I am often asked about my name. In April 2011 Spirit told me that my name needed to be changed f
or many different reasons. The most important reason is that my new name, Linayah Kei, is a spiritual
name and is my given name. I have been shown that this name was given to me very long ago by the
Creator. And I love it. It sounds
and feels so good and has a familiarity to it. I am very pleased and
joyful to now be known in this way. Besides, there are so many with the name of Linda Williamson.
Archangel Metatron told me
that I can be sure if anyone 'Googles' my new name, they will not find
another! I am so grateful to
Spirit for showing this to me and I will always cherish my spiritual name.
At least my initials are the same as my middle name is Kay!

Things change - change is constant. A second change came  in April 2015 when Beloved Archangel
Michael has given me a new gift. He said that I am to change my last name and
I am so honored and
humbled to accept as my name; Linayah Kei Michael. He says that I am of the family of Michael and it

is my lineage. Several  years ago he gave me the title of the Ambassador for the Company of Michael.
Now I have the final piece. I am so very happy and love my newest name. It feels so good and
right. I am so proud to have the name of my Wingman. Thank you Archangel Michael. Thank you.

Angels' Blessings,   
Linayah Kei Michael

Linayah Kei loves to talk about Angels and will engage anyone who wants to learn about Angels in
conversation. Her love for and understanding of the Angelic Realm is very deep and she loves to
share all she knows. She knows that part of her life purpose is to teach as many as she can how to
connect and work with the Angels and also to bring healing from the Angels and Spirit to everyone!
Her teacher and coach even calls her "The Angel Woman". Her love for Spirit is exemplified in the
lyrics of the song "You Raise Me Up" by Secret Garden.  

She keeps very busy with meetings with her spiritual community and as the leader of a support group
for healers. Her father always quoted Will Rogers, "I never met a man I didn't like" and that is how she
looks at everyone she meets. And she is very happy to do whatever her guidance gives her. Whatever
Spirit asks her to do she is very willing to act upon it. She has been channeling a book with the Angels.
Linayah and her illustrator, Lisa Azzano are working on completing of their channeled work and hope to
soon be moving to the next step of publishing. They are very excited about it. She has been posting her
inspirational quotes on Twitter and Facebook for quite some time. Another thing that is loved by many
is her Angel messages that she posts daily on her Facebook page as well as sharing with clients and
friends.  An example of a message to read is below.

In November 2012 Linayah began leading Angel Circles with Archangel Michael. These are special
in-person gatherings in her local area. It is a fun, intimate and very special time for all who attend. She
also offers Angel Circles for those who wish to host them in their home in a private setting. For more
information on Angel Circles use this link:   
Angel Circle Information

As an Angelic and Spiritual Distant Energy Healing Practitioner, Angelic Channel, Channel for Spirit,
Ambassador for the Company of Michael (Archangel Michael), Spiritual Coach, Channel for Joan of Arc,
Peaceful Transitioning Facilitator, she has a unique style with her
Pathway to Awareness © sessions
which bring a very personal and loving experience to her clients.

Unlike most energy healers she does it remotely without being with the client or on the phone with
them. Clients have said that they like this way of receiving a session because they don't have to be
on the phone and listen to what is being said. She brings the energy of the Angels to the client over
distance and they work with the person. Distance does not matter and she has clients all over the
globe. Linayah Kei gives complete love and compassion to her sessions and to the follow-up and
feedback she provides. She is what is called a channel for Spirit but also they call her a Communicator
for the Divine. Either way she brings messages from Spirit to anyone who wishes to hear them.

Her clients love the email that she sends after each session which gives them the details of the
session and channeled messages from the Angels and Ascended Masters that she always receives.
The devotion to her clients and to bringing them what she knows they deserve is shown in her
sessions where she
sometimes works for up to three hours receiving messages and information from
the Angelic Realm and Ascended Masters who are the guides at the time for the client. You will not find
this kind of impact in a session anywhere else. It is completely unique in the energy and information
that is received.

She loves to introduce you to your Soul Guardian Angel. This is a very special Angel who is assigned to
you (each soul has their own Angel) who is with you throughout eternity. She can connect you with the
name and a message from this Angel.

