~A Message from Archangel Michael~                                                September 2009

Hello dear friends,

We come with words of hope, love, and inspiration for everyone. The shifting that is going on is
being felt by all. Everything is as it should be even if it doesn't always appear to be so.

We ask that you have faith and trust that all is in Divine and perfect order and that all will be well.

The energy of and on the planet is rising to new vibrational levels. Healing is occurring at every
moment. You may ask why there are so many things happening that do not look as if this is so.
But be assured it is and please trust in the Divine plan because all is well.

You are being asked to look at your existence in a new way now. Relationships are ending, you are
clearing away things that do not serve you and are finding you want to be in more clarity with who
you are and what you are all about.
"This is good and with due respect we ask that you please trust and follow your inner guidance.
You know all of the answers if you trust your Higher Self to give them to you.

We are here for you and we ask that you call upon us for guidance and the clarity you seek.
You have all of the knowledge and understanding within you. Look inside and not outside for the
answers. We will help you find those answers if they appear to be alluding you.
Trust yourself first and then all else will follow.
As you begin to have faith in yourself and then with others you will find peacefulness on all levels.

We are here to assist you in all your needs. Call upon us for everything. Call upon all of your Angels
and guides. We cannot assist you unless you ask as that is one of the Laws of the Universe - the
Law of Free Will.


Archangel Michael  
~A Message from Archangel Michael ~                                                              December 2009

Hello Dear Friends,

We are so very pleased to be able to bring our message to you. As always we thank Linayah for
allowing us to do so through her and this website. We asked her to be one who will bring our messages
to you in the written word.

This is the end of another year in linear time as 2009 will be ending in a few weeks. This has been a
very big year for many and the new energy is higher than it has been for thousands of years. The
next year, 2010, will be even higher in vibrational energy for a great number of beings. See a bright
future for you, for the planet and for all of life. With this vision it will be so. This is all leading up to 2012
where a very important change will occur. There is no end of the world but an end to the negative ways
that humans have been living in for so very long. With your help and work a healthy planet will emerge
and all life will benefit.

We ask that you hold the intention to see light instead of darkness and love instead of hatred in all that
you do. You are all here for soul advancement and all have a beautiful and important path to follow. Do
not allow yourself to be in judgment of others, hold blame or unforgiveness in your hearts, as it will only
hinder your moving into a space of peace, love, light and abundance. Remember everyone is doing the
best he or she can do so send them love not judgment. Do not be fearful as there is nothing to fear.
Fear is an illusion and not a reality. Nurture your soul, your Higher Self, and become the magnificent
being you truly are.

If you will create a life based on love and grace along with compassion for everyone and everything
you will find how blessed you are and how you can be in happiness, joy and bliss at all times. You are
in charge of your well-being and your happiness. No one else can bring that to you. And no one else
can deny it for you either. Be in silence and sit with your inner wisdom and intuition and listen to the
guidance you will receive. Trust that guidance and trust yourself to act upon it. Do not doubt what you
receive if itis in love and gratitude.

The Angels are here at all times and you can access the guidance, love and protection you desire if you
call upon them. You are surrounded with loving beings at all times. Please allow them to come into your
lives now.

We close with Blessings of Love to all.

Archangel Michael   
~A Message from Archangel Michael~                                                        February 2010

Hello Dear Friends,

We would like this time to discuss emotions, thoughts and feelings in all areas that many of you are

There is a tremendous and powerful shifting in energy occurring everywhere upon the planet.
Many of you are feeling it and understanding that it is what it is, but there are those of you who do
not have that understanding. We would like to help you with that.

For thousands of years the planet has been held almost in bondage with humankind dwelling in
competition, materialism, separation, misdirected power and control. The negative emotions of fear,
blame, judgment with lack of kindness, compassion and unconditional love has prevailed. Of course
there have been those who have not participated in this epidemic if you will, and yes that is a very
strong word, but it has been often at a cost to them.

Now masses of beings are beginning to emerge as what is known as Lightworkers. These beings
came here at this time to help bring about peace and healing to all living beings and to Mother Earth
herself. The destruction in all areas must come to a halt and these light bearing beings are here to
lead you to that peace and healing.

Each individual now needs to look at everything and everyone, in a completely new way. It is
very important for participation by all. What can I do you ask? How can one person be of any
degree of helping? This is where you need to begin. Each of you has the potential to do a lot. It
doesn't matter what it is or how it comes about, what matters is that you have the intention of
doing what you can. And whatever it is, it is important. Nothing is unimportant in this work.

