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A Message from Archangel Jophiel                                                     February 2019

Greetings Beloved Ones,                                                                                                   

The topic of our message for you is Love.

Love. This is a big subject, is it not? There are of course many, many aspects of love. As love
can have many meanings let us focus at this time on the love that is within each of you.
Of course we chose this topic  because this is the month that many celebrate the day know
n for

When you choose to come into a human incarnation, which of course you all have, you come with
pure unconditional love. Your pure and perfect Divinity is there and is essentially who you are.

Visualize if you will, a bright light. You can see it as a candle or a star. Whatever you wish is how
your Light will be
. It is like a spark that is in your center. It can never be extinguished. That is
because that is your true self. No matter what occurs while you are moving through your human
journey; that light, your love, is always there.

As you beg
an on your journey you had no fears, no judgment, no illusions of anything and all
you kn
ew is love and joy. Then as time goes by you begin to absorb beliefs and notions that there
is something other than love and joy. You begin to forget who you are and what you are all about.

Beloveds, this is part of what your journey is about. To let go of or forget and then to discover and
uncover again.

When you come to a place, and everyone will at different times in the journey, where you begin

to feel a stirring within you and a wonder as to what are you doing here and what is life all about;
you are at a very big turning point. This is often called awakening.

You are awakening to what is already in your being. You are beginning to hear inner wisdom
that had been shut off.

You begin to want to know more about your spiritual being.

Each is on their own unique path. No one is the same. This is what is so beautiful about it. You
are your own unique self. And each one of you is a beautiful and precious being.

So you have begun your seeking of all that you want to know, which of course you already do
know it, so you are actually beginning to recall that knowing.

You start to see everything in a different way. What was once something that seemed to matter
before is now not so important. Your sense of values shifts and you see that so much you have
been told and believed is just not true. Your truth is coming to the surface.

It can be confusing and even a bit frightening to many. There is nothing to fear beloveds as we
are here to assist you in this. We will always be right beside you and you are safe and always

Once you begin to see that relationships, your way of life, and your stringent beliefs are changing,
you begin to enter into what will eventually be peace.

When you come to understand that you do not have to please anyone but yourself, you will find a

You do not have to dress a certain way because that is what society feels you should do. You do
not have to have material items just because it is ‘good for your image’. The image of you is only
for you to hold. And when you hold the image in love and joy, then others will see that as well.
You can be who you want and do what you want. Of course if you follow your heart, all you do
will be in love. Your soul knows where you wish to go so let it guide you there.

So we go to the most important part of love. That is: simply loving yourself. Dear ones, no matter
how much love you want to give to others, until you love yourself first, you cannot give in totality.

Oh how many of you give love, kindness and compassion to others but do not do the same for
yourselves. And as we said until you do that you cannot be whole in your love.

Self-love is the most important aspect of your soul growth and your path.

Self-love must exist before all else. And when you have it then all else will follow. Self-love is an
expression of who you are and knowing that you are a Divine being and One with all. There is no
separation between you and your Creator, between you and those beings in the Spiritual realms
such as Angels and Masters.

We are all One and therefore we are all equal. As you love others love yourself. This love must
be unconditional. No matter what you do or say, the love for yourself must never waiver. This is
how we love you. In our eyes you are perfect in all ways. In our eyes there is no wrong or right.
No one is better than another. That cannot be as there is only oneness.

So precious friends, see yourself in the
Light and love that you are. Know how magnificent you
are. Do not judge anything you do. Let go of the past and what you feel are ‘mistakes’. If
something did not turn out as you thought it would then it was a lesson for you to understand
and grow in. You are each so very precious and loved. Let go of thoughts that are otherwise.
Allow yourself to feel love and admiration for you and who you are, what you do and what you
create. You have choice in everything. Choose love. Choose to be love. Choose to be loving of

As you heal in this way, you will heal in other ways. Believe that you are healed in every way
because you are so beautiful and so loved. Trust that because your essence is love, all is good.
And it is beloveds, it is.

Capture the love and joy that you arrived in at your birth. Bring back that pureness of
unconditional love for you.

See the truth and understand that you are so much more than you have believed. Release
all the judgments and guilt of anything you believe you have done or you have said. Release the
beliefs that have been embedded in your consciousness that you are not worthy or good enough.
You are more than good enough as you are all beings of Light and Love.

The power of the awareness of your true being and your Divinity is unlimited when you
completely acknowledge that, it is so. When you do this miracles will come to you. It is your
birthright to be in happiness at all times, to be in perfect health, and to have abundance in
everything you wish. It is your Creator’s wish for you to have this. Only you can keep it from
being a reality.

We close now with a reminder that you are so very, very loved at every moment. Be in that
moment and let the past go. The future will take care of itself and is very bright if you stand in your

In Unconditional Love,
Archangel Jophiel