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"The air up there in the clouds is very pure and fine, bracing and
delicious. And why shouldn't it be - it is the same the angels breathe."
~ Mark Twain ~
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~A Message from Archangel Ariel~                                                                              June 2013

Beloved Ones,

We are Ariel and we come to you with a message of hope and love. So many now are feeling their world is upside
down, topsy-turvy and out of whack. We know this and understand.

Change is constant and so with that is your life. Things are not as they used to be. Things will never be as they

used to be and that is okay beloveds. Letting go of the past and the old ways, the old beliefs and paradigms is
for each and every human upon the planet. Clinging to what is no more, what does not work and is of
the old way keeps you from emerging as the beautiful butterfly that you are. The cocoon has served its purpose
and now is the time to leave it and move to the new and true butterfly you are meant to be.

If you are very honest with yourself can you say that you like the way things are and think nothing can be

better? You have so much to receive, so much potential, so many vistas to traverse if you allow it to come.
What is holding you back?

We ask these questions for we want you to really ponder it all and listen to the whispers of your spirit that tell you
what can be, what your heart, your soul wants for you. Nothing can keep it from you except yourself dear ones.
Everything is possible, everything is an opportunity and everything is doable.  You are an unlimited being and are
not just a body who is finding your way through a life of dead-ends, hardship after hardship, disappointment after
disappointment and seeing no end to it all.

Many feel exactly like this. Have you said or heard someone say, "Life isn't easy." "No pain, no gain." "Keep your
up." "The rich get richer and the poor get poorer." "I am not supposed to be happy (or abundant or living
on Easy Street). "Not everyone is meant to have happiness." and on and on! Oh we shudder when we hear these
and yes, they are thought and spoken so very often, way too often.

We ask when one says or thinks in this way, "Who told you that?" Many do not listen to us but we do say it quite
loudly. Those who wish to hear will. Those who do not will not.

No! No! No! Beloved and dear friends it is time to let go of all of these troublesome and even paralyzing thoughts

and beliefs. For so many lifetimes you have been made into robots who follow the programming that is inside you.
You are
not computers. You are not programmable dolls yet humanity has allowed this to be the way.

We ask you in pure love and with heartfelt guidance, to let this all go. You are here as a representative of the

Light which means you are part of and One with all. We are not above you, hovering over you like birds of prey.
We are
here and with you, each of you, and want only the best for you. You need not go by those old rules of
pain and suffering, worthlessness, and the 'we' and 'they' concept any longer. It is not meant to be this way.

Again we ask "Who told you that?" Is this something you just think is the way it is to be or were you told by

peers, family, teachers, religious figures, the media that everyone and everything is and must be a certain way?
We want to plant the seeds that will possibly give you the desire to question what has been the way of your life
and to ask if it really is what you want.

If so it is time to change who you listen to beloveds and let your heart tell you what the truth is, what is your

truth. And with this we say that your truth does not have to be that of another. And they do not have to follow
Each of you has your own unique truth and identity.

Are you ready dearest ones to step into your truth and the real you? Are you ready to reveal the Divine being

you are and the exquisite soul that you are? Are you ready to take charge of your life and not follow what others
tell you
that you should or should not be? Are you ready to put your unique stamp on the world and allow all to
see you? There is nothing to hide, nothing to fear and nothing to be ashamed of at all. You are, as has been said
time after
time on this page in the messages that are brought to you, so much more than you can even fathom.
You are
loved by the Universe. You are one with all and with the Creator so how can that be flawed? You have
no flaws, you make no mistakes, your personal power is incredible.

For some our words will fall upon deaf ears. We know this. We reach those who want to be reached. If you do

not and do not want to listen to what we say, we hold you in unconditional love just as we do those who do
listen. We are not here to tell you what to do. We do not expect you to follow our guidance if you do not wish
to do so. We sit not in judgment of anyone but in love and that is all.

You have Free Choice and Free Will. So you can do what you choose to do. That is the beauty of it all. You

have the capability to do amazing things and achieving greatness in ways you think is impossible. We only offer
to you and nothing more. We support you in every choice you make. Use us in the way that feels
right to you. We are your cheerleaders, your fans, your supporters in every way.

And know this beloved ones, no matter what your choices are, you will bring home the top prize. There are

no losers in this what some call 'game of life'. All win. All succeed.

If you choose to stay in the place you are in and not to advance that is okay. Yet we invite you to consider

what it is that you want. If you are happy, truly happy with how things are and think that there is no need for
then so be it. That is yours to choose.

And if you say you want more, you know there is more out there for you then go for it darlings. We do not care

for your sayings of  'take the bull by the horns' or 'the tiger by the tail' for animals are beautiful beings and we do
not want them hurt. We know that these are sayings that have meanings that are not literal. How about saying
you 'take advantage of the gifts of opportunities that come to you and go with the ones that feel right
for you'?

Above all we want you to be in joy and happiness. We want you to know how special you are and how loved

you are. We wish for you to know that you have the power within you to be who you want to be, go where
you want to go and create what you want in your life with no boundaries or limitations. See yourself as limitless
instead of
limited. Do not fall into that pattern of 'I am only human' for you are much more than that. There is
only a small part of you in your human experience. You are not only human. Do not forget this my dear friends.
Oh the vastness that is you. It is hard in the human consciousness to understand this. This is where trust can
be of a benefit to you. Trust what Ariel says to you and what all the others of the Angelic Realms and the beings
of Light who are around you say to you. Do you believe? Do you trust? When we ask this and you read these
words what feelings come to you? A smile perhaps or a warmth in your heart? Allow your body and your inner
wisdom to help
you learn to trust and believe.

Let us help you change from 'limited' to 'limitless', from 'powerless' to 'powerful', from 'hopeless' to 'unstoppable',
and 'fearful' to 'fearless'. All that is available to you when you wish to invite it in. We would be overjoyed to assist
you with making these changes in your life.

Are you ready for the new season of your life? As on your television there are new seasons for your favorite

shows. How about a new season that is fresh and filled with great expectations in joy and fun of your life? You
get to choose what plays in your program and change what is not to your liking anymore. You can keep some
and remove others. Or you can clean house and rid the season of all and start anew. Again it is your choice.

Our wish for each of you is to be comfortable in your own shoes and not to feel you must wear another's. We

wish for you to be open to change and to embrace it with enthusiasm and child-like anticipation. Our wish is for
you to feel the love in your heart that is always there for you and to create the life that is meant to be yours.
You can do this if you choose. Do you choose beloveds? Do you?

With blessings of love, peace and joy,

We are Archangel Ariel and we are with you
***The Angels continuously surprise me with delightful guidance and this definitely
fits into that category. Archangel Ariel is the 'Messenger' for August. In the above
notation regarding a video that was made of a message from Ariel from 2013, I
shared how blessed I felt that someone would take one of my channeled messages
and create a video with it. Lately I have been thinking about it and found myself
listening and watching that video. It had been a long time and I felt Ariel's loving
presence so strongly. So lo and behold, Ariel wishes that I reprint the message here
and let you read it if you choose and to watch the video also if you so choose. Please

Angels' Blessings, Linayah

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