The very first thing is to heal yourself. This requires devotion and intention of doing that very
thing. Go within yourself and really be with your soul, your Higher Self, and listen to the guidance
you receive. If each person will work on healing themselves, then all else will fall into place very easily.

All negative emotions and thoughts must be released in order for you to heal. Let go of all blame as
no one is to blame for anything. Let go of all judgment as no one can be a judge of another. Let go
of thoughts of lack as that is only an illusion. The Universe only hears your thoughts and hears not
the things you say you don't want. So if you think you are lacking then you will receive lack - just
what the Universe heard you ask for. Your thoughts and words are so very, very powerful. If you
think you cannot find a job, then you cannot find a job. If you think you are in poor health, then
you will be in poor health. If you think you have no financial security, then you shall have just that.
You have all the power within yourself to change what does not serve you.

Do not be in a state of unforgiveness of others or of yourself. Remember that everyone is doing
the best he or she can and you do not want to make yourself a victim of anything. Victimhood is
also an illusion and nothing else. You become the victim of your thoughts and nothing else.

There are so very many beings in the Spiritual realms who are waiting for you to call upon them.
There are Angels, Ascended Masters, spirit guides, Soul guides and beings of all nature. We can and
will guide you, protect you and show you the path to healing and abundance. There is enough
abundance for everyone. But as long as you do not acknowledge this and let your thoughts be
otherwise it cannot come to you.

We close with blessings of love and happiness for each and every one of you. Call upon us and we
will be immediately there for you.

We thank you for taking the time to read this message. By doing so you are already taking a very
large step toward wholeness. We also again thank Linda for allowing us to use her as a channel to
bring these messages to you.

Blessings of Peace, Love and Joy,

Archangel Michael
~A Message from Archangel Michael~                                                                 April 2010

Hello Beloveds,

I thank you for being here and reading our words. I would like to discuss with you more on the
energies that are continuously growing stronger in each moment. I, along with the other Archangels,
have been giving you messages regarding this for quite some time. But it is important that we do so
as the shifting that is occurring is building and creating new and wonderful things for all who reside
on your planet. So many more keep feeling this energy growing as their own energy grows too.
Some have felt it and not understood it. Others have felt it and have learned to ride the waves of
this change. Those are the ones who will lead and teach everyone else how to join in, so to speak.
Allow those who are these teachers to hold your hands and follow them as they light the path to an
amazing place.

A very long time ago, thousands of your linear years ago, it was seen by Spirit that in order for the
Earth as well as her inhabitants to survive, there would have to be a massive change. For way
too long human life has existed in fear, competition, separation, blame, anger, materialism and
consumerism among other negative emotions and feelings. It has been the 'way of life' and the
original way of life as it was intended to be has gone astray. Now much of that has begun to fall
away to make room for that original way to be restored.

Thus now after so very long there is a very large shift occurring that is seeing humans learning that
there is a better way to live. To live peacefully without judging others; knowing that you are all one
with Source as well as each other and that there is no separation. You are beginning to see that living
alongside each other instead of apart is how it should be. Community is much more accepted now
with beings coming together in times of need, in times of celebration and times of love.

Each natural 'dis-aster' has brought and will bring more and more togetherness with an increase in aid
and care. This is where community, being as one instead of as 'we' and 'them', is growing and will
continue to grow. Yes, there will be more of these occurrences and if you will notice how the
expressions of blame and judgment lessen each time, you will begin to understand just how this
shifting from your whole way of life as you have known it will decrease until completely eliminated.
This has been in the workings as I have said for a very long time and it will take more time, but it
will be.

I ask each of you to let go of all that does not serve you and instead allow in Love, Light and
freedom. That is freedom from the boxes you place yourselves in when you hold onto unforgiveness,
judgment, blame, anger and separation. When you step out of those boxes and trust yourselves
as well as the Universe to bring to you what is yours, you will be able to find that there is enough of
everything good for everyone. View everyone and everything with eyes of Love and you will see the
Light around you become brighter and brighter.

As always we thank Linda for being a channel for us to bring our words to you. We thank you for
reading these words and hope that you will take something away from them that will assist you in
finding that freedom and peace that you do deserve.

We close with blessings of love, light and peace for each and everyone of you.


