~Messages From Archangel Ariel~
~ A Message from Archangel Ariel ~                                                                               March 2010

Beloved Ones,

We are so very pleased to be here to speak to you today. The messages you find here are very important
and we are grateful that you are open to us to bring them to you each month in this manner.

The topic we would like to bring to you at this time is your beautiful planet, Mother Earth.

There has been much damage done to the planet for so very many of your linear years in so many ways.
The healing and repair must be of the utmost importance to each individual to do everything you can possibly
do. Mother Earth has endured this assault on and within her for so long. She is calling out to you to bring her
back to wholeness with love and respect.

We are here to assist you in any way. Just by being conscious of your surroundings and observing the
beautiful gifts she continuously offers to you is how we ask you to begin. Pick up trash when you see it
without putting blame on anyone who may have placed it there. Only remove it joyfully with love for your
planet. There are so many individuals and organizations who are continuously working to repair and cleanse
and this is so appreciated by us as well as Mother Earth. With that said, we must emphasize that in doing
this work each and every one must do so only in love and not to hold blame or judge anyone else. Educating
others in a loving manner will bring about the favored end result. If there are negative emotions involved it
can only create resistance instead of cooperation and thus instead of stepping forward, you are stepping
backwards in that which you wish to accomplish.

So we ask that just by doing what may be thought of as small things such as picking up trash, recycling,
using eco-friendly products, monumental progress will occur. Each action is by no means small. Imagine each
human on the planet doing only this and see it in wholeness. When you see it in this light it is very large indeed.

We also would like for each of you to show respect for the other beings who reside along side of you. The
wildlife, the birds, the creatures of the sea, the trees, water bodies and every magnificent and beautiful being
there is. They are all gifts from Mother Earth so please receive them in that  way with love and appreciation.
Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Gaia or whatever you call her is always giving at every moment. It is time to
give back and restore her to the perfection and glory that she is meant to be.

Where should I start, you may ask. Start right in your heart where love resides. Feel the unconditional love
that is there at all times. Go within and tap into that love and bring it outward. When you do so you will find
the ultimate gift you have to give and will receive it back in many amazing ways. Notice the gifts that surround
you at all times. Do not take them for granted.

We are so very grateful to each of you for your work and help in bringing this healing that is so vital to the
survival of Earth as it is meant to be. It will survive but in what state is up to you dear ones. Do you wish a
healthy and beautiful planet with abundance of life or one that has no inhabitants on it at all? We know you
choose the former state and that pleases us very much.

In gratitude and love,

We are the Archangel Ariel and we are with you
~ A Message from Archangel Ariel ~                                                                            November 2010  

Beloved Ones,

We are the Angel known as Archangel Ariel. We are so very pleased to be here with you to
bring our words which we feel are very important at this time.

We wish to speak with you about your personal energies and to assist you in clearing out all those energies
which do not serve you. Each one in human existence will have many energies that will come in and then go
at different times and while they are with you they need to be changed, cleared and transmuted. Your Angelic
guides as well as all of your guides and teachers in the Spiritual realms can help you with this.

Let us first discuss some of the things that go into your human incarnation. Most of you realize that each of
you has had many incarnations over many years, centuries and some go back to very ancient times. Each
time a soul chooses to incarnate, and it is always by choice, much goes into it. There is much planning you
see. Soul groups come together too as they are assisting each other on the journey that is to be a lifetime.

It is a very intricate and beautiful work of art, if we may use that reference. There are of course no
coincidences, and thus it is all in the choice and making of each soul as to what that particular lifetime will
have  as lessons which are for the growth of the soul.

Each relationship is planned and as the reason or lesson is encountered and then realized, the relationship
will move on. When in your human body as a third dimensional being, you will not remember all that you had
planned to achieve. But when you recall bits and pieces of that plan it can be very exciting.

So when you find a relationship has, in human terms, ‘gone bad’ or ends, you may feel pain, sadness and
often anger. These emotions are there for a reason – you chose them so that you could learn from them.
Now if you stay in the negativity of those feelings you will not grow nor can you heal. But if you look at
them with eyes of an observer and see only love and gratitude for the opportunity, you will be able to move
on and your beautiful soul will grow in a very profound way.

Everything that comes to you is there for a reason, beloveds. Everything! Instead of being in anger, blame,
unforgiveness, guilt and feeling as a victim, please see the whole picture and choose that love and that
gratitude as your emotions of growing.

Each soul is seeking enlightenment and to be completely free of everything that it must learn from and about.
Each soul has experienced many different and diverse lifetimes. No matter if you were a villain, and yes you
have all done that at least a few times, or a healer, teacher, royalty, poor, rich or just your ‘everyday’ sort
of person, it was a choice you made to learn from the experience.

We like to look at you as being character actors who take on every kind of part that is intriguing to your soul.
You are building your characters as you like to say!

Now as we relate all of this, a very important message is in it all. You most often carry from lifetime to lifetime
those lessons and issues that you have had but not completely resolved or healed. Many of them are lessons
that you have learned but have held on to over and over resulting in your carrying beliefs forward that need
to be cleared. You brought them to this lifetime so that you can clear them and heal them. If they have been
with you in many past lives then you have not found the way to cleanse, to heal. Our wish is that you will do
it this time around. We are very happy to help you with it.

No one is going to have it easy as you would say. That would not help you grow would it? But how you work
with these lessons and how you free yourself from that which does not serve you is how you will bring
happiness, a state of joy and manifestation to all areas of your life.

Dear ones, you are not meant to struggle. When you are, as you see it, dealt a card you do not wish to have,
you can do a replay and put that card in the discard pile. You have the choice and you alone have it. No one
can choose for you. No one can tell you what to do. Your journey is yours alone. Everyone and everything
that comes into your life are there as, shall we say, character actors playing a part in support. But beloved
ones, you are the stars of your own journey. Each journey, each path is unique and very special.

