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This month I wish to thank Archangel Ariel for the message.  Ariel is always available
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the message this month about the beloved children on the Earth.

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The message from
August 2017 was from Archangel  Uriel
"At last the spell of stillness stole upon me, and in whispers taught me the language of angels."
Paramhansa Yogananda
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Archangel Ariel Messages

"The air up there in the clouds is very pure and fine, bracing and
delicious. And why shouldn't it be - it is the same the angels breathe."
~ Mark Twain ~
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~A Message from Archangel Ariel~                                                                   September 2017

Beloved Ones,

The energy of today is being felt by all. By allowing it to come and embracing it will assist in ushering in what
will soon be an entirely new world – different from the one you know now. And you know deep within that it
is time for change and you are ready to welcome it. It might seem a little scary and you are unsure but deep
inside your very being you know it and want it. We understand this.

What we would like to speak about with you is related to this changing world. Let us talk about the precious
children, the ones who are here to do much and who ask only that you nourish and support them as they do
the work they have come to do. What you do now will impact what the children of today and those to come
will experience. Look at it as you are creating a legacy, a bright and happy world.

All of humanity will benefit Beloveds but those who will reap the rewards the most are the children. They are
the future; they are the visionaries of what will be.

We ask that you begin to look at the children in new ways. They are not just young people who are going to
grow and become adults. They are not the new ones who will go through the ‘systems’ as you like to refer to
your educational, religious, and governmental structures that have been in place for so very long, for way
too long.

Do you wish for clean air, pure drinking water and plenty of food for nourishment for these precious ones?
Of course you do. Thus we ask of you to begin to visualize this very idea and see it as done. Do not think
that you cannot do anything about it and it doesn’t matter for you in your lifetime

Beloveds! This is not true! It does matter and you can do a great deal. See it as done and it shall be!

Begin by moving out of your mind for a while and move into your heart space where you can find your truth
and your soul’s wishes; where you inner wisdom and guidance will give you your truth.

The children of today are so much more intelligent, wise and intuitive beings than you realize. They are here
with a very big purpose. We ask that you look at them with new eyes and listen to them with new ears.

They need your support, your love and your assistance so that they may fulfill the beautiful purposes that
they carry with them.

They are not merely children as seen in the old ways; as being seen and not heard.

Listen to them, hear what they have to say, learn from them for they are teachers who have come to assist
in ushering in the Light that is ascending upon the planet.

Do not shut them off. Do not ignore them. Do not tell them that they should not have imaginations or have

Beloveds they know so much. They offer so much. Look into the eyes of a little one and see the glistening
that is there as you look into the soul of a precious being. See the wisdom and the love that is there.

Listen with an open heart to what they say. They have so much to share. We ask you to honor them.

Honor these precious souls as you would a priceless gift that has been bestowed upon you. Treasure these
gifts from the Divine for that is exactly what they are. They are gifts to the world and for the world.

When they say they see Angels or fairies, believe them for it is so. When they talk to animals in a conversation
in the same way as though they were speaking to you, believe them and smile at the ability they have to
communicate in this way.

You see Beloveds; every one of you came into this lifetime with these abilities. You were in pure unconditional
love. You could hear and speak with spirits. And you thought nothing of it for it was just the way it was. You
didn’t have to think about it for it was natural to you.

Then for most everyone who is in human form now, it began to fade. Not that the ability was lessening but
because you were told that you should not do these things; told you were silly and should cease immediately.

Many were even threatened because of it.

This all came from generation after generation of beliefs that were handed down. Most adults meant no
harm for they were doing just what they had been told and thus it was a real belief for them.

Now it is known that it is alright to be a child, one who sees, hears, feels and knows and is able to
communicate with Angels, fairies and animals, plants and trees. Unicorns? Why not?

We are asking you to be open to allowing the children to grow and thrive and not put restrictions upon
them because of what you may have as beliefs.

Nurture them in all ways. Nurture their love for all living things. Become involved with them by working
with them while allowing them the freedom to grow and shine the incredible Light that they are. There are
many ways this can be done.

Go on nature walks or hikes with them. Go with them to the beach or to the countryside to see the animals.