Archangel Michael  
~A Message from Archangel Michael~                                                              May 2010

Hello Beloveds,

How nice it is to be here again with you. Each month we wish to bring a message of importance to
you and also to give you some guidance that you may wish to use or follow.   

We have spoken to you before in several messages about the important shifts that are occurring
upon your planet. We have told you how each occurrence is important and all has been in the
planning for a very long time.

And now today we would like to focus on each of you, each individual and your role in all of this.
Every being on the earth today has come here in agreement to be here to experience the changes
that are and will come into reality in some way or another. Every one of you is very important to
the plan. A very many are Lightworkers or Light Bearers who have come to assist others to find the
way to a new and better place.

When you are in a physical form you are going to experience those ups and downs that are part
of your learning and growth. How you react to them is up to you and what makes a difference in
how your existence plays out. Those of you who choose to hold on to the negative thoughts that
harbor fear, anger, judgment, greed, separation and unforgiveness will have a completely different
experience than those who have thoughts of love, joy, light, abundance, compassion, community,
wholeness and oneness. That is very obvious, isn't it?

Much has been made out of the Law of Attraction. You may think that there is too much made of
it. But be assured it is a very viable and true part of your being. It is how you use it and how you
understand it that makes the difference. You must be true to yourself and have confidence in who
you are and what you can be. You must go the whole nine yards once you have taken the ball into
your hands. It really is quite simple if you think about it. If you think you have nothing then of course
you will get 'having nothing'. If you think you are lonely, then lonely you shall be.

It is the desire of all of us in the Spiritual Realms that each and every one in a human existence have
ll the abundance, happiness and joy that they wish. It is possible for every single being on earth to
experience all of it.

So many of you have not come to understand how wonderful you are. There is, we will say, almost
an epidemic of self doubt within so very many. This all stems from being told that you are not good
enough to be happy and thus should not expect to be. Beloveds, this is not how it is. Each of you is
so much more than you think you are. We wish you to rise above the tide of feelings of being
unworthy and bring yourselves to the place where you can experience peace.

You can find all the answers within your heart and in your inner wisdom. Your Angels and guides are
here to assist you by showing you the way to that peace. Call upon any of us and we will help you
We hold each of you in a very special place of love. Know this love and feel it and enjoy it. There is
an unlimited supply and enough for everyone.

We are grateful to you for allowing us to share this with you. We are grateful for you. May you find
peace in your hearts and know the love that is your soul.

Blessings and Love,

Archangel Michael

~A Message from Archangel Michael ~                                                                       July 2010

Greeting Beloveds,

We are very pleased to be here to speak with you at this time. We appreciate you taking the time to read
our words. It is our hope that you will take something away from what you read.

The great changes in energy, healing of Mother Earth and all that has been are here. You are amidst
change that will continue to build and occur for many years to come. We know we and others have
spoken of this in the past upon these pages.

We would like to focus this time on a very important subject of which all of you are aware. We are talking
about the oil spill in your Gulf of Mexico.

This my friends is a great wake-up call to every single inhabitant on this planet. The abuse that has been
going on for so very long to the earth must stop.

The waters upon this planet are the most important element there is for survival - survival of the
inhabitants and well as Mother Earth herself. This planet is a very loved planet within the entire Universe
and beyond. We are all working very hard to bring her back to the state of perfect health that she is
intended to be in.

Water is, as you know the largest part of the earth as well as of your bodies. Without it you and she do
not exist. So healing of all water is very important to the healing that is needed.

We ask you to not focus on human words like 'disaster', 'pollution', and other negative descriptions. Do
not point fingers and blame anyone or anything for this occurrence. You see, when you do this, you are
actually making the situation worse because you are putting negative energy into it. Let go immediately of
all of those emotions and judgmental thoughts.

What we ask you to do is instead focus on sending love and healing energy to the water; all that is
involved and to Mother Earth herself. Hold the intention of infusing love and healing into your earth. See
her as healed and see the waters as clear and pristine. This is the only way you are going to bring about
the desired result.

And we also suggest that you do this in groups: groups of two, five or thirty - the number isn't as
important as the action. What is important that you and others unite as one to give healing energy to
your planet. Do so in meditation, prayer, circles or even in discussions. The more who join in and hold the
intention the quicker it will become a reality. Send love and light and healing into your planet now my
beloveds, as now is the time. See that light, that love going down into the center of Earth.

As much as we are working on this, it cannot be done without your help. No one can do it for you -
must do it or it will not be successful. Humankind has brought this about and thus are the ones who must
bring about the recovery and healing.

