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The message from
June 2017 was from Archangel  Jophiel
"At last the spell of stillness stole upon me, and in whispers taught me the language of angels."
Paramhansa Yogananda
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Archangel Ariel Messages

"The air up there in the clouds is very pure and fine, bracing and
delicious. And why shouldn't it be - it is the same the angels breathe."
~ Mark Twain ~
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~A Message from Archangel Raphael~                                                            July 2017

Dearest and Most Beloved Ones,

Challenges, obstacles, surprises, barriers, uncertainty, and fatigue.

So many of you have been and are encountering physical as well as emotional and even mental
challenges at this time. We know this and understand completely.

You are in a time of change of which most of you are aware. And you are not alone for many are
experiencing their own issues. We know this does not help your own personal challenges but if it can
ease it a bit to know that others are in the same challenging times, then that is good, for we want you
to feel that you are never alone. No we are not saying 'misery loves company' for we never want you
to be miserable!

With everything changing and we mean this literally as everything is in a process of change, unrest
and concern comes into play.

We say that if you can hang on all will be okay. We liken it to riding the waves as a surfer. If you can
hold on and go with the waves instead of fighting them, the ride will be more enjoyable.

We know many of you have seen losses in many areas of your lives. And we know it is hard to
understand, but if you can look at it as clearing out the old to make room for the new, perhaps you
can have a new perspective and with a different view you can see that all is not falling apart and is

On the contrary, it is opening up new opportunities for you. Sometimes releasing material things is
necessary for change to come. Releasing anything that is holding you back, whether it be material
or not, is taking a big step in the right direction. It may seem to be hard to let go at the time but
hindsight will eventually show you that it was the right way to go.

Instead of fearing change and resisting it, we invite you to look at the whole picture with a new eye.

We understand when you have something in your life that seems to stop you from moving on no
matter what direction you turn; that life seems to be full of only hard knocks and winless situations;
that once you begin something it seems like you have opened that proverbial can of worms and
nothing seems to go right; it can be draining, taxing and very upsetting. We do understand this,

We assure you that we are here doing what we can to help ease as much as we can. Yet we can
only do so much for it is only you who can bring yourself through it and trust us you
can do it.

As difficult as it may seem if you can pull yourself up by those old bootstraps and hold your head
high no matter what is occurring around you, all will turn out in a good way. Look up instead of down
for up is limitless and filled with sunshine.

We know this is a hard concept for some of you to grasp or even want to hear. Yet we say it anyway
out of love for you: no matter what you experience in your life, it is of your own creation.

You are here to experience and you create those experiences. No one can do that for you. You are
in charge. You are the creator of your life and what occurs in it.

When something that you do not like comes into your life, perhaps it would be wise to step back
and attempt to see what the underlying factors are. There is always something at the root of  

Fears and old beliefs are often what the stem or the root of the situation is.

You are here to experience life and you create the experiences within it. And whether you are aware
of it or not, you are creating everything! It does not matter what you have experienced, you have
created it. All you create is of value and there are no mistakes.

So instead of saying that someone or something has done this or that to you and that you are a
victim of circumstances, try owning the responsibility of your creations.

If you enjoy drama then continue to bring drama into your world. On the other hand if you prefer
joy and fun than do what you can to bring that to you and into your life. It is as basic as that.

You have full control or rein and if you are not pleased with what you have then you can create
something new and a different experience.

Think of it as using Legos, those fun building pieces that children like so much. You have a very
large amount of different shaped pieces that are also in many different colors.

You begin to build, to create, something with a vision. As you go along you decide it just is not
what you want so you remove some of the pieces or even all of them and begin to rebuild.

You can rebuild any experience or creation you have made, for you are the only one who owns the
pieces and it is your call as to how you will erect your creation. No one can build them or knock
them down without your permission. They are your building blocks and yours to build whatever
you wish.

Beloveds, each time you rebuild or recreate you are healing something. On the surface it may not
appear that way.

Yet think about it. When you have a cut on your finger you tend to it so that it can heal and what
does that entail? The tissue is rebuilding is it not?

Healing is not only a physical thing, it is getting to the bottom or the root and applying the right
remedy to bring healing in all areas. Healing of emotions, fears, old beliefs that no longer serve you
will bring healing to the physical vessel. And we are here to assist you with this if you wish and you

Laughter is healing. Smiling is healing. Humming and singing are healing. Holding love in your heart
and thus in your words and actions is healing. This is where to begin. Your outlook on your life, of the
world around you and how you move through it is where the healing really begins to come.

Let yourself have some fun, don’t be so serious all the time and enjoy life more Dear Ones. It really
is all about having fun and being in joy. A mere change in attitude is like a chemical free medicine
you will benefit from in all ways.

Trust that everything is going to be okay for it really is. You are the one who makes life easy or
difficult for yourself. What a master of creating you are! Don't be hard on yourself for what has
transpired in your life for everything, EVERYTHING, is an experience for your expansion and growth.
Life can be very dramatic, or be a melodrama. It can be fun and even a comedy. If you think of it as a
comedy of errors (that is metaphorical only for nothing is in error) and laugh instead of crying, you
will have so much more fun. Nothing is as bad or horrendous as you think it is. Remember, everything
is an illusion. What are you going to pull out of your magic hat next?

In Joy and Laughter,
Archangel Raphael