Each individual has the choice to make the journey one of rewards and joy, or to hang on to the things that
are blocking those rewards to come your way and thus staying in one place instead of moving on.

Your soul knows what it is you wish to learn and experience. If you listen to your soul, your Higher Self, you
will find the answers and if you follow what is in your precious hearts your experiences will be of beautiful blessings.

How gratifying can it be to learn to forgive others as well as yourself? How gratifying can it be to learn to be in
a state of love instead of hatred? How gratifying can it be to not see yourself as a victim of another or something
but instead as one who has moved beyond it all and thanking that someone or something for giving you the
opportunity it has. How gratifying can it be to let go of anger, mistrust and judgment and instead be loving
and compassionate, knowing that everyone is doing the best he or she can at all times?

At the beginning of this message we mentioned energies. As you become more intuitive to energy you can
learn to work with them. Some of you are very sensitive to energy and can often take on energy from
another. It is very important that you clear this out.

If a loved one or colleague is showing anger or judgment towards you or another, letting yourself stay clear
of it is so very important.

There are many ways to do this. We are always very happy to help you with it. Call on your Angels and
guides to assist you. You may call upon a certain being or just any being in general. Whichever feels right for
you is the right way. There is no wrong way to do it.

You can ask us or do it yourself if you wish. Putting a bubble of protective light around you is a good way
to protect your energy from any outside and intrusive energy. You can put different colors of light around
you. Again what feels right is the right way for you to do it. You can envision a circle of Angels around you and
in so doing there will be that circle. Just thinking it will make it be so. You are very powerful and when you hold
an intention it will come to be.

You can invoke a Master or spirit guide, Angel or Angels to be with you. You can ask them to clear your energy
and put a shield around your body and aura. However you do it is not as important as doing it.

If you know ahead of time that you will be with or near energies that can seem to be negative or unwanted,
as in a group or large gathering, you can put your shield around you before you go.

It is a good idea to do this daily no matter what you are doing or who you are around. Even your dearest
loved ones have their energy and you have yours and they need to be kept separate. Do not think of it as
bad energy, but just that of another and not yours.

Now if you are not sensitive to absorbing energy from others, it is still a good idea to protect yourself in this
way. Whether you realize it or feel it or not, each of you do and will come in contact with unwanted energy.

Beloved ones, trust is so very important. Trust yourself to be successful on your beautiful paths. And yes,
each path is beautiful beyond description. Every path is of equal importance. You should be very proud of
who you are and what you have accomplished in the journey of your soul.

We thank each of you for reading our words and hopefully you will take away something from this message.
It is the desire of all of your Angels and guides that you have a joyful and prosperous experience while you
are here in your human embodiment.

We are complete.

We are the Archangel Ariel and we are with you  
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Angels. They are with you in every moment if you allow them in.
© by Linayah Kei Michael, Ambassador for the Company of

Angels' Blessings,
Linayah Kei Michael
~ A Message from Archangel Ariel ~                                                                                     March 2013

Beloved Ones,

We greet you in this moment. We are the Angel Ariel. We come to speak with you again as emissaries of the
Light to bring to you messages of hope and good will.

You are in a beautiful time now, one of which has never been experienced upon your Earth in quite the same
way. How blessed you are to be here.

We know and understand how there are many things within your lives that can be upsetting, difficult and often
seemingly tumultuous. We do understand and we are working continually to assist you through it all. And you
will all make it. You will come out of it and will find yourselves on the other side of the mountain. It has seemed
to be a very big mountain at times yet you have made it to the top beloveds. You are standing at the top and
are ready to travel down the other side. And going down is much easier than going up.

You have done it. You have stood fast with faith and trust and pulled away from the old ways, the old patterns.
Yes there is still a very great amount of work to do but you have made it this far so there is nothing to prevent
you from continuing on to the finish line.

Your beautiful and loving planet, Earth, has ascended. She has taken her rightful place now. You were all
instrumental in her doing this. You came to assist her and you did. And she did. So be proud and joyful that it
has occurred.

Humanity is now undergoing the necessary changes so that it too many ascend. Does that sound like a goal
worth the effort beloveds? We should think so!

You are all in different phases of clearing and cleansing what needs to be done away with so that you can move
on. It is not an easy task for there is much to be removed. The old and out dated belief systems must go. The
patterns of greed and separation must dissipate. Unification will replace duality. And it is dear ones. It takes time
and cannot be completed in a short time.

There are many energies of the old that are clinging to the old ways and they are not going to leave without a
struggle. But all will be done with ease and in due time. It has already begun and you are beginning to bear
witness to it. It will continue to be so.

And we ask that you continue to do your part as you feel guided in assisting your planet to regain the way she
is intended to be. By this we mean in the cleansing of the water, the air, the land. This is vital for all of life upon
the Earth. How you treat your planet is how life will be for you.

Beloved ones, show reverence for your Mother Earth. She has for so very long given and given to you, your
ancestors and to all who live or have lived upon her. She has given so much and asked for nothing in return.

Because of her generous and loving tolerance you now have polluted waters, unhealthy air to breathe and
land that has been ravaged and left barren.

This can all be restored with your help. Yet it takes the effort of each of you to do this. It is much more vast and
will take more than a handful of those dedicated ones to bring it about. Each of you is needed to assume
responsibility. It is an effort of the masses, of humanity. Are you willing to do this beloveds? Everything you do
has an impact in a great way. Everything!

Picking up a piece of trash is monumental. Think in the large picture: if every person on the Earth were to pick
up one piece of trash or garbage, how much litter would be removed from the surface of the Earth?