More and more of you are becoming aware of what is needed and are learning to be in love and positive
energy. That is the only way it can work. No more negative thoughts, no more abuse or greed and
uncaring actions!

We thank you dear ones for being true to yourselves and to your beloved planet. She is relying on you
and we are confident that you will come through for her.

And remember that we are all here to help you with it. Call us in when you do your meditations, prayers or
group discussions and we will help in a great way. Together we can work as a team and all will be as it is
supposed to be. Unite with each other and with Spirit and the healing that is needed will be a reality.

Blessings of Love and Light,

Archangel Michael
~A Message from Archangel Michael~                                                                                      April 2010

Greetings Beloved Friends,

We wish to bring this message to you as it is very important for each and every one of you to understand what is
occurring today and what is necessary for you to focus on with the changes in which you are finding yourselves.

In the United States you have what is called “The State of the Union” message. We would like to call ours “The State
of the Universe” with the subtitle being your planet Earth.

Everyone, no matter what part of the planet is their residence, is aware of the many changes that have been and
are occurring upon Mother Earth.

Some of you are much more consciously aware of it than others. Those who are not, feel something is happening
to them and around them but do not understand it. But souls are awakening at every moment and this is a very
good thing.

Actually, since much of this has been discussed on these pages at great length, we will now focus on another part of
it and discuss what is the need to begin with the first step toward the healing of the planet. We refer to addressing
Self: the self that is your soul or Higher Self. Your Higher Self is your Divine Self.  

Healing must begin with each person. As more and more do the work that is necessary to heal Self, healing of your
planet will follow.

We wish to speak with each of you, as individuals as well as part of humanity as a whole. You see, you are One with
all and so the whole must come from each individual's effort.

All healing must begin within. We know that can sound very daunting and an almost impossible task to some of you.
That is okay. As you move forward at the perfect pace that is meant for you, you will learn to understand this more.

What we are speaking of, dear ones, is this: each of you has the power right inside you to heal everything in your

Often ‘healing’ is thought to mean physical healing. But his goes much deeper than that. You see, physical healing
is a result of healing you and yourselves in totality.  By this we mean that healing must occur in your mental body,
your emotional body and your spiritual body. The physical body heals as a result of the healing of the other bodies.

Your physical body is of course only a home for your soul to reside in while you are experiencing human existence.

So where do you begin? You begin with you. “How do you do that?” you ask.  It is not something that will happen
in the blink of an eye or overnight.  First of all please have patience with yourself and with the process. Know that
you are at all times doing the best that you can do. That in itself is a very big step.

The next thing and the most important thing for you to do, is to be in love with you. Yes, love yourself beyond anything

There is a component of all these important things in this process. They all go hand-in-hand.

These are: self-love, self-confidence and self-care. Combined together you can bring wholeness to yourself.

When you care about yourself, when you love yourself for whom you are and have confidence in yourself, you begin
to bring healing to your entire being.

Instead of holding onto guilt or seeing yourself in a negative way  - not pretty enough, not tall enough, not strong
enough or good enough – look at the beauty and magnificence of you. Each of you is a magnificent being. Each of you
has incredible qualities. Look at all the accomplishments you have achieved. Look at the beauty in all that you do and
have done. Give yourself a pat on the back because you deserve it. You have made what you perceive as mistakes. If so,
then so be it. Forget whatever has happened as it does not matter anymore. The past is just that. It is the past.

Begin to trust yourself and feel good about yourself. Allow yourself the time to do this. As we said, it will not happen
right away. But if you keep working on it you can do it.

This is something that each and every one has to encounter at some point in their lives. How it plays out is how you
deal with it. You are all very strong and powerful beings and are absolutely capable of doing it.

And please remember you do not have to do it alone. You each have a team of beings in the Spiritual realms that are
ready to assist you with it. Call upon us and allow us to guide you. You do not have to struggle beloved friends. We wish
for each of you joy and peace.

