November 2009
                            ^i^  " How to Connect with Your Angels "©   ^i^

I always tell people when asked to talk about Angels that I love the subject and can go on and on when
I get started. Just by thinking about an Angel I feel love and joy filling me up completely.

Everyone is aware of Angels but that can be the extent of what they do know about them. They really
don't know much
about them. Most everyone has a good feeling when they hear the word "Angel".
The thought of Angels brings a feeling of protection, love and guidance. We feel safe when we think of
our Angels. And we are safe! They protect us at all times and hold us in unconditional love.

Angels make us feel good because we know they represent love. They love everyone unconditionally.
They never judge us or look at our so called faults. There are Angels around each and every one of us
at all times. They are with us to help with everything!

Nothing is too big or too small for Angelic help. I liken it to calling a "help desk" to ask for anything or
for anything you need assistance with at any time.

They await for us to ask them for assistance for the Law of Free Will makes it our choice and they
cannot do anything unless we want and request their help. The Law of Free Will is one of many Laws
that govern the Universe. The most well known is the Law of Attraction. The Law of Free Will gives us
the choice to do as we please and the Angels cannot do anything unless we ask and give them
permission to help us. They are nearby and waiting for us to ask and when we do, whole new doors
and opportunities will open up endlessly.

Who are the Angels? The Angelic kingdom is made up of many realms. There are Guardian Angels,
Archangels, Cherubs, Seraphim and others. There are an infinite number of Angels everywhere so
there is never a reason to worry about someone needing their help more than another. They are
energetic beings thus can be with many or even everyone at the same time.

An Angel is an extension of God/Mother God/Father/Source/Goddess/Universe/Creator or however
you personally call the one source from which we are all created. There are no religious boundaries
attached to the Angels. They are non-denominational, yet interestingly every religion recognizes

They are what are known as "Source Beings" because they come directly from the Creator. They are
formless and are energetic beings. I like to visualize the hand of the Creator extended outward with
lots and lots of Angels floating out to reach everyone everywhere.

The word Angel means "messenger of God". They are different from our spiritual guides who are
loved ones or others who have passed on or crossed over to the other side or Heaven. Spiritual
guides are working with us too but in a different way as they are what are known as "Soul Beings".
Soul Beings are just like we are but without physical bodies although they have had physical bodies at
some time. They often act like Angels and we can think of them that way if we wish even though they
really are not Angels.

The Archangels are who I work with very closely. They act like supervisors of the other Angelic realms.
There are many Archangels but fifteen are the most well known. Archangel Michael is one of the most
powerful of all the Angels. His name means "He who is like God". Others that are most well known
are Gabriel, Raphael, Ariel, Haniel, Uriel, Jeremiel, Zadkiel, Raziel, Azrael, Chamuel, Raguel, Jophiel,
Metatron and Sandalphon.

Since the Angels are non-physical energetic beings, they have no gender. But because of specific
areas that the Archangels are known to be associated with they can have feminine or masculine
characteristics and are often referred to as "he" or "she". When they speak of themselves they
seldom use "I" but instead say "We". Some like Gabriel can have a male persona for some while
having a feminine persona for others. It doesn't matter as what is right for you is how they will appear.

Raphael is known as the Healing Angel and his name means "He who heals".  

These powerful and loving Angels will work with you by guiding and assisting you in all areas of your
life. When you call upon them they are instantly there beside you. They give support, love and
protection while guiding you. If you trust what they give you and allow them that trust, you will be
lead to amazing and beautiful opportunities and open doors to happiness, joy and peace.

Often we ask the Angels for help and then when we don't receive the answer in the way we expected
it to come we think we are not being heard. But be assured everything is always heard by the Angels.
No prayer or request goes unheard.

They won't "fix" things for us but instead will guide you to opportunities that will bring the right answer
for you. If it isn't as you thought it would come then it is the better way. We just have to trust them
and we will be helped in the way we should and need to be helped.