Do not think for a moment that you cannot do anything to help for you can and we ask you to please consider

The act of recycling is very, very important and we thank each of you who participates in this endeavor. You
who consciously do this understand it. You get it.

Pollution must stop! Pollution of the waters, of the air and of the ground you walk upon must stop! For without
every human actively doing what they can it cannot come to be. And do not think that you cannot make a
difference. You can and you must!

We thank you for what you do. If you are reading this message then you are one who does care and are already
working to better the home, your Earth, that you have. There is much gratitude from those in the Higher Realms
for what you do. The rewards will come to you in time.

We know there were many who thought that on December 22, 2012 everyone would wake up to a completely
new world. And then were very disappointed that it wasn't that way. Everything looked and seemed the same.

Beloveds not all that occurs is visible to the eye. We promise you that much did occur. And the time will be when
you will see it with you eyes and you will be able to feel it and know how extraordinary it is, you are and life is. It
is all a process that is orchestrated with precision and complete accuracy from 'behind the scenes'. This is a plan
far greater than the human mental body can grasp and understand.

Because of this you must hold, shall we say, blind faith that all is well. Hold faith in yourselves dear one. Hold
faith in the greater power that all will come to be in the exact and perfect way. And it will and you will be joyous
to see what you have done.

Human consciousness is evolving. It is changing and to the Highest and Better Good of All. You are changing as
well. This is the reason that you are undergoing clearing and processing. You came to do this and you are doing
it. It will be worth your effort beloveds. It will.

Show compassion for your loved ones. Show compassion for your friends and acquaintances. Show compassion
for the animals, the birds and the fishes, for the plants and trees and the ground and dirt. Show love and
compassion to and for everything. For the loving and compassionate heart heals all that are recipients of this

See yourself as the midwife who assists in the birth of a new beingness. This is what you are doing. Do what you
can to bring forth what is needed in whatever way feels right to you. Hold the intention and hold it strongly, for
all to be done for the Highest Good of all. Hold the vision and thoughts of how you would like to see your world.
Of course you want it to be beautiful and abundant, healthy and loving. If this is what you wish and what you
want it to be then think in this way, speak in this way and do not see it in any other way. Your thoughts and your
intentions are how it becomes a reality.

As a child sees the world around them in a magical and wonderful way, you too can do this with your caring and
loving thoughts. Let the child within see it for what it is and how it can be.

Create dear ones, create. Create a new world. You can do it. You are doing it. Do not let up nor give up
. You
have the opportunity to create something that has not been before. It is all there at your fingertips. And again
we say it does not occur overnight. You perseverance has propelled you to where you are now. You have
done it and you can do it.

You have an unlimited number of cheerleaders and assistants in the Higher Realms. You are loved beyond
what you can imagine. We are here in any moment to help you with what you need to do this. We support you
completely and gratefully. It cannot be done without you. The rewards we promise will be worth the hard work
that you have done and are to do. We promise this to you. What you do now will benefit the generations to come.

The children of today understand much more than you know. They are here to help you as well. They rely on
you to do your work. Listen to them, allow them to do the work they are very capable of doing and do what you
can to do it.

Go forth beloved ones knowing that each step you take moves you in the direction of goodness, blessings and all
that you can dream of and more.

We are in gratitude of you and your beingness.

We are the Archangel Ariel and we are with you
~A Message from Archangel Ariel~                                                                              June 2013

Beloved Ones,

We are Ariel and we come to you with a message of hope and love. So many now are feeling their world is upside
down, topsy-turvy and out of whack. We know this and understand.

Change is constant and so with that is your life. Things are not as they used to be. Things will never be as they used
to be and that is okay beloveds. Letting go of the past and the old ways, the old beliefs and paradigms is important
for each and every human upon the planet. Clinging to what is no more, what does not work and is of the old way
keeps you from emerging as the beautiful butterfly that you are. The cocoon has served its purpose and now is the
time to leave it and move to the new and true butterfly you are meant to be.

If you are very honest with yourself can you say that you like the way things are and think nothing can be better?
You have so much to receive, so much potential, so many vistas to traverse if you allow it to come. What is holding
you back?

We ask these questions for we want you to really ponder it all and listen to the whispers of your spirit that tell you
what can be, what your heart, your soul wants for you. Nothing can keep it from you except yourself dear ones.
Everything is possible, everything is an opportunity and everything is doable.  You are an unlimited being and are
not just a body who is finding your way through a life of dead-ends, hardship after hardship, disappointment after
disappointment and seeing no end to it all.

Many feel exactly like this. Have you said or heard someone say, "Life isn't easy." "No pain, no gain." "Keep your chin
up." "The rich get richer and the poor get poorer." "I am not supposed to be happy (or abundant or living on Easy
Street). "Not everyone is meant to have happiness." and on and on! Oh we shudder when we hear these utterances
and yes, they are thought and spoken so very often, way too often.

We ask when one says or thinks in this way, "Who told you that?" Many do not listen to us but we do say it quite
loudly. Those who wish to hear will. Those who do not will not.

No! No! No! Beloved and dear friends it is time to let go of all of these troublesome and even paralyzing thoughts and
beliefs. For so many lifetimes you have been made into robots who follow the programming that is inside you. You are
not computers. You are not programmable dolls yet humanity has allowed this to be the way.

We ask you in pure love and with heartfelt guidance, to let this all go. You are here as a representative of the Light
which means you are part of and One with all. We are not above you, hovering over you like birds of prey. We are
here and with you, each of you, and want only the best for you. You need not go by those old rules of pain and
suffering, worthlessness, and the 'we' and 'they' concept any longer. It is not meant to be this way.