Blessings of Love and Light,

Archangel Michael
Please feel free share the messages on this page as well as those that are archived as long as you mention this website, the
scribe and use the message in its entirety with no alterations, additions or excerpts. Thank you for reading and believing in the
Angels. They are with you in every moment if you allow them in.
© by Linayah Kei Michael, Ambassador for the Company of

Angels' Blessings,
Linayah Kei Michael

Beloved Friends,

Greetings and welcome. We welcome you into a new linear year, 2011. There is so much significance in this year. The year
itself has the number 11 in it. Many of you know that the numbers 1, 11, 111, 1111 carry much significance in meaning.
And it is different for each of you. What feels right and is your knowing of what those numbers represent is what is right.
And if you don't feel anything with them, that is alright too. Generally those numbers represent positivity. For this channel
they mean that manifestation is moving very rapidly for her. She has been seeing these numbers very frequently as have
many of you. We know that for those of you who are consciously aware of the frequency that they are coming into your
awareness, you are feeling good vibrations with them. That is because you are in tune with that vibration. And again, those
who are not in tune with it we say it is perfectly okay. There are other things that you are in tune with and they are what
you should be focusing on.

Enough on numbers. Let us now speak of what is going to and is occurring in this year 2011. Oh the energies that you
are all feeling is quite something isn't it? Some of you feel as if you are in a swirling eddy and are not sure when it will subside.
But you know it will. Even if your human consciousness does not see this, your soul, your Higher Self, knows. Change has
been occurring for quite some time and will continue to occur. Open your arms and your hearts to the change and allow all
the sweetness of what will be come to you. See it as a perfectly ripe fruit with the most delicious fragrance and taste that is
possible. Taste the juicy sweet flavors as they touch your lips and you tongue. Be in this mindset beloveds, and in this moment
of pure joy. Hold this sweetness as that fruit in your daily thoughts and imagination.

You are all such powerful beings and so many of you do not know this yet. And those who do will forget on occasion as
that is part of your human experience. But when you are able to pull yourself out of that forgetting and return to
remembering who you are, all will be well. All is well my friends. All
is well. You are all incredible, powerful beings who are in
charge of your own life in every moment. You are a beautiful soul in a beautiful human incarnation. You have a spark in your
core that is your Divinity, your God-self, and your Oneness with all. Allow that spark to grow and expand and shine brightly for
all to see and feel. The power you have within is there for you. Ignite your spark and your power and become who you truly
are and who you are truly meant to be. Shine those radiant lights and illuminate your world! Know your worthiness and your
wholeness. You are meant to have a shining and glorious life and only you and your thoughts that you cannot have that are
what will keep it from you. It is time to rise up out of self-pity, thoughts of lack and not having control over all circumstances
of your life. It is time to step into your beautiful power and create what it is you desire in this lifetime.

You all have a creative power to excel at anything you want. You are so much more than you can possibly realize. Take that
inner creativity and let it loose to encompass all the opportunities that are right there waiting for you to take them. Take them
to your heart and let them become real. They are real if you allow them to be.

This is a glorious time for every being on the planet. The new energies that are moving in at a very rapid pace are bringing in
love, light, hope, peace, the awareness of oneness instead of separation, and community. You are all a part of this if you
choose to be. It is coming for every being on the planet. Your earth is healing and with that humanity is healing. Can you not
open up to it and be a part of it? Can you not want all this for you as well as others? Beloveds let your hearts guide you to be
in this new time of beautiful and splendid light. You deserve it. You will find yourselves feeling how you are in the arms of love
and with Source as One and will be changed forever. You do deserve it all. Change is good if you see it that way. Let go of the
old ways and the past. Let the new in. This year is a very pivotal year for everyone, for every being on Mother Earth. You are
each a spoke on a wheel of love and bright light. That wheel is turning and turning and more spokes are anchoring themselves
to it in every moment. Do not let your fears keep you from being a part of that wheel. Get on board now!

We, as do all Light beings, love you dearly. We only want you to be in love and joy and are here to help you achieve that.
Call upon us and we will be there to assist you in all.

We close with blessings of love for each of you.

In Light and Peace,

Archangel Michael
~ A Message from Archangel Michael~                                                                January 2011
~A Message from Archangel Michael ~                                                       June 2011

Greetings Beloved Ones,

It is always a pleasure to bring our words to you in this way. We appreciate that you take the
time to read what is on this page each month. And for those who are finding this for the first

You are now at the halfway mark in your linear year. How has 2011 been for you so far?

Beloveds, we do repeatedly speak with you in regards to this topic for very good reasons.
This is because you are all in the midst of very enormous and important changes. Everyone
of you are feeling it and many are having some difficulties adjusting and dealing with it all.

We in the Light Realms understand this and are working continuously to make it as easy as
possible. But you must take charge and do what you need to do as we cannot provide that
which you as a spiritual being need to do in your human existence.

