember, they are your programs and not those of anyone else. Each has to choose
his or her own programs. You change the channels on the television without thinking about how
to do it, why you should do it or if it will work. You know it will work.

You know how to do it as it does not take a scientific mind to push the button. It is there,
push the buttons and get where you want to be. No thinking about how or why is needed. You

do not have to ponder about any of this at all.

If you think about it, you are just as able to change your life to another channel that suits
that serves your Highest Good, and is in your best interest. And Beloveds, there are an infinite
number of channels for you to surf through. There is no limit on how many changes
you make.

The game of life is about constant change. Isn't it a nice thought to know that you will always

win your game no matter how you play it out? There is no losing.

Everything is changing in each moment. Nothing stands still.
Even the rock on the ground is
changing as everything is energy and energy is constantly in motion.

If you are willing to accept that changes are good and not be afraid of what is in front of you,

all will be like a big ice cream sundae with an enormous amount of whipped cream on the top
with sprinkles and a beautiful cherry to top it off.

The fear of the future and what will be in it is the biggest fear one can have. And along with

that are fears brought about regarding the past. All others pale in comparison to this one fear.

Worrying about the past serves no purpose as whatever has been is not relevant in the
moment. Worrying about the future also serves no purpose. It will all be taken care
of without
worry. What is now, in this moment, is where your focus should be.

In the unknown there does not have to be fear. The unknown can cause fear or can be an

avenue for adventure and excitement. Looking forward to what is to come, without knowing
what to expect, will bring you so many delightful possibilities that will unfold before your eyes.

Be at peace with what is in your life right now. If it is not just as you want it then know you
can change it. You have control of the switch.
Pick up that remote control and change the

And remember
Dearest Ones, that it is only your game of life, you path that is where your
focus must be.

What anyone else, whether it be a family member, co-worker, friend or group of people, is

doing is not your concern. Focus on you, on your inner work. Walk and talk that of the Divine,
of your Divine self, as the Divine being that you are.

Being love, being compassionate, being kind, being forgiving and doing everything and saying
everything in love will show you how to find the doors of opportunity that await you. When

you are an expression of these qualities, you will dispel fear because it will not have room to
grow. Fear cannot exist if you are seeing all in love.

And of course self-love is the number one item of importance on your ‘to do’ list. When you

can find the channel for love of yourself you have succeeded in so many ways.

See the whole picture instead of bits and pieces. See yourself standing in a picture of life as

you want it. See joy, happiness, abundance and health. See it. Feel it. Really get in touch with

Ones do not be afraid. You are perfectly safe at all times. Fear is only an illusion that
your mind has made up. When you can see it as just that and know that it does not have to
hold you any longer than you can free yourself of the bonds that keep you from moving

Peace of mind is what you desire and we know this. Peace of mind can be yours.

Please remember that you are never alone and you have a great number of beings in the

Light Realms who are there for you to assist you in healing and finding that peacefulness. Do
call upon your Angels and your guides who are waiting for your call.

You are safe. You are loved beyond what you can imagine. Struggling does not have to be

Thank you
most Beloved Ones for reading these words. By doing so you are showing yourself
that you are ready to move forward and to heal any fears that are holding you back from your
as the beautiful being that you are.

It is the highest desire of every being in the Light Realms that you dispel your fears and

treasure your life as it is meant to be. You are very loved and appreciated.

Many Blessings,

We are the Archangel Metatron
In Service to Humanity ©
~A Message from Archangel Metatron~                                                    April 2018