Again we ask "Who told you that?" Is this something you just think is the way it is to be or were you told by peers,
family, teachers, religious figures, the media that everyone and everything is and must be a certain way? We want
to plant the seeds that will possibly give you the desire to question what has been the way of your life and to ask if it
really is what you want.

If so it is time to change who you listen to beloveds and let your heart tell you what the truth is, what is your truth.
And with this we say that your truth does not have to be that of another. And they do not have to follow yours.
Each of you has your own unique truth and identity.

Are you ready dearest ones to step into your truth and the real you? Are you ready to reveal the Divine being you
are and the exquisite soul that you are? Are you ready to take charge of your life and not follow what others tell you
that you should or should not be? Are you ready to put your unique stamp on the world and allow all to see you?
There is nothing to hide, nothing to fear and nothing to be ashamed of at all. You are, as has been said time after
time on this page in the messages that are brought to you, so much more than you can even fathom. You are
loved by the Universe. You are one with all and with the Creator so how can that be flawed? You have no flaws,
you make no mistakes, your personal power is incredible.

For some our words will fall upon deaf ears. We know this. We reach those who want to be reached. If you do not
and do not want to listen to what we say, we hold you in unconditional love just as we do those who do listen. We
are not here to tell you what to do. We do not expect you to follow our guidance if you do not wish to do so. We
sit not in judgment of anyone but in love and that is all.

You have Free Choice and Free Will. So you can do what you choose to do. That is the beauty of it all. You have
the capability to do amazing things and achieving greatness in ways you think is impossible. We only offer guidance
to you and nothing more. We support you in every choice you make. Use us in the way that feels right to you. We
are your cheerleaders, your fans, your supporters in every way.

And know this beloved ones, no matter what your choices are, you will bring home the top prize. There are no losers
in this what some call 'game of life'. All win. All succeed.

If you choose to stay in the place you are in and not to advance that is okay. Yet we invite you to consider what it
is that you want. If you are happy, truly happy with how things are and think that there is no
need for improvement,
then so be it. That is yours to choose.

And if you say you want more, you know there is more out there for you then go for it darlings. We do not care for
your sayings of  'take the bull by the horns' or 'the tiger by the tail' for animals are beautiful beings and we do not
want them hurt. We know that these are sayings that have meanings that are not literal. How about saying instead
you 'take advantage of the gifts of opportunities that come to you and go with the ones that feel right for you'?

Above all we want you to be in joy and happiness. We want you to know how special you are and how loved you
are. We wish for you to know that you have the power within you to be who you want to be, go where you want
to go and create what you want in your life with no boundaries or limitations. See yourself as limitless instead of
limited. Do not fall into that pattern of 'I am only human' for you are much more than that. There is only a small
part of you in your human experience. You are not only human. Do not forget this my dear friends. Oh the
vastness that is you. It is hard in the human consciousness to understand this. This is where trust can be of a
benefit to you. Trust what Ariel says to you and what all the others of the Angelic Realms and the beings of Light
who are around you say to you. Do you believe? Do you trust? When we ask this and you read these words what
feelings come to you? A smile perhaps or a warmth in your heart? Allow your body and your inner wisdom to help
you learn to trust and believe.

Let us help you change from 'limited' to 'limitless', from 'powerless' to 'powerful', from 'hopeless' to 'unstoppable',
and 'fearful' to 'fearless'. All that is available to you when you wish to invite it in. We would be overjoyed to assist
you with making these changes in your life.

Are you ready for the new season of your life? As on your television there are new seasons for your favorite shows.
How about a new season that is fresh and filled with great expectations in joy and fun of your life? You get to choose
what plays in your program and change what is not to your liking anymore. You can keep some and remove others.
Or you can clean house and rid the season of all and start anew. Again it is your choice.

Our wish for each of you is to be comfortable in your own shoes and not to feel you must wear another's. We wish
for you to be open to change and to embrace it with enthusiasm and child-like anticipation. Our wish is for you to feel
the love in your heart that is always there for you and to create the life that is meant to be yours. You can do this if
you choose. Do you choose beloveds? Do you?

With blessings of love, peace and joy,

We are Archangel Ariel and we are with you
~A Message from Archangel Ariel~                                                                         November 2014

Beloved Ones,

I come to you bringing you a message of love and hope. You see precious ones, all is in the midst of changing and the
outlook for everything and everyone is so magnificent.

The world is in a complete reworking, if you will. Those who reside upon her; human, plant, animal, mineral and all of
nature are in the same process.

Beloved and dear ones, it all depends upon you and your thoughts and actions. You create your reality and that of
your environment. It is simply the way it does work.

Intention is the foundation to everything. Do you intend to improve your life and that which is around you? Do you
intend to be a loving and caring individual who does not blame, judge or withhold love with strings attached to giving
that very love?

May we suggest making an 'Intention List'? This could be a great fun project that will also be fulfilling and rewarding to

Upon you Intention List you many itemize all that you hold in your heart as intention of your life now as well as that of
your future. Listing everything that comes into your mind may just be a delightful way to express what is in your heart.
You may be quite surprised at how many items you have on your list. Don't hold back and allow your thoughts and
intentions to grow and flourish.

All life wishes to flourish and grow in joy, peace and love. Whatever may be the appearances of your surroundings or
what you read or hear about is what you can change my beloved friends with your thoughts and intentions. It all
begins with the individual. Each one is responsible for the change in themselves.

Let us use the example of the tree. It begins as a small sprig and grows into a magnificent and splendid being. The
tree is a representative of what life is about. It shows you how it can be done. As long as it is treated with respect and
honor, it will thrive and grow. And oh what a tree provides in return is beyond measure.

Besides the beauty it offers to each who looks upon it, it provides shade, oxygen for you to breathe, and a shelter and
habitat for many species of nature.

