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. Thank you Uriel for the message this month.

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"At last the spell of stillness stole upon me, and in whispers taught me the language of angels."
Paramhansa Yogananda
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"The air up there in the clouds is very pure and fine, bracing and
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~A Message from Archangel Uriel~                                                                  August 2017

We would like to relate some words about your life as it is now and how it will be. You have heard from
many beings of the Light on different aspects of this. This is the most important topic for you so yes
, it
may seem as if we are bombarding you at times with the same rhetoric.

The world as you know it is in the midst of change that has never been seen before.
This we have told
you many times.
The importance of it is beyond your comprehension Beloveds but trust us when we tell
you that it is.

If you read the words that are on this page each month that is because you are among those who are
awake or awakening to your true essence and Divinity.

For some what I am telling you may be uncomfortable to understand. But it is vital that you are open to
new understanding and attempt to comprehend
our words. If at first it doesn't make sense, that is just
fine Beloveds, for when it is time you will understand what we say.

Long ago those in the Upper Realms came together to discuss the dire situation that was upon Earth

and with those who live upon the planet. It was decided that Mother Earth, also known as Gaia, was
more than worthy to have the assistance needed to bring her back to health and to help her ascend. She
had tolerated for much too long the abuse and travesty that mankind had inflicted upon her. She never
complained and withstood treatment that no being should ever be subjected to at any time.

Yes the
Earth is a living being. She is a Divine living being just as you are. She is loved by so many who
have now come together to assist her in her hours of need.

Every being in the Light, those from other planets, stars and throughout the galaxy are assisting at this

moment to change the vibration and bring Light in to replace the illusion that has been shrouding the
truth of whom she is and who you are beloveds.

In the time that we mentioned when all convened to come together for this unprecedented time, there
were many souls who volunteered to come to be a part of what is known as the New Golden Age. Only
those who could complete the service and could do the work were chosen. There were many who were
not chosen.

Everyone who is incarnate at this moment
is one of the chosen souls. Each has their own experiences to
live and
not all are not here to play the role as many of you are. Does this surprise you beloveds?

If this resonates with you then yes, you are one of the souls who have come to assist in ushering in the
new Earth. You are here to assist in altering the way of life that has been the known way. You are what

is often called a Lightworker. You are working in service to the Light. You are working with the Light.

Let us be clear, not all Lightworkers are here to shine their Light for others to see. Some are here to

offer contrast and stir things up so that the Light Brigade, if you will, can step forward to do the work.
Instead of being judgmental and critical of others, remember each and every one of you has your own
unique role to play. Let all actors in the play called life get the billing of recognition and gratitude. Yes
even those who are portraying 'the bad guys' this time around. There is a purpose in everything.

And then there are the children. Many of the younger ones are new to this venture called life. They c
from elsewhere and have not had all the lifetime experiences that most of you have had. They are pure

of heart and have big missions. They are very aware. It is not easy for them so it is very important for
those of you who are the 'experienced ones' to assist them so that they may do their work without

Now not only your planet but also humanity is changing, changing for the Highest Good of all.
So what
is it exactly that you are being asked to do? Each of you has a very important role that you chose to
accomplish. No role is more important than another. There are some who are in the limelight because

that is their purpose; to bring awareness to the masses by being seen and heard by great numbers.

If you are not one of those, your role is not any less important. This is something you must understand
and believe.

For many today who are experiencing hardship, ill health, losses and what feels like inner turmoil, it is

not easy and we understand this completely.

All old ideas and beliefs must be removed and replaced by love of self, acceptance of self, appreciation

of self, and trust of self.

Some of these beliefs can be embedded so very deep within your core that you do not see them or

know they exist. These must be brought to the surface and accepted and then released to be healed.

We ask that you create more time for the inner work you need to do. Set aside regular time to meditate,
sit and listen to the inner wisdom of your soul and allow whatever is still lurking inside to come forth.

It will if you allow it. We know that at times it seems easier to resist doing this and to ignore it. But like
the itch that needs to be scratched, it will become more and more noticeable until it cannot be ignored.

Your soul talks to you through your heart and through your body. Yes your beautiful minds chatter most
of the time if you let them. And if you let the mind be in charge it can give you all sorts of reasons to
ignore the messages your body and heart are sending by telling you that you cannot heal
or that you are
destined to be in turmoil and fear.

