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^i^This month I wish to thank Archangel Uriel for the message on forgiveness
and the past. Beloved Uriel shares with us about shifting into our truth and knowing who
we are.

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Linayah Kei
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"At last the spell of stillness stole upon me, and in whispers taught me the language of angels."
Paramhansa Yogananda
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"The air up there in the clouds is very pure and fine, bracing and
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A Message from Archangel Uriel                                                              September 2019

Most Beloved Friends,

We are so appreciative for your taking the time to read our words this day. We know that life as it is on
Planet Earth is very busy, hectic, rushing here and there is the norm, not enough time in your day, and
then weariness and exhaustion can show up. So this is why we understand that it is a task at times to
take a few minutes to read something or listen to something that might be beneficial.

We hope that you will be able to receive some insight and peacefulness with our words. If what we
say to you resonates with you, then we feel we have done what we wish to do.

All messages upon this page are given in love, gratitude and sweetness. And often we may seem to
be repeaters but there is a reason for it. Each who gives a message may say the same thing but will
say it in a different way. And with that some will 'get' what is said my one Archangel and others may
'get' what another one imparts.

Each of you is unique. Each of you is different. Each of you is on your own personal journey and
what resonates with one will not with another. This is what is one of the beautiful things about life.

We who reside in what is called the Higher Realms are your supporters, your co-creators, your trusted
friends. If you choose to see us in this way and not as separate and unavailable, your life can shift in a
dramatic way. For when you understand that you don't have to do everything by yourself, that you are
not here to struggle and stress, you see that there is so much more to this journey of yours, this
incredible gift of life.

We know you have heard the saying 'What you resist, persists'. Oh yes, that is true is all ways. The
human ego has a great role in helping to keep you on your toes so to speak. That ego will tell you many
things that you choose to believe. Don't fight with your ego. Allow it to show you that you are in control,
not as you might think - the mind and the ego run the show, but it is you who runs it all. You are the
only driver of your vehicle and you can test drive it in anyway you wish and where you wish to go.

Resisting comes in many forms. If you have a nudge or a thought that feels good and you ignore it
because it doesn't make sense, seems too outlandish and foolish, you don't have time or the money or,
and on go the reasons -
that is the resisting. The ego will be very willing to help you find numerous reasons
to ignore something that most likely is what you
r heart, that your soul desires and what could be something
that could bring you joy and happiness.

Many resist because of fear. Fear is an ugly beast. It has many faces. Take a moment and ask yourself
while being very honest, what it is you fear. You might even make a list and look to see all the fears. Do
this without judgment for fear itself is a great teacher. And as long as you resist all will persist and life
will continue on as it is.

Beloved Ones, we ask you to see everything,
everything, in your life with the eyes of love, kindness and
compassion. See all the issues that show up as gifts instead of burdens. We repeat: see everything as a
gift. We promise that when you embrace all with love and gratitude, while holding true to what is in your
heart, you will know without a doubt that all is in Divine and Perfect Order and that you cannot fail! There
is no failure - the belief that failure has or will occur is what can make it seem real to you.

So perhaps you are asking how you
move away from believing in failure and having fear of that failing.
and Dearest Ones, it is so much more simple than you make it to be. That is something the
beautiful human, you who are an incredible being in your human suit, think is hard. You have been

taught and thus believe that life is meant to be hard, there is all work and no play, you have to work,
work, work to gain and be anything and then of course you are so exhausted trying to accomplish this
and end up without the true meaning of life - that of joy, laughter, love and blessings. Magical
moments are created by the human who shifts away from all of those old beliefs of fear, lack, and
gloom and doom, to embracing each moment with heartfelt love, adoration and joy. And those
three are what you will have if you decide to shift. You have a magic wand in your hand. Are you
ready to use it?

You are so much more powerful than you think you are and you can achieve anything - yes ANYTHING -
when you decide you have had enough of the old and worn out, the undesirable way life has been and
say "No more".

Saying this and meaning it (not just uttering words without completely feeling them will not change
anything) is your first and biggest step. After that you can get into the flow of 'easy peasy' which is a
very delightful place to be. You deserve to have this flow in your life. You deserve it because it is your

Please do this Dearest Ones: trust, believe and love yourself, love your life and everyone and everything
in it. It all begins with you. It all depends on how you give love, appreciation, honor, kindness with no
judgment whatsoever to you! To you!

If you are willing to do this, then you can find the peace of mind, the love that you desire and the
knowingness that you are so very loved and that All really is well! You did not come here to experience
struggle, sadness, emptiness and low self-esteem. No you did not! You came to enjoy a beautiful journey
of experiences that you choose and to find growth and insight along the way. It is all good Beloveds! It
really is all good!

You can master anything and you can master your life as it is meant to be. You can create anything and
you can create your life as it is meant to be. See and know you Divinity! See and know how precious you
are and how nothing can harm you in any way. See and know that you are a Divine creation of
God/Source/Universe/Creator or however you choose to see the source of all creation, and so how could
you be less than Divine?

Banish all those untruths, beliefs and programming now Dearest Ones! Open the door and show them
out and then close the door behind them as you tell them thank you and send them on their way. They
are not needed or welcome any longer.

The most important words in your vocabulary are: Love, Joy, Trust, Believe, Compassion, Kindness,
Self-love, Self-Care, Gratitude, Appreciation and Yes! Say yes to all of those words and we promise that
it will be wonderful, magnificent and awesome. It is up to you to decide to choose what you wish to do,
who you wish to be and where you wish to go. Just you. No one else can tell you what to do or not do,
who to be or not be, or where to go or not go. It is for you, the singular you, to take hold of the wheel
of your incredible vehicle, turn the key on and gently move forward to unknown horizons that you know
will be exciting, fabulous, and filled with magical moments - those moments that only you can create.
You do not have to know what lies ahead. All you need to know is that it is all perfect and splendid.

Go forth today and begin anew. See it as a new beginning, a new adventure and a new you! It is your
choice and we are your cheerleaders in every step you take. We have you covered so there is not one
thing to fear or be concerned about.

We smile as we say all of this to you. Our heart is filled with love and tenderness for you. We know
who you are and we know what you can do. You can do anything! Remember this along the way:
"Uriel said so".

In Love, Light, Gratitude and Blessings,
We are the Archangel Uriel