Hug trees with them, yes you heard us correctly; hug trees with them. Trees are living beings and carry much
wisdom in their energy. We are not talking about hugging trees in the way that many humans think of it –
as being some crazy activists.

Watch a waterfall and talk to them about what you both see. Get down on the ground and watch an ant or
a ladybug going about doing what they do.

Become a child too for you each have an inner child that wants to experience what these children experience.

Climb a tree; play on a slide with them. Let go of restrictions that you feel make you seem childish if you
do this. Being a child is a natural way to be.

Do art projects with the children. Read books together. Watch fun and educational videos together.
Participate with them. This is very important dear ones. Please do not plant them in front of a television or
on a computer for video games. This stifles them. We invite you to make time to interact with these children
instead of focusing on your busy life which has no time for them. Make time. Make time. If you have the
intention you will be able to make the time available. We will help you make room if you ask us.

We would like to see parents, guardians, teachers, grandparents, aunts and uncles adjust the way they
interact with these children, in the way they speak to them, what they teach them, by the example they show
them and to treat them with respect rather than merely a little person who needs to be held in control and
doesn’t have anything to offer.

Begin to show respect and love for them by being an example; an example of love, kindness and compassion.

Show them how to treat others by how you treat family members, friends or strangers. Show them an
example of your treatment of others when the children are present. Do you treat others with love and without
criticism, with compassion and forgiveness? Do you speak to others with respect or disrespect? Do you set an
example of being open to allowing others to have an opinion that is different than yours? Do you allow others
to say and do something that is not in alignment with what you would say or do?

Beloveds, this is what we are speaking of when we ask you to be an example. Show the children how to
honor another even if they are different or have different ideas. Let them see that it is okay to be different or
to think or act in a way that is not like others.

Of course we are not promoting behavior that is harmful to anyone. These precious children need to
understand that they do not have to do something that does not feel good to them. They need to see that
it is okay to move to the beat of a different drummer. They need to understand that it is okay to be who they
are and not have fear of being criticized, ridiculed or judged because of whom they are. Do you see what we
are attempting to tell you?

Another part of this is to show that you can make a mistake and that it is alright to do it. When you get upset
at a child and yell or say something that is hurtful, degrading, or harmful, express that. Say that you are sorry
that you yelled at them for playing with something that could hurt them. Say that you yelled because you love
them very much and do not want to see them be hurt in any way. Be honest and tell them how much you love

Hug them; hold them in an embrace of love. You are not saying you were wrong and that you are sorry you
yelled but it was a reaction to something that could harm them. Tell them many times how much you love
them. You cannot tell them this enough.

They are very intelligent and understand much more than for which they are often given credit. They are
very in tune with energy and so if they feel your honesty and your love they will understand that you are
speaking from your heart.

Create a trust between you and these children. Create a space for them so that they know they are safe.
Let them know it is okay to express their feelings, to express their ideas and dreams no matter how far out they
may seem to you.

Allow them to explore and create and imagine. If you allow this they will grow into beautiful and loving
adults. If you can allow yourself to think as a child with them you will experience amazing and magical times.
As we said they have so much to teach, to share and they must be allowed to do this to the fullest extent.

And Beloved Ones, if you are not able to participate actively with children in the ways of which we have
spoken, that is perfectly okay. You can still put energy into something else.

Do what you can to help heal and preserve the planet. Pick up trash and garbage on the sidewalk or path
that you are walking upon or volunteer to be a part of cleaning of a beach, park or other place you see the

Recycle items that can be regenerated back into something new.

Do what you are able to do. Volunteer somewhere that you can do something that is beneficial to the earth.

There are so many marvelous organizations that could use your assistance.

And lastly we ask that you visualize the earth and all beings that inhabit her as healed and as you wish it to
be from your heart. See and feel how that would look to you. Begin to see it and feel it as it is already here,
already a fact of life.

See clean waters, fresh and pure air, children laughing and playing everywhere across the planet and see
that every single one of them has a full belly. By doing this and putting energy into it, it will manifest. Your
true and heartfelt intentions are very powerful.

Give these blessed ones, the children, a life as it should be. Work with them and yes honor them. Thank
them for being who they are and blessing you and the world. Love them and play with them.

With Blessings of Peace, Love, and Joy,
We are Archangel Ariel and We are with You