Now is the time to come forward and become a part of it. The benefits will be worth the effort.

The month of June, 2011, is a very, very important time for everyone on the planet as well as
for Mother Earth herself. Very important indeed.

The energies of Divine Light are coming in at every moment and those energies which do not
belong are leaving.

June 1 is a New Moon and a partial solar eclipse. This is the first portal for the energies to come
in. Following this will be a lunar eclipse as well as a Full Moon on June 15th. Right behind that
is your Summer Solstice (or Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere).

The thirty days of this intense energy will conclude on July 1 with another partial solar eclipse
and New Moon.

What does all this mean? It is the time to take the front seat in releasing that which does not
serve you, does not work for you and letting it go. For many, jobs, relationships, residences
and many material items are being cleared out. This thirty day window is your opportunity to
let it all go. Let go of old beliefs and patterns that you have been taught. Take charge of your
life and connect with your inner wisdom. Meditate. Clear out unwanted items and donate them.
Take time to be in silence and listen to your heart. Remove all those cobwebs that are
cluttering up your life. Give yourself time to relax and take a breath and a break from you daily
and busy schedule.

When you take stock of your life and clear, release and cleanse, you will find how good it can
be and feel.

And when you are in need of guidance and unsure of something, all you need to do is go
inside and connect with your beautiful soul where all the answers are residing. You may also
call upon your Angels and guides as well. When you become aware that there is always an
answer within, you will find how easy it can be to tap into that wisdom.

Do not be afraid to have change come into your lives, beloveds. Change is a must for each
and every one of you. Welcome in the new and let go of the old and old ways.

Instead of resisting, welcome it into your lives. It is time to take hold of your life and create it in
a new and beautiful way. You have compete support from the Light Realms and we will assist
you in everything. There is nothing to fear.

Instead of feeling fearful and wary, embrace the new and the changes that are coming. When
you do this you will open up your life in many ways that can only bring in joy. You life is meant
to be in joy. So allow joy to be yours. It will come and all that you desire and dream of will
come to you when you let go of trying to hold onto what was. Beloveds the past is gone.
What you thought was important yesterday is of no importance today. Allow for change to
come to you with open arms. Welcome it with enthusiasm and excitement. If you look through
the eyes of a child what do you see? A child cannot wait to learn, do and participate in
something new. That child has no fear of the new. Allow your inner child to come forward and
see everything in a different way; in the way that benefits you.

Beloved friends, All is Well if you trust that it will be and that there is nothing to prevent you
from moving ahead into an exciting and beautiful future. Focus on the moment and feel the
gift that it is. Know you are blessed and that everything is taken care of at all times.

You are loved, protected and safe. We are always beside you.

In Love and Light for all,

Archangel Michael  
~A Message from Archangel Michael~                                                                   October 2011

Welcome Beloved Friends,

I greet you with a welcome to this page and my wish is for you to receive what you had hoped to get
from the words I have to offer to you.

So much is occurring around you, within you and everywhere, it seems doesn't it beloveds?

There is a call now for every human being to awaken to what is happening now and to begin to
understand that change is ongoing and will continue.

My purpose is to hopefully bring an understanding to you of who you are, what your life is about and why
you and your life are so very important, in the words I impart here at this time.

The human consciousness has been for so very long, for thousands of years, embedded in thoughts and a
mindset that there is separation.

Beloved ones, this is not a truth. It is based on fears, greed and the desire to be dominant over another.
Being in greed and domination are stemmed from fear. All that does not come from love is based in fear.

You dear ones are each a creation of the Divine, just as I am, all Masters, all beings in the Higher
Dimensions, every animal, rock, plant, river, ocean, tree, fish, bird – everything is created from the
one spark which is God consciousness or the All That Is.

Over the past several thousand years humankind has chosen to forget who they truly are – that you
beloveds, are God. Does this surprise you? God consciousness is within every being. You are God
consciousness in a human form to experience opportunities of growth.

There is no separation between that of which you were created and you yourself. This belief has
permeated the minds of humankind for so long that many believe that it is true. You are God, Angels are
God; we are all God.

There is not a being that is above you who is ‘running the show’ and thus all beings are below him/her
who are being judged. No my friends, this is what has been passed on and on and on and has built a
momentum to where so very many live in fear.

Let me explain further.

The Source of All is the Creator and can be called however you wish. It is all the same but what resonates
for you is just fine for you to use. I shall use Creator, God, and Source in my words to you.

