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"The air up there in the clouds is very pure and fine, bracing and
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~A Message from Archangel Chamuel                                                         November 2017

Blessed and Sweet Friends,

We come with a message of love. That is what we would like to focus your attention on at this time.
Actually it is wise to focus on it at all times.

We know that there are many, many aspects of love and the meaning of love.

What we wish to speak with you now is about the love that is found within you, in your heart space. This
is the pure and unconditional love that is your true essence.

Each one of you is a soul incarnated in this human experience. You know this. We wish to assist you, with
your permission, in an understanding of who you are; who you truly are.

You are pure love, unconditional love. That is the essence of each soul. When you come into this human
experience many things will come along that will, shall we say, get in the way of your remembering this.

You can be told many various untruths that you will eventually take on as beliefs. We do not want you to
think you have done anything wrong or ‘bad’ Beloveds. This is only part of your path towards soul growth.
You choose the experiences you wish to have while in your beautiful human body. You are a master at

You often hear nowadays that self-love is the most important thing you must do. Yes that is true
although there are many aspects of loving self.

The most important ingredient my beloved friends is letting go of judging yourselves no matter what
you think you have or have not done. Judgment serves no purpose whether it is of yourself or another.

We invite you to remember this when you find that you are berating yourself for something you have
done or said; or not done or not said.

See everything that occurs in your life as a gift, a gift for which you express your gratitude and welcome
it, even if it appears to be unwanted or even seemingly painful.

You see Most Precious Ones, each and everything is a blessing or gift that you have created for the

Embrace it all, the wonderful and the perceived 'not so wonderful' gifts that come to you.

Yes, everything that you have in your life is of your creation. No one, and that also means all of us in
the Light Realms including the Creator, can ever do anything to you that you do not allow. No one can
choose for you. No one can make the choices that bring what you experience. Each and everything that
is in your life, now and in the past, is there because you put it there. You are never a victim of anyone
or anything. It is all yours, every part of it is yours. And you are not a victim of your choices either my
friends. Every moment, every piece of it is an expression of love in some way. The soul knows what it
wishes to experience and you will never have anything you cannot work through and overcome.

Being a victim is another illusion caused by fear. You cannot be a victim. Now if you choose to see
yourself in this way, then that certainly is what you will experience. Yet it is not real. Fear causes so many
ways for the mind to create a situation that seems to be true when in reality it is not.

This is where going within to your heart and listening to what it has to say without putting boundaries
around what you do hear, is so important. Your heart will tell you that you are loved, that you are okay
and that there is nothing wrong with you or with your life.

It is so much easier to see this and express this for others isn't it? This is because you are able to be an
observer rather than a participant who can have a clouded or perhaps biased (ah, that is a very fear-based
word but we use it here for a reason) point of view.

Beloved friends, if you will allow yourselves to listen to your hearts, and we mean really listen, you will
find the answers to all that you ask. Your soul, your Angels and all of your Spirit guides speaks to you
through your heart.

If you do listen, it will tell you that you are not alone, that you are much loved and that you are doing
exactly what you are meant to do in the moment. It will tell you that there are no wrong answers and
that you have not made mistakes.

There is no judgment at any time within your heart, from your soul or from us beloved, beloved ones.

Your soul knows this. Your heart will attempt to show this to you. When you can give back the love that
is coming to you in each moment to yourself without limitations or parameters, you will find the peace
and happiness you do seek. Each of you desires this and it can be yours.

Yes, it is easier to give love to others than it is to give it to yourself. We know this. This is why we
continue to remind you of your magnificence and unlimited potential.

It is very natural to show more kindness and compassion to another one or to a situation than to show
it to yourself.

Let us look at judgment. What is it exactly? The word does not bring warmth to your heart? Does it bring
up beautiful thoughts and visions? No it does not.

Instead it perhaps feels like a barrier has been constructed around you. It may feel heavy and

And Beloved ones, this is exactly what it does. It does put a wall or barrier around you as well as around
your heart. It constricts your heart in ways that cannot be pleasant. It can weigh you down so much that
your body begins to react. Judgment of others or yourself is non-serving for anyone. It brings no solution
or good feelings.

I invite you to become observant of when you are not kind to yourself. When a friend, family member or
co-worker does or says something that you feel is not in the best interest of them or you, do you think
or say that this is not good, that this is wrong, or that they should not have done that? That is judgment.

Or do you tell them that it is okay and you still love them and this does not change your feelings or
regard for them? Can you feel the difference? Which one brings peace and which one does not?

Most of you will likely say that you do the latter. Most of you do not want to hold a grudge or be quick
to point a finger and will always give leeway to someone because you are a loving and caring being.

Now, let us look at it from another perspective. Let us say that you are the one who has done or said
what you feel is not in the best interest of them or you.

What do you do? Do you extend the same to yourself as you did in the reversed situation? Do you show
kindness and compassion to yourself?

We ask you to look at this now that we have brought it to your attention. We ask you to be aware of how
you treat yourself and if you do so in the same manner that you do with others.

We ask that you pay close attention to what you think and say about yourself. Do you make excuses for
yourself; do you use ‘I should have’, ‘I could have’ and ‘if only I would have’ I would have done a
better job or things would have been better if only…? Do you see how those ‘would haves’ put you,
beloved friends, into a box with a label that says, “Mistakes made here”?

My dear ones you cannot make mistakes. Everything you do is for a reason and if you cannot let go of
the thought that it feels like a mistake then just say, “I let that mistake go in all directions of time for it
means nothing in reality.”

We invite you begin to, shall we say, monitor how you treat yourself and to understand that you are an
incredible being. And when you catch yourself being unkind to you then say thank you for that
realization, that seeing it for what it is, is a very, very large step in your progress as a soul.

Now that we have brought this awareness to you we will move to the next step. Forgive yourself for
everything. Let go of unforgiveness.

If you are unkind to yourself, instead of thinking or saying that you are being unkind, just acknowledge
it and then tell yourself you are sorry that you were unkind. Treat yourself with compassion, kindness,
love and all the beautiful gifts that you give to others.

Of course you will understand and do this for others. We invite you to do the same for yourself as you
are the most important being in your life. For without love for yourself you cannot be loving with others
in the fullest way that you wish to be.

My dear beloved friends, the wish we have for you is to replace sadness, pain, fear, disillusionment,
thoughts of unworthiness and hopelessness with peace. Peace is there for you if you can let go of all
these other emotions. We are so very happy to assist you with this if you request it.

Please call on us. We are here and love you dearly. You do not need to experience pain in any way. Let
us help you replace it with the peace you want, the peace that your soul wants you to have.

In Peace and Much Love,
We Are the Archangel Chamuel ©