Linayah also assists souls through transition in an intimate and loving way to help them have a peaceful

Her granddaughter Maddie and her grandson Jack are the loves of her life. Her love for children, the
animal kingdom in all forms and all of nature shows in her passion to work with Mother Earth and all
beings who reside here. The birds who are always at her feeders bring her great joy as well as do the
flowers in her garden. She feels a deep connection to the trees and says she is transformed when she
is with them. She sees the beauty that Mother Nature gives to us in abundance and hopes for everyone
to see the same. Hers is a commitment to help all she can to find love and compassion, kindness in
their lives and see the Oneness we all have with one another no matter who we are.

As a wife, mother and grandmother who cares deeply for all she meets, she is devoted to showing
each client a very personal experience to come to a place of healing that each deserves. With
Linayah Kei's love and caring combined with that of the Angelic Realm, healing can and does happen.

Linayah's deep love for the Angels has brought her peace and joy in her life. She completely trusts
the Angelic guidance and love that is there for everyone and she finds much joy in helping her clients
and others to learn to feel the same trust when they begin to connect with the Angels. With Archangel
Michael as her main guide she says that everything is covered with her 'Wingman' as she lovingly calls
him, beside her at all times.

Angels' Blessings,
Linayah Kei Michael
~Linayah Kei Michael~
Angelic and Spiritual Distance Energy Healing Practitioner,
Spiritual Coach, Angelic Channel, Channel for Spirit, Voice
Channeling Coach, Channel of Sacred Bee Energy,
Peaceful Transitioning Facilitator,
Channel for Joan of Arc,
Ambassador for the Company of Michael
"I still get wildly enthusiastic about little things....I play with leaves. I skip down the street and run against the wind."
Leo Buscaglia
"Angel wings cactus flower".
Photo by John Andrucci
~Linayah Kei with her favorite
tree, a very old soul, whose
name is Fred, with whom she
says she is a true 'tree hugger'~
Daily Angel Message

“As children we made wishes and they were very important to us. As adults we still engage in rituals that
include wishes: candles on a birthday cake provide us the opportunity to wish and then blow out the candle,
you can wish upon the first star you see at night or on a shooting star, you can toss a coin into a fountain,
well or stream and make a wish. The Angels say that with all of those you are doing more than just making
the wish. By blowing out the candle you send that wish out to the Universe and let it go. The same with the
coin – you toss it in and then let it go. When wishing becomes something that you hold onto and keep
repeating over and over, you are not releasing it so it can come back to you. Do you wish for health, well-
being, abundance or world peace? If so wish with the intention of letting it go. Don’t hold onto your
wishes and desires. Release them, give them to the Universe and let it respond in the best way that is for you
Highest Good. Wish, release and trust that everything you desire can come into manifest if you trust and
don’t put limitations and parameters on your wishes."©

Message from the Angels 1/23/18

**To read the daily Angel messages of Facebook use the link above this message:
"Daily Angel Message"                  
Please feel free to share the Angel Message on this page as long as you mention this website, the author and use the
message in its entirety with no alterations, additions or excerpts. Thank you for reading and believing in the Angels.  
They are with you in every moment if you allow them in. © by Linayah Kei Michael, Ambassador for the Company of

Angels' Blessings,
Linayah Kei Michael
~This has always been one of my favorite
poems. Now that I have become a hugger
of trees, it is even more profound for me.


by: Joyce Kilmer (1886-1918)

"THINK that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.
A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the earth's sweet flowing
A tree that looks at God all day,
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;
A tree that may in Summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair;
Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who intimately lives with rain.
Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree."

"Trees" was originally published in Trees
and Other Poems. Joyce Kilmer. New York:
George H. Doran Company, 1914.
You have to believe in happiness,
or happiness never comes.
I know that a bird chirps none the less,
when all he finds is crumbs.
You have to believe the buds will blow,
believe in the grass in days of snow.
That’s the reason a bird can sing,
on his darkest day, because he believes in
You have to believe in happiness,
it isn’t an outward thing.
The spring never makes the song, I guess.
As much as the song the spring.
Aye, many a heart could find content,
if it saw the joy on the road it went.
The joy ahead when it had to grieve.
For the joy is there-but, you have to
~ Douglas Malloch ~
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