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"At last the spell of stillness stole upon me, and in whispers taught me the language of angels."
Paramhansa Yogananda
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"The air up there in the clouds is very pure and fine, bracing and
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~A Message from Archangel Raphael~                                                               December 2017

Most Beloved Ones,

You are close to having another year under your belt, another notch on your grow chart and a whole lot of
wisdom that you have uncovered.

If you do not consider that you have accomplished a great deal in your year 2017, we urge you to sit down
and think about all that you have done, created, cleared, the insights and ah ha moments, the creations that
you have brought forth, and then you can see how much you have done.

It is the end of the year, and you should be celebrating you and be ready to welcome the new year in with
open arms. You truly are incredible and magnificent and it is time to acknowledge that!

Healing is like one of your buzz words nowadays. Most everyone is healing this and that, clearing this and
that, and seeking to find peace, health and joy in their lives.

So bringing you messages of healing is what we like most to do for it is our desire in assisting you in finding
the healing you have within you to heal everything.

What actually is healing? What comes to your mind with that word? Do you think of healing a wound? Do
you think of it as healing an aching heart?

Those are part of it but there is so much more, so much more to it.

Dearest Ones, healing is to be made whole and sound, to release anything that is within the belief system that
is the cause of whatever it is one wishes to be healed.

Each and every one of you has the power to heal right there inside you. It is within you at all times.

You can heal your physical body. You can heal your emotional body, your mental body and yes, your
spiritual body.

It most likely won’t happen overnight (yes we know you always want instant gratification with your wishes
and desires) but it will happen if you put your mind to it. Actually putting your mind to it is a term in your
humanness that can be the root of all your problems.

Your mind is a beautiful thing when used as it is supposed to be used. It is when it is allowed to take control
and be your guide. The value of the mind lies in your ability to learn to create with it.

Your heart is your guide. That is where your truth, your true essence of your being is to be found.

Finding the balance so as to let your heart guide you and then using your mental body to create what you
have been guided to do is what it is all about Beloveds.

In your dictionaries you will find various definitions of healing. Most will give you “to become or make
something healthy, whole or sound.”

In Raphael’s dictionary it is more than that. Yes, it is to become healthy. But dear friends you are already

Each one of you was created in perfection, wholeness and so there would be nothing that needed to be

Ah but here is where it can get tricky.

So you say, “If I am perfect and everything is so wonderful, why am I feeling sad or despair? Why am I
without a job or my relationship is coming to an end?” Some of you may be asking why you have lost your
homes if it is all perfect. Or why are you experiencing health issues?

Our answer to you dearest ones, that yes, you were created in that wholeness but when you incarnate into
a human lifetime, there are so many things that will come along in your path.

You are the master of your Universe. You are the creator of everything that comes into your life. We in the
Angelic realms liken it to a play or a story. You are the author of your book or play. You are the actor and it
is a one person play. You get to wear many hats as you are the director, the producer, the stage manager,
the screenwriter or publisher and every line is your own. Now in the physical if you think of it as just that it
sounds quite good – to create your own work.

But as it always goes, things begin to occur that you had not counted on. Lines are read wrong. Miscues
always come into being.

So when you think of your life as this play or story that you are in and that it is all your own creation, what
is it you want to do to correct those miscues?

Think about it. If you have a problem with your vehicle, you take it to a mechanic and he fixes the problem.

You are the mechanic who must fix those miscues in your story. And you can. You can correct each and
everything that is not working for you. It is your story. Yes there are other players at times in the story but
they only have bit parts and are in the background. You are the one and the only player who matters as what
you act out is what it will be. No one can rewrite you story. Only you can do that. And you can at any time.

So you make a choice to go in one direction. Let us use a job change for an example. You decide that your
current job is not the one you want so you seek another. You find several that you are interested in pursuing.

The first one really fits and is what your heart is telling you that you want to do. But the other one offers
more compensation even though it really doesn’t make your heart skip a beat with excitement like the first

So what do you do? Remember, this is your play to act out. If you take the second one and earn more income
but are not happy, is it worth it?

If you take the first one and find yourself where you are excited to go to work each day, you produce more
and are never bored but the income is lower, is it worth it?

Now if you make the choice to go for the income and then find you are not happy, you can change the story
and go after one that is like the first job.

You cannot make a mistake. You are in a Free Choice Universe and whatever you choose will be the right

Often when the mind is doing the guiding, thoughts can come in that there is imperfection and this comes
from the teaching of separation. That is: that the Creator, or Source is separate and judgment is there. Human
minds are what judge, not the Creator. You are an extension and One with God, Source, the Universe, Creator,
or however you wish to call the one source of all creation.

So when the mind is guiding you it is hard to see the whole picture and see that this is so. The mind loves
logical explanations.

You cannot make a mistake. Every choice you make is the best one at that moment. Fear of making a mistake
is what holds you back and blocks so much that you could have and achieve. All that you experience will bring
you growth and wisdom.

Do we have you confused now?

You see, you are here to learn valuable lessons in your soul’s growth. Each lesson is very unique and many
are hard which is how you chose it. The harder it may be the more value there is in the lesson.

So how do you make it through all these lessons?

Beloveds, you do it with trust and faith that the outcome will be perfect and all will be okay. And you can.
Each of you is very powerful and has all that you need right inside you.

Okay, we know you are asking how we got from healing to creating a play and making choices.

Dear friends, when you learn what it is you need to learn in a situation then you are healing.

Do not worry that you can’t do this. You can and you
are doing it. When you let go of the fears of making
wrong choices, of making changes and moving forward, you are creating the opening that will allow it all to
come to you.

We do not want you to get too entangled in trying to figure this all out. You are doing fine and all will work
out perfectly if you hold trust that it will, allow yourself to move along in the flow of the Universe, which by
the way moves along quite nicely, and listen to the guidance that comes from within you.

Your body is a sacred vessel and because it is, it is very important to take care of it. Your body is a beautiful
and incredible work of art. Think about what you put into it, what you do to it and how you treat it. It is your
home, your house and needs to be treated as such. Take pride in your body. Exercise, proper eating habits
and seeing it as a beautiful home is how you should begin to attend to it. Many of you are already doing a
splendid job in this and we applaud you for that.

So we would like to conclude with expressing to you that healing comes from within. Everything can be healed
and you can do that healing. Yes, there are many in the Spiritual realms that will help you and guide you with
this and your Creator wants you to be healthy in all ways.  

Feel good about who you are and what you do. Feel love for who you are. Your happiness is in your hands.
Write your story just as you want it to be and then act out the part in fullness.

Blessing in Love, Light and Peace
AA Raphael