It sends roots out into the soil that expand as it grows. You dear ones can do the same.

See yourself as a magnificent tree of your choice. Use your imagination and see roots going from the bottoms of your
feet down into the Earth, deeper and deeper as you grow. See yourself as one with the Earth as your roots expand. If
you are a tree with leaves, you may shed them so as to begin anew and be even more splendid when new leaves

And have you ever looked upon a tree and seen how it will not let an obstacle inhibit its growth and expansion? The
roots of that tree are so powerful and tenacious that they cannot be stopped if allowed to grow and take hold. The tree
just does what it needs to do.

Precious ones you are just like a tree. If you hold the intention of your growing and expanding, you too will become
like a magnificent tree. When you do not question your magnificence and know that you can grow and grow, flourish
and withstand the elements of life, you will be just as that tree. You can be resilient and thrive in wondrous ways and
yet still in a loving way. You can show you beauty to all who will gaze upon you.

When you see this, you will understand that you are one with Nature and one with all. Nature is incredibly resilient as
is the human. The difference is that all of nature knows this and does not question it. The human on the other hand
will most likely not believe in his or her worthiness, not see the glorious wonder that they are, be skeptical of what
they are capable of accomplishing, and with that cast doubt on who they are.

Another aspect of how a tree can be a mirrored image of you dearest human, is how it grows toward the light. If it has
only one space of light over it, then it will radiate towards and move in the direction of the light.

Beloved ones, your Source of Light is the same. The Heavens above offer you Light at all times in the form of energy,
Angels, Ascended Masters, Nature Spirits and beings, and from that which you consider God, Creator or any name you
wish to call that which is Source.

You are of this Light and when you choose to be one with it and surrender into it, you will find that your roots will go
deep within it. Your tree will provide shelter, shade, oxygen, and beauty for you if you allow it.

Do not be afraid to let go of fear and thoughts that keep you, this amazing tree, to thrive and show yourself in the
Light that you are. Hold nothing back as you go forth into the Light and allow it to nourish you with warmth. Allow
the Earth to provide nourishment as well by giving you a solid and loving foundation to plant your feet upon. You will
always have protection and love if you will only allow this Light and unconditional love to be yours. Let it cover you and
give you strength to grow and become who you are meant to be.

Watch the child draw a tree. The older they become the more they reveal the concept of not only a trunk but the
roots, branches and leaves. They will show the sun shining upon the tree they draw. All in the picture will be sunny
and bright. Have you ever seen a drawing by a child that has a tree in it be dark and dreary?

Just as all of Nature works together, lives together and gets along so can the human if he/she will only intend this to
be. Intend and it shall be! Think of the tree in the forest or park or even your own backyard and align it with you,
the tree of magnificent and greatness. The loving and joyful tree who is not judgmental or unforgiving is your truth
beloved, just as it is of the trees all around you. Look at the nature trees and mirror them for it will serve you well and
you will see the truth of who you are in that mirror.

Intention of love, compassion and forgiveness is what this is all about. Become that tree dearest ones and you will see
that change in your world is there. It cannot be any other way. What you intend, think and therefore see is what is to
be and is your reality. Spread your branches, send your roots deeply down into loving ways and you will see what you
will create.

We are here to provide you with any assistance you wish as you grow into the tree of splendor. Call upon us and we
shall answer.

Thank you for caring for the Earth, for all of Nature and for the healing of your planet. When each one holds this in his
or her heart, that healing will become a reality. The Earth thanks you as does all of nature.

We see your magnificent tree. Do you?

Blessings of Love and Peace,
We are Archangel Ariel and we are with you
I am absolutely thrilled to share a wonderful creation using one of my channeled messages.
A dear 'friend' and soul brother from Italy 'found' this page and the messages from
Archangel Ariel. There are never any coincidences and this was meant to be. We know
beloved Ariel guided us so that it would become a reality.

What has come about is a video with narration of Ariel's message from June 2013 (message
is below as are all of the messages from Archangel Ariel and is marked
***) in English
with Italian subtitles. And with it are beautiful images! What a magnificent creation and I
am so delighted!

I thank Corrado for following his guidance and bringing forth this fabulous message in a
new way that can reach so many. Archangel Ariel is so very pleased.

Click on the link below to go directly to the video and enjoy this wonderful gift!

Many Angels' Blessings,
Linayah ^i^
~A Message from Archangel  Ariel~                                                                                      November 2015

Beloved Ones,

We are Ariel and we have much pleasure in speaking to you at this time. Thank you for welcoming us into your lives.
Those who do wish for us to be with them, most definitely do have us in their presence. We come joyfully when

How are things going with you dear ones? Do you feel the rumblings and grumbling of you Earth? Ah, yes, we
are certain you do and many who are very sensitive to energy often feel it more so. If you are one of those
sensitives, we know you many feel discomfort at times. This is because you are resonate with the energy of the
Earth and your connection is very fine tuned. There are those who feel it and do not understand it as well. This can
be troubling to them.

Now Dearest Ones, it is more important than ever before to take care of you. The energy of the Earth as well as
the energy around and within you is very powerful and is calling up much to the surface so that you may see it,
know of it and release it.

Pay attention to your feelings, to how you body is expressing itself, the emotions that come up for you and then
listen! It is imperative for you to honor yourself for if you do not, things can get out of hand.

Many are feeling weary, sleepy and have a lack of energy. While others are feeling restless, anxious, impatient
and then seeing the need to get things done but they are not sure what those things might be or how they can
be done. Some feel out of sorts, confused and unsettled.

It can be very frustrating no matter how it plays out for you. Again we say, you must honor how you feel, how
your body may need more rest now, how you don't really need to get mountains moved to accomplish all you
think you must accomplish.