Once we have sent out our prayer or request it is then up to us to follow the guidance and act upon it.
If we completely trust that guidance, whole new and beautiful things can and will open up for us. If we
listen, trust and allow we will be rewarded with wonderful blessings and answered prayers!

Blessings of Love, Peace and Joy.

Linayah Kei                                                                                                                                                                              
December 2009                                               Part Two of the Series:                 


                               "CONNECTING WITH YOUR GUARDIAN ANGELS"©

Who are our Guardian Angels? We always hear phrases like "You have a Guardian Angel on your
shoulder" and "Your Guardian Angel must have been watching over you." These phrases and words
are actually correct but there is so much more to knowing and communicating with these amazing
guides and protectors.

I want to introduce you to and teach you how to communicate with these special friends.

Everyone has heard of Guardian Angels and know of them but what role do our Guardian Angels play
in our lives?

They are non-physical entities that have been sent to us directly from our Creator to be with us for the
entire time we are physically here on Earth. I like to call them our own "Personal Assistants."

At the moment of our Divine creation we are connected with our Guardian Angel. This being will be with
us throughout every one of our many, many lifetimes.

Some of us have more than one Guardian Angel  for a number of reasons. Some people have a large
number of these Angels because a loved one in Heaven/the Other Side has sent extra Angels to them
to be with us. Or perhaps a loved one who is still living in this lifetime has asked for an Angel to be with
us. The number doesn't make any difference. The one Guardian Angel who is with you is the important
one and each of us has that Angel as our very own Angel guardian. In each lifetime you will have
Guardian Angels who are with you during that lifetime. They work with you with the life lessons you
have chosen to experience during that particular lifetime.

Once you get to know your Angels by allowing them to be in your life (although they really are beside
you at all times) and start communicating with them, you will find you are receiving guidance in all
areas of your life that is filled with love. They lovingly guide you and protect you in all ways. But you
must ask them for assistance. They will help you in all areas of your life. My favorite request I have for
them is to find a parking space. They always come through. Every time I am where I need to find a
space a car will pull out of one just as I get near it or there will already be an open space for me to pull
right into and it is always right up front and close. Many times it is even in a nice shady spot! No matter
what you would like assistance with they will be there. Everything is of equal importance with the
Angels so call on them for anything!

You can begin to communicate with your Angels right away by just talking to them. You can have
conversations out loud or mentally and ask them questions,  tell them your troubles or fears, doubts
or disillusionments and be assured they will listen. You can even write to them. I love to do this as it
gives the feeling of really connecting. They will also respond if you listen to them for answers and watch
for signs that will give you what you need.

And it is so easy to call them to you when you wish to communicate with them. Just by simply thinking
or saying or even writing, "Angels!" they will be right there. Then be open and allow them to respond. It
is just like calling a dear friend on the telephone for anything. And of course these are the best friends
you can have.

With practice you will be able to know if you are getting messages from the Angels. Always ask yourself
if what you received is based in or on love. If it is Angelic it will be of love. But if it is from the ego, then
it will be negative based.

Angels give you signs is many different ways for guidance and to let you know they are there with you.
A favorite is with feathers since we associate Angel wings with feathers. If you find a feather or feathers
in places where they should not be and you think of an Angel then it is definitely Angelic work. Another
is to leave coins. Again if you find coins in unlikely places then Angels are involved. Birds, animals and
butterflies are other ways in which an Angel will leave a sign. If a bird or butterfly is hovering near you
and gets your attention then someone is trying to tell you something. Angels and Spirit guides use all
these methods to let us know they are there and are guiding us.

Your Guardian Angel is there to comfort you in times when you may feel like everything in your life is
falling apart or you are sad or fearful of something. They are there when you are happy and feeling like
your life is perfect. No matter what you are feeling at any given time they are and will be there for you.