Each and every one of you is from the same Divine spark. No one is different or above or below another.
All souls are of the same. All life is of the same. Your planet, Mother Earth, Gaia, is of the same Divine creation.

This is why is it so important for humans to hear this, listen to the words and understand it. When each
can embrace their godliness and holiness the shift to love and compassion will be complete.

Realize how valuable you are. See how important your being is no matter how it may appear on the

Know that you are loved completely, unconditionally and that never are you away from that place. You
are eternal and you are eternally loved in all ways.

When you can embrace this and who you truly are, you will return to the inner peace and self-love that is
there and never leaves you.

When you can understand that your life is a gift and that you are not being tested, punished, or judged
in any way everything will shift for you. There is no class here; there is no passing or failing grade at the
end, and there is no separation between you and any other.

To find an understanding of your Divinity, your true being is what will bring you joy and peace. I promise
you that it isn't as hard as it may seem.

You came into this incarnation with all the knowledge and wisdom that I am speaking about. As happens
with every soul experience in human incarnation, you find yourself in human consciousness instead of
your God consciousness. And with time you become to accept what you have been told about fear and
being separate from others and your Creator.

I wish for you to see that your soul experiences are beautiful to those in the Light Realms. There is no
other place that this can occur. Does this give you any idea of just how amazing this is?

The Creator gave you, those who live on the planet Earth, Free Choice and Free Will. You can take
advantage of so much that you would not be able to experience in any other way. You are showing us
and teaching us, beloveds in ways you would not understand. But just remember that all is an opportunity
for you to learn, teach and grow.

Finding clarity is the key to it all. Find clarity in who you are and who you want to be. If you look in to a
mirror and gaze into your eyes to engage your soul, do you see a different you than if you look only at
the surface and the image in front of you?

As your world as you have known is changing, are you embracing the new with anticipation of what will
be a complete improvement? Or are you worried about what is to come?

My dear, dear friends, there is absolutely no reason to be in fear. At this point in time, fear is a very large
part of the lives of many. This is why it is so very important for you to come to understand that all fearful
thoughts are only illusion and thus are only in the mind and not in the heart.

As you are being bombarded in your news media and elsewhere with reports of how the world is in chaos
and turmoil, I ask that you turn a deaf ear to these and do not let them into you minds and beliefs.

When you see or hear of unrest and destruction by some upon others, do not get caught up in it.

The recent anniversary of September 11 is a reminder of what can change. Instead of seeing victims
and terrorists and hatred from ten years ago, see Light and love. What do you want your world to be?
How do you see all beings - living together in harmony and as one, or separate and holding blame,
unforgiveness and anger which leads to more hatred and fear?

I ask that you consider putting very positive and loving energy into your thoughts and see the world
as you want it to be. I assure you that if you go into your heart center and listen, you will find what it is
you truly desire. If you see a beautiful planet with love in every space, humans working together in
compassion, love and kindness, no borders or separation, no thoughts of one being better than another;
of everyone embracing wholeness, joy and well-being, and all fear as being non-existent, then beloveds,
how does that feel?

If you do this and truly hold the intention of this being your desire and then seeing it as already a reality,
it will put that energy into it. If you choose to see the turmoil and unrest that I mentioned, then you are
putting that energy into it. What you put in is what will come for you.

The time has come for every one of you to rise up above the old thought patterns and beliefs and go
within to the inner wisdom and knowing that you have and has always been there. Let what serves your
Highest Good come to be and in some cases, out of dormancy. Find the clarity to who you are and what
you are here to do.

It is all right there within for you. You can bring light and love to your world if you wish. If each of you will
take charge of your own life and let go of what others are doing, you can make a difference, a beautiful

Beloved friends, whatever comes into your life put positive energy into it by your thoughts and actions,
bless it and express your gratitude for it showing up to further your growth and learning. See the world
around you in love, peacefulness, joy and beauty. As you heal yourselves in this way so shall you bring
healing to the Earth and to humanity. Each one is responsible for his/her life. If each of you will do as I
invite you to do, do you not see that it now becomes a collective of positive and loving energy? Your
energy will unite with others who are doing the same. That beautiful world of peace and harmony and
ove will become a reality.

Allow you Divine spark to ignite and grow. Let your Light shine dear beloved ones. Remember who you
are. Step into your power as the Divine being that you are.

Be in peace and joy as you are meant to be.

In Love and Light,
Archangel Michael