Slow down, let go and relax. We cannot stress enough how important this is. We don't want to be called to a
'crash site' when you have not heeded your needs. We much prefer to visit you whilst you are napping or
meditating, relaxing and just chilling out. Of course we will come no matter which experience you choose, but we
do have a preference and of course that is because your well-being in the utmost importance to all of us.

One thing that is beneficial for each and every one of you, is to take time to connect, to commune with nature.
Your beloved Earth has much to offer and there is something for the tastes of everyone who seeks it.

The trees, plants, animals, birds, bodies of water, and every aspect of nature are waiting to give you love, peace
and serenity. What gives you the desire to be with nature? Is it sitting beneath a tree, observing a sunset or sunrise,
tending a garden, sitting by the ocean and being one with the water and its mesmerizing movement, hiking on a
mountain trail, watching birds as they dart around and sing, walking on a trail in the desert and admiring the beauty
it offers, or just standing on grass in your bare feet, or maybe it is looking at the clouds as they move and perhaps
show an image, the smell of the air after rain, or playing in the snow?

Wherever you are, you can find nature's bounty and be with it. Mother Earth speaks to you in many ways: the
rustle of leaves in the wind, the song of a bird, the antics of a puppy or kitten and more. There is no place that you
cannot find nature's gifts to enjoy and with which to connect.

Have you ever watched children at play and as you did, you felt a sense of joy wash over you? They know how
to relax and have fun. They are not concerned about all those stressful things that the adults carry around like a
ball and chain. There is no worry about getting things done and if there is enough time. They just do what they do
and it always seems to work out. This is because they have no attachment to those 'must do lists' that the adults
always seem to have.

Let us go back to the body. Your body is very wise and intelligent. When you do not heed the whispers that it
gives it will become very loud. Like a child wanting attention it will become as loud as needed until heard. And we
know each and every one of you has found this out at times.

That beautiful body is a sacred temple and should be honored as such. It is designed to heal itself and can do
that if you allow it. Care for your temple and treat it with love and reverence. It will respond in kind.

Planet Earth is another body which is also a sacred temple. Think of all the blessings she provides to everyone
and everything that resides upon her and within her. She is a living being just as you are, a living, breathing being.

Do you show her your appreciation or do you take for granted what you receive? The soul of the Earth; yes she
has a soul, is named Gaia. Gaia shifts and moves according to the consciousness of the human. This is why beloved
ones, it is so very important to have thoughts of love and peace for all thoughts join together in the
mass consciousness of that of the human population.

As she shifts and movement is felt within her, she is giving you a gift of being like a facilitator for that shift in
consciousness that is occurring and rapidly changing.

Support her in the way you can dear ones. It is very important to live in harmony with Gaia, with the environment,
with all of nature, and all living beings. You can do your part as best you can, for it is vital more
than ever.

What you do, what you say, think and how you act makes a difference. All beings are an integral part in the Divine
purpose to bring about the new era, the Golden Era as many call it, and as you interact with all as well
as do what you can to improve your surroundings, this in turn will benefit all.

Do not think that you cannot make a difference beloved ones, for you can. You must let those thoughts go and
know that you are so very important.

Begin by loving yourself and your life. Regard your life as precious and a gift. Never think you do not make a
difference for you do and can.

Where do you begin? Begin with yourself. As you regard your surroundings, begin to see the beauty that is
always around you instead of seeing otherwise. Once you open you eyes to that beauty and embrace it with a
grateful heart, your life will change by leaps and bounds.

Each human, each tree, each plant, each bird, each animal, each creature in the sea, is important and has a
purpose. You are as much a part of nature as the birds in the trees, the fishes in the sea, the tree in the forest.
There is no separation of them and you. This has been the belief in the past for the way of thinking has been
just that; nature is something different than mankind.

Now more and more are seeing the inter-connection and the oneness of everything. Embrace that and be joyful
that you now see what before had been hidden.

No matter what you choose to do in a heartfelt way, is perfect and greatly appreciated. There is no action or
thought that is too small. Do what feels right to you and in so doing you are thanking and honoring Gaia as well
as the Divinity within you.

The world as you have known it is changing and the new way is going to be more magnificent than you can
even imagine. Trust this and look at everything and everyone with eyes of love and compassion. Joy will fill your
heart and life can take on a whole new perspective.

We thank you for all that you do, all that you are and for being you.

We are the Archangel Ariel in the energy of love and we are with you.
~A Message from Archangel Ariel~                                                                                      June 2016

Beloved Ones,

We come today to express to you our gratitude. Yes we are grateful for you and to you. Beloved Ones, do you
know who you are? Do you know what you do and are doing?

We know for many of you what we are saying makes no sense to you. And others are aware but find it difficult to
understand and believe.

We, that is all of the Angelic Kingdoms, the Ascended Masters, the Brothers and Sisters from far away in the
Cosmos, your loved ones who are supporting you from what is called 'the other side', and all of your ancestors
in your lineage are in awe and respectful of you.

You are here on your beautiful planet at this time to do what has never been done before. You have come to
be assistants in ushering in a new way of life, a new consciousness that is bringing back what was meant to be.

The awakening that is occurring in every moment in every part of your world, is a beautiful thing and it is sacred.

If you are reading this, then you are here to do this work. If our words bring a stirring within you, you are here to
do this work.

Cherished ones, we want you to fall in love with yourselves. We wish for you to see the beauty in you and who
you are, no matter what you do, where you are, where you are in this moment in your life.

Can you cherish you as we cherish you? Can you love yourself in all ways without judgment, blame, guilt or
anything that is demeaning to you? Think about the words you use when you speak or even think about you.
Are they words or thoughts of love, of kindness, and compassion? If they are harsh, judgmental, degrading,
and fearful, then you are not honoring the Divine Self that is you.