On the other hand, if you allow your heart to guide you and follow what it says, you will accomplish

what you need to do. And if you listen to your body as it tells you that you need to pay attention, you
can also heal as you need to heal.

Being in human incarnation is not what you might call 'a piece of cake'. It is difficult to deal with all the
dense third and fourth dimensional energies of life. This is why we tell you more and more how
appreciated you are and how important you are.

When you come into an incarnation as a human you agree to forget much of who you are so that you

may experience certain aspects of life and what you like to call lessons. All of you who are here on the
planet today as Lightworkers have had many, many incarnations. Some would call you ‘old souls’. Most

of you do come under that description. You have been around the block many times, to use a human
But being an old soul is not a requirement to do the work. Again, there are many, many different
roles in this play called life and ascension, and all are needed to play the part they have agreed to play.

You have had lifetimes that are very diverse. You have all experienced every different type of being that

is possible. Oh yes, you have been ‘good guys’ and you have been ‘bad guys’. You have done it all. Each
one brought you closer to your soul’s ascension.

Now you are here to awaken and remember who you are. You are here to recall all the wisdom and
knowledge you have acquired in all of those experiences so that you may use it for the benefit of all
sentient beings who share the planet with you.

Beloved friends, it is time to awaken and step forward to enable the process to move smoothly. The

more who embrace this, allow the healing that is needed individually as well as with your Earth, the
more rapidly the changes will come.

We ask that you work on yourselves. Be compassionate, kind and loving to you. Let go of any judgment
that you have of you and who you are. Allow the real you, the Divine being that you are, come out to

You see, if each person does this and only works on his or herself the results will be very amazing. As

each one does the inner work needed to free themselves from what no longer serves them as with fear
for example, it will be like a beautiful tree in the spring whose buds open one by one to reveal a tree
full of
 beautiful blossoms. As more and more blossoms open up, the tree becomes one display of
outstanding beauty.

This is what i
t will be like dear ones. See you and all of your brothers and sisters as blossoms on the
same tree. As one Beloveds, as one. Let us call this the new version of the Tree of Life. Does it not feel
good to be a magnificent blossom on a tree with all the other blossoms that are just as beautiful?

Your tree is symbolic of what humanity
is becoming. One with all is the new paradigm. As more and
more of your understand this concept, embrace it and visualize it as being a reality the more and more
Light can and will come in.
The new human can then emerge.

We ask this of you: be attentive and in tune with you; with your body and your intuitive senses. Make
decisions according to how you feel. When an opportunity comes to you what do you feel in your heart
and in your gut? You know these feelings and emotions beloveds. Do not ignore them. Listen and act
instead of reacting. If something feels right and everything your mind is telling you says it is not right,
listen to your heart and your body. Do not let the ego lead you away from something that you know is
what you want to do. Trust your instincts. Trust your heart. Trust yourself.

If you would like to do a test run with this so that you know the signs and how to recognize them
will give you an easy exercise to try at your convenience.

Imagine something that you know is right for you. Something that you already know is good. While
thinking of this and imagining it occurring, notice your body, your heart and your reactions even in

subtle ways. Do you get an allover feeling of joy or peacefulness, or even a smile comes to your face?
You say, “It just feels right.” How often have you said that without putting a lot of thought into it?

Then imagine something that you know is not right for you. With this you can imagine something that

you do not resonate with it. As you imagine this scenario, again notice all the signs and reactions that
come. Don’t try to make them happen, go with what just comes. Does your heart race, do you feel
tension, or complete dislike? You say, “This does not feel right and I am not going to do it.” How often
have you said this in a reaction to something that shows up?

Now you know how your body and your inner wisdom guide you. Begin
Beloveds to pay attention to
what you feel and trust it. Your Angels and guides also speak to you in this way at times. Trust that you
are getting true and loving guidance.

In closing
beloved ones, we invite you to live joyously from your heart, embrace your truth and
importance as the magnificent being you are, welcome all new opportunities that come into your life

and by doing this you empower yourselves to step into your power and walk the extraordinary walk that
you have at all times within. The more that you honor yourselves and your intuition by listening and
trusting that all the answers you ever need are right there inside, the easier it will become. Go within

and not without is a saying many use.

Awaken to the new you, the new world and the new beginnings that are on the horizon. Hear the

guidance that your inner radar is giving you. We thank you from the depths of our hearts for being you,
for coming at this time to do this work. You are an essential part in this new way of life upon planet

Earth. Thank you.

In Peace and Love,
We are the Archangel Uriel