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~A Message from Archangel Michael                                             January 2018

Happy New Year to All My Beloved Friends!

It has become a ‘tradition’ for us to give the message for the New Year and we look forward
to doing so. It gives us an opportunity to speak with those who wish to hear our words
about closing the door on the previous year and moving through the new door/s of another

Do not despair when a door closes. Just as you put your new calendar for the year up on
the wall or on a device, you are ready to begin anew.

Always view it as giving you an opportunity for something better to be behind a new door.
Always be ready to welcome new and unknown opportunities. You don’t have to know all
the details for we will take care of that just like a personal assistant would do.

Transformation continues to occur within and around everyone everywhere. It is there for
all. What unfolds is up to you. If you are open to change, new insights and viewing things
in different ways, then it can be a fun and wonderful experience. If not, then it will just take
longer to get to where you are going. You will get there, but how long depends on your
willingness to expand, change, and let go of the old and unneeded. Some take the scenic
route and others go the straight and narrow way.

Everyone moves through their own unique transformation in the way they choose. Each
individual is in transformation and all will be in it. No one will be left out. Ascension is
promised to all.

It is a beautiful thing, this transformation of yours. Moment to moment more and more
continue to awaken to the Divinity that is within them. Beloved ones, if you can open up to
allowing your heart to lead you in the right direction and to letting go of limitations and old
outdated beliefs, what a fantastic trip you will have. All life is changing upon and within the
Earth no matter what form they may be in at this time. Humans, animals, plants, minerals
and of course the Earth herself are shifting and changing in ways that you cannot fathom.
But trust us when we tell you that it is all beautiful and glorious.

We urge you to take a look back at the entire year and process that it held and you just
might see what giant steps you have taken to overcome, heal, clear and let go. If you look
at it with open eyes and an open heart you can see that all that was put in front of you has
been changed, altered, completely removed or smoothed out so that you could move
forward on your beautiful journey. You have gained strength, knowledge, insight and clarity
in so many areas of your lives. Does this not feel very good to you?

We ask you to not focus upon details and situations but instead look at the whole picture,
read the whole book and not just bits and pieces of it. Reading a few chapters and skipping
the others will not give you what is intended in your book. See the accomplishments, the
celebrations, the blessings and the growth that you have had in just one year. And do not
dismiss what you think are too small to note.

All the experiences and wisdom, the insight and understanding are yours forever and no
one can take them from you.

It is time for you to acknowledge yourself and who you are. Your accomplishments are
not to be taken lightly Beloved Ones. Honor yourself, express gratitude to you, and let all
the thoughts of mistakes, mishaps, guilt and unforgiveness of self to go right now.

We want you to love yourself, love the one who is a human and has human emotions.
Love the one who gets angry or sad. Love the one who is hesitant to step forward into
unknown territory. Love the one who has a soft heart and cares for others. Love the one
who in learning and growing in each moment. Love the one who has made what you think
are mistakes, knowing that you have learned from the experiences so that makes them
teachers instead of mistakes. Love the one who doesn’t understand the magnificence of
their being. Love yourself and every part of you. Love yourself and embrace all that you
are. You deserve your love.

There is so much more to the beautiful and Divine being that you are than you will ever
understand. So can you just allow that to be your truth and not try to analyze it and figure
out what it is? Will you allow yourself to be the one that you are without self-judgment
and criticism?

Just as the wind blows, it clears the air and removes the old, so can you dearest ones by
choosing to breathe in deeply and as you inhale see or imagine that you are filled with
loving energy. Then as you breathe out see it as the wind as it clears all the unwanted
beliefs and thoughts, the old paradigms and useless ideas out into the Universe. Blow it
all out just as the wind blows away the old leaves and debris. If it takes several big exhales
then that is fine. Be the wind and blow as strongly, as often and as long as you need.

It is now a New Year! It is 2018, a year that can be filled with unlimited happiness and
wonderful changes for you if you are ready and willing to let go and allow it to come to
you. So much awaits you. Knock down those walls and barriers that have kept it away and
open, open, open yourselves to more than you can imagine to come to you. There is an
unlimited supply of everything you can dream of and you can have all you wish but it is
for you to receive.

Will this be a magical and fulfilling year for you? It all depends upon you and what you
desire, Beloveds. Think of yourself as an important cog in the proverbial wheel. You
know the wheel doesn't turn very well unless all the parts are working. It takes a little
maintenance and oil to keep your wheel moving smoothly but it is more than worth the

You are a bright and radiant Light. You are of the Light just as are all in all the realms.
Now more than ever before is it of utmost importance for you to shine your Light and not
hide it. The more of you who allow your Lights to bathe the world in brightness the more
healing and transformation can come in. Your Light is needed just as everyone else’s is
needed. Shine and others will follow. The more Light that is shining the brighter the world
will be. It is time to illuminate the planet. Do not hold back awaiting others to shine first or
because you are fearful of being seen. You have nothing to fear Beloved Ones. And if
everyone holds back waiting for others, it can be a dreary day instead of a bright and
shining one.

If you do not focus upon situations that you see or read in the media and instead see from
your heart a world that is changing and that change is for the betterment of all, you are
showering love and your Light out which is what is needed. The shift began many years
ago and is continuing to occur. The consciousness is changing and more and more are
seeing the Light and finding love in their hearts. Movement and change are happening
Beloveds! As your physical heart pumps blood throughout your body without
stopping, so does the change and shifting continue without pausing.

There is a shift occurring in the consciousness of humanity which will bring the peace
that you all want in your hearts to be the way it is. Do not distress over instances of
uprising and turmoil that you hear about for they are needed to bring the hatred, greed
and mindset of blame and separation to the surface so that they can be cleansed. And it is
occurring much faster than you realize. In the year since our last message the
accomplishments are incredible and love is taking over hearts everywhere. The Divine
Feminine is filling all.

Just as the caterpillar must push through the walls of its cocoon to emerge as a beautiful
butterfly and fly in freedom, so must all the eons of built up walls of human thought be
pushed through so that the new world as you will know it can emerge with wings to fly
in freedom. It may take time to dig your way out but when you do, oh dear ones every
moment of your tenacity to be free will be so very worth it.

Swing open the door of your heart and let love and compassion flow outward and as you
do, the same can come back to you. In gentleness there can be strength, in any storm
there can be found calm and peace, and in the tides of change can come powerful and
sweet creations. The storms never last. There is always an end to any storm clouds and
the sun shines again.

Welcome in this year of 2018 as the most amazing year you have experienced. See it in
this way and say 'yes' to joy, happiness and love along with peace, prosperity and peace
of mind. It all can be yours Beloved ones if you say 'yes'. Be as a child and look at it with
anticipation of what is to come, not worrying about what it will be or how it will show up.
Discard the dread and fear, the worry and concern about what is around the corner and go
for it with joyful anticipation and enthusiasm knowing it is all wonderful. At the end of the
year, you can say what a wonderful year you had and that is was the best one yet.

In Appreciation and Respect,
We are the Archangel Michael and We are with You