Are you willing to let go of the beliefs that keep you in a holding pattern; those beliefs of not being good
enough and so not worthy?

Beloveds, it is time, past time, to begin to honor yourselves. Do what brings you joy, follow your heart with
trust and knowing that it will always take you in the right direction, will always take you were you are to go.
Remove the blinders of fear and doubt, and be free to be you.

We repeat, do what you want to do without worry of what society says you should be doing. With loving actions
you can be outrageous and wild. You can spread your wings and fly to new heights of fun and adventure. Try
things that you have always thought were silly, impossible, or 'unacceptable' according to belief. Be childish, goofy,
daring, and take a chance on life as it should be.

If you want to do something, and you feel in your heart it is what you want to do, then why hesitate? Go for it and
take a leap. You can take baby steps or gigantic steps; either is fine and perfect. Just keep moving and reaching out
to new horizons.

Do not let anyone tell you that you can't do something you want to do. If they do, just smile and say you will be fine
and it is time for you to act out of the ordinary which you are finding quite boring.

Build the sand castles of your dreams, break the molds of the mundane and make new ones. Take a new direction
when you drive to work or to the supermarket. Spice up your life and try new some seasonings.  Sample
something you have never tried before. Of course we speak in metaphors but you get the gist of our words.

There are perhaps some of you who think we are giving a pep talk. Why not? Do you not deserve to be given
a spark of encouragement so as to make decisions that benefit you?

And why not? We invite you to do this: whenever you have a thought that says you can't or shouldn't do something,
to ask 'Why not?" If you feel you want to color your hair green, ask, "Why not?" If you want to go on an exotic
vacation, ask, "Why not?" If you want to take a class that seems so far out of what is normally comfortable for you,
but still think about it, ask, "Why not?" Do this whenever you hesitate or doubt what your heart is guiding you to do.

Life is about exploring, diving into new depths to experience and learn, breaking out of the cocoon and flying free.
It is about shedding anything that does not work for you, does not resonate with you, trying the untried, stepping
into your truth, removing all barriers that keep you from being and expressing the unlimited being of Light that you are.

You can do anything you set your mind to when you allow your heart to be your guide. It may be way out of your
comfort zone but why would you wish to stay in one place? There are those who like to jog in place. For exercise that
is fine but for life itself it is not going to get you anywhere. One foot in front of the other, one step at a time, is all it
takes along with confidence that you can and will get to your destination in perfect timing. Walk, jog, skip, dance,
whatever you want to do, but just move and do it. If you can muster up only a wee bit of courage, you will moving in
the right direction. No more staying stuck in the mire of sameness and boring.

As you develop that courage and trusting yourself and the process called life, you will shift your energy and with it
everything can take on new meaning and you will see things in a different way and things that you never noticed

If you want a clean slate then wipe that slate clean. If you want to move slowly and change only a few things at a
time, release in an easy way. You are in charge. It is your life and you are the one to do with it what you want to

We on your team are your cheerleaders and hold pep rallies often for you. We like it better when you attend those
pep rallies. But we will keep holding them until you decide to show up. And then Beloveds we can have 'the time of your

So Dear Hearts, remember to always ask, "Why not?" and see what transpires. You may even make a game of it if
you wish. The "Why Not" Game sounds like a lot of fun. Are you game to play? We have our game shoes
on. Do you? If you need to look for them, we will wait for you. We have all the 'time' in the world.

With Blessings of Peace, Love, and Joy,
We are the Archangel Ariel and we are with you.
~A Message from Archangel Ariel~                                                                                 September 2017

Beloved Ones,

The energy of today is being felt by all. By allowing it to come and embracing it will assist in ushering in what will soon be
an entirely new world – different from the one you know now. And you know deep within that it is time for change and
you are ready to welcome it. It might seem a little scary and you are unsure but deep inside your very being you know it
and want it. We understand this.

What we would like to speak about with you is related to this changing world. Let us talk about the precious children, the
ones who are here to do much and who ask only that you nourish and support them as they do the work they have come
to do. What you do now will impact what the children of today and those to come will experience. Look at it as you are
creating a legacy, a bright and happy world.

All of humanity will benefit Beloveds but those who will reap the rewards the most are the children. They are the future;
they are the visionaries of what will be.

We ask that you begin to look at the children in new ways. They are not just young people who are going to grow and
become adults. They are not the new ones who will go through the ‘systems’ as you like to refer to your educational,
religious, and governmental structures that have been in place for so very long, for way too long.

Do you wish for clean air, pure drinking water and plenty of food for nourishment for these precious ones? Of course
you do. Thus we ask of you to begin to visualize this very idea and see it as done. Do not think that you cannot do
anything about it and it doesn’t matter for you in your lifetime.

Beloveds! This is not true! It does matter and you can do a great deal. See it as done and it shall be!

Begin by moving out of your mind for a while and move into your heart space where you can find your truth and your
soul’s wishes; where you inner wisdom and guidance will give you your truth.

The children of today are so much more intelligent, wise and intuitive beings than you realize. They are here with a very
big purpose. We ask that you look at them with new eyes and listen to them with new ears.

They need your support, your love and your assistance so that they may fulfill the beautiful purposes that they carry
with them.

They are not merely children as seen in the old ways; as being seen and not heard.

Listen to them, hear what they have to say, learn from them for they are teachers who have come to assist in ushering
in the Light that is ascending upon the planet.

Do not shut them off. Do not ignore them. Do not tell them that they should not have imaginations or have feelings.

Beloveds they know so much. They offer so much. Look into the eyes of a little one and see the glistening that is there
as you look into the soul of a precious being. See the wisdom and the love that is there.

Listen with an open heart to what they say. They have so much to share. We ask you to honor them.