No, you don't have to ask them to help you as they are right beside you protecting you and giving
unconditional love. They will never leave your side. But why not enjoy connecting with your best
friends and allow them into your life? It can make everything so much nicer and easier if you do.
Angels are playful, comforting, loving and protecting whenever and however you need them to be at
any given time. You can experience all of it if you just call them into your life.

So let you Guardian Angels into your life on a daily basis. They are there with you at every moment
and are just waiting to work with you. They love you unconditionally and are protecting you and
guiding you. Ask them to assist you with everything no matter what it is. Call upon them, then trust
them and the guidance they give you. The soft whisper of an Angel speaking to you is a beautiful
sound. The brush of an Angel wing on your arm is a beautiful feeling. The sight of an Angel's light or
sign is a beautiful thing to behold. Twinkling or flickering white lights are Guardian Angels!

Relax and have fun and call you Angels into your life today!

Blessings of Love, Peace and Joy,
Linayah Kei                                                                                                                                                                                 
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Linayah Kei Michael
             ~How to Connect with Your Angels~
I love how Spirit is constantly working with us and guiding us. Some who read this page may know
that I provide a message from the Angels most everyday on Facebook. Today (April 24, 2015) I was
asked to share the message here and I understand why. Here is the message.

“Do you ever think about and engage in Angel conferences? You do conference calls, you have
conferences in the workplace or in organizations that you belong to but do you ever call an
Angel conference? These conferences of daily life are essential events designed to disseminate
information, generate new ideas, offer support, and keep everybody on course. Your Angels
love conferences and want to be invited to yours. You can hold an Angel conference any time
you like for any purpose. Call a conference with them when you are having difficulties with
others or with issues or just to thank them. They will act as your staff and consultants and
you can count on them for advice and assign them to tasks that seem too difficult to do by
yourself. There is no set way or rules to hold your Angel conference. Let your imagination run
wild and have fun with the process. Have fun, be creative and ask all Angels or specific Angels
- it doesn't matter. And don't be shy - they love to work with and for you but you have to
ask. Write down any insights you receive. Know you can receive clarity, purpose and power in
your conference with your Angels.”©

Everyone has a direct line to connect with their Angels. I am in conference all day long with them and
my life is filled with so much joy. So can you if you wish. Schedule your conference call and see what
magic happens. But most important - have fun with it! ^i^^i^

Linayah Kei Michaell

I wrote the above series many years ago (2009 and now it is 2016). I was guided to update this page and I agree it
is past time to do it.

Since I wrote the original series beloved Archangel Michael has given me more information on Guardian Angels and
he asked me to share it with all who would like to hear. He gave this to me about five years ago, so yes, it is long

What he gave to me is so beautiful and wonderful. This is what I now know and am delighted to share with you.

Yes we all have Guardian Angels in our lives and they are with us throughout our entire lifetime. There is another
Guardian Angel that I call our Soul Guardian Angel.

What Archangel Michael brought to my awareness made so much sense to me instantly. I have been introducing
this Soul Guardian Angel in client sessions ever since, as well as in classes and even impromptu readings with
individuals. It is so much fun to connect someone with this Angel.

The very instant that we are created, an Angel is assigned to us. This Angel is not only with us in one lifetime as
are the ones we know about, but is with us throughout all of our lifetimes; through eternity. That Angel is with us
forever! We are eternal beings and so are they.

Once we become aware of this Angel, the most beautiful and special relationship can begin for we know that Angel is
there and if we know their name and begin to relate to and with them, then the communication will be life-changing,
so sweet and so precious.

As all Guardian Angels work with us only, so does this one. But your Soul Guardian Angel has walked with and beside
you in each of the very many lifetimes you have had. They say that they are one with us and this is very true.

It is so comforting and lovely to know that we are not alone and this special friend is there for us in every moment.

You can call on all of your Angels whenever you wish. They want more than anything for you to connect so that
they can assist you in your journey on Earth.  

Many Angels' Blessings,
Linayah Kei
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