Honor these precious souls as you would a priceless gift that has been bestowed upon you. Treasure these gifts from
the Divine for that is exactly what they are. They are gifts to the world and for the world.

When they say they see Angels or fairies, believe them for it is so. When they talk to animals in a conversation in the
same way as though they were speaking to you, believe them and smile at the ability they have to communicate in this

You see Beloveds; every one of you came into this lifetime with these abilities. You were in pure unconditional love. You
could hear and speak with spirits. And you thought nothing of it for it was just the way it was. You didn’t have to think
about it for it was natural to you.

Then for most everyone who is in human form now, it began to fade. Not that the ability was lessening but because you
were told that you should not do these things; told you were silly and should cease immediately.

Many were even threatened because of it.

This all came from generation after generation of beliefs that were handed down. Most adults meant no harm for they
were doing just what they had been told and thus it was a real belief for them.

Now it is known that it is alright to be a child, one who sees, hears, feels and knows and is able to communicate with
Angels, fairies and animals, plants and trees. Unicorns? Why not?

We are asking you to be open to allowing the children to grow and thrive and not put restrictions upon them because of
what you may have as beliefs.

Nurture them in all ways. Nurture their love for all living things. Become involved with them by working with them while
allowing them the freedom to grow and shine the incredible Light that they are. There are many ways this can be done.

Go on nature walks or hikes with them. Go with them to the beach or to the countryside to see the animals.

Hug trees with them, yes you heard us correctly; hug trees with them. Trees are living beings and carry much wisdom in
their energy. We are not talking about hugging trees in the way that many humans think of it – as being some crazy

Watch a waterfall and talk to them about what you both see. Get down on the ground and watch an ant or a ladybug
going about doing what they do.

Become a child too for you each have an inner child that wants to experience what these children experience.

Climb a tree; play on a slide with them. Let go of restrictions that you feel make you seem childish if you do this. Being a
child is a natural way to be.

Do art projects with the children. Read books together. Watch fun and educational videos together. Participate with them.
This is very important dear ones. Please do not plant them in front of a television or on a computer for video games. This
stifles them. We invite you to make time to interact with these children instead of focusing on your busy life which has no
time for them. Make time. Make time. If you have the intention you will be able to make the time available. We will help
you make room if you ask us.

We would like to see parents, guardians, teachers, grandparents, aunts and uncles adjust the way they interact with these
children, in the way they speak to them, what they teach them, by the example they show them and to treat them with
respect rather than merely a little person who needs to be held in control and doesn’t have anything to offer.

Begin to show respect and love for them by being an example; an example of love, kindness and compassion.

Show them how to treat others by how you treat family members, friends or strangers. Show them an example of your
treatment of others when the children are present. Do you treat others with love and without criticism, with compassion
and forgiveness? Do you speak to others with respect or disrespect? Do you set an example of being open to allowing
others to have an opinion that is different than yours? Do you allow others to say and do something that is not in
alignment with what you would say or do?

Beloveds, this is what we are speaking of when we ask you to be an example. Show the children how to honor another
even if they are different or have different ideas. Let them see that it is okay to be different or
to think or act in a way that is not like others.

Of course we are not promoting behavior that is harmful to anyone. These precious children need to understand that
they do not have to do something that does not feel good to them. They need to see that it is okay to move to the beat
of a different drummer. They need to understand that it is okay to be who they are and not have fear of being criticized,
ridiculed or judged because of whom they are. Do you see what we are attempting to tell you?

Another part of this is to show that you can make a mistake and that it is alright to do it. When you get upset at a child
and yell or say something that is hurtful, degrading, or harmful, express that. Say that you are sorry that you yelled at
them for playing with something that could hurt them. Say that you yelled because you love them very much and do not
want to see them be hurt in any way. Be honest and tell them how much you love them.

Hug them; hold them in an embrace of love. You are not saying you were wrong and that you are sorry you yelled but it
was a reaction to something that could harm them. Tell them many times how much you love them. You cannot tell them
this enough.

They are very intelligent and understand much more than for which they are often given credit. They are very in tune with
energy and so if they feel your honesty and your love they will understand that you are speaking from your heart.

Create a trust between you and these children. Create a space for them so that they know they are safe. Let them know it
is okay to express their feelings, to express their ideas and dreams no matter how far out they may seem to you.

Allow them to explore and create and imagine. If you allow this they will grow into beautiful and loving adults. If you can
allow yourself to think as a child with them you will experience amazing and magical times. As we said they have so much
to teach, to share and they must be allowed to do this to the fullest extent.

And Beloved Ones, if you are not able to participate actively with children in the ways of which we have spoken, that is
perfectly okay. You can still put energy into something else.

Do what you can to help heal and preserve the planet. Pick up trash and garbage on the sidewalk or path that you are
walking upon or volunteer to be a part of cleaning of a beach, park or other place you see the need.

Recycle items that can be regenerated back into something new.

Do what you are able to do. Volunteer somewhere that you can do something that is beneficial to the earth.

There are so many marvelous organizations that could use your assistance.

And lastly we ask that you visualize the earth and all beings that inhabit her as healed and as you wish it to be from your
heart. See and feel how that would look to you. Begin to see it and feel it as it is already here, already a fact of life.

See clean waters, fresh and pure air, children laughing and playing everywhere across the planet and see that every single
one of them has a full belly. By doing this and putting energy into it, it will manifest. Your true and heartfelt intentions are
very powerful.

Give these blessed ones, the children, a life as it should be. Work with them and yes honor them. Thank them for being
who they are and blessing you and the world. Love them and play with them.

With Blessings of Peace, Love, and Joy,
We are Archangel Ariel and We are with You
*** Video
**Please note: This message was given, along with the